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Prepper's Bread

You can make “Prepper’s Bread” in a solar oven, or over an open campfire. This also works in a Dutch oven! The four ingredients you’ll need are:

1 cup of fine whole wheat flour (grind your own)

2 tbsp. of olive oil (optional, also regular vegetable oil works too)1 tsp. salt (optional, add to taste)

1/2 cup of water

Mix everything together and use a flat surface (a cookie sheet, a flat rock, etc.) dusted with flour to knead your bread for 5 minutes. Then bake it on the cookie sheet or a rock over the campfire. Be sure to flip your bread often until it’s a nice brown color. Or bake the bread in the solar oven or Dutch oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

This bread is nutritious and will help keep you full if you’re in survival mode. This recipe will serve about 3-4 people if eaten as a side with a meal or make about 3 sandwiches.

Bravo Echo Out

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