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Quarterly Preparedness Quiz - Test Your Knowledge

Fellow Patriots, It is time for the quarterly Preparedness quiz for those wanting to have some fun and test your knowledge. I will email the answers to you within 24 hours. Good luck and have some fun.

1. If you lose your Bug Out Bag and could only save one item, what would you keep?

a. A single bullet?

b. A life straw for drinking clean water?

c. One meal?

d. A signaling mirror to use in signaling for help?

2. When bugging out and leaving your home and possessions behind, one of the hardest choices you may have to make is?

a. Leaving a loved one behind because they will slow your escape?

b. Leaving your personal property and numerous preparedness resources?

c. Knowing when to pull the plug and flee your home and valuables?

d. All the above?

3. The best place to have your family emergency plan is?

a. Documented and practiced often?

b. Memorized so no strangers can know it?

c. On the family Kindle?

d. Locked in a safe at a neutral location where burglars cannot find it?

4. When putting together your family emergency plan, one of the first steps you should complete is?

a. Determine if your family will listen to you when you bring it up?

b. Conduct a risk analysis for your area and determine the top five to ten threats you could face? c. Wake your family up at 3 AM by yelling "fire, fire, fire" and time them evacuating from your home?

d. Getting permission from your spouse?

5. When going through your Preparedness steps (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or never) one very important question you should ask yourself?

a. Why you are preparing?

b. Are you getting the best buy on the preparedness items you purchase?

c. Do you trust your food reserve provider?

d. All the above?

6. When discussing preparedness with others and a voice says "avoid the fear porn" the person is suggesting?

a. Being able to discern reality from fantasy?

b. Having hopeful thinking vs critical thinking?

c. Having wise counsel vs foolish counsel?

d. All the above?

7. When talking about the human factor in preparedness, two of the most important tools one should have is?

a. Food and Water

b. Attitude and honesty

c. A HAM radio and family communication plan

d. Fire starter and life straw

8. When discussing the fundamentals of emergency planning, which are fundamentals you should include?

a. Attitude, Critical Thinking and Discernment, Overcoming Normalcy Bias, Scenarios, Knowledge and Skills

b. Preparation and Action, Supplies, Considering Others, Communication

c. None of the above?

d. All the above

9. When conducting your personal risk assessment, you should consider hazards in what order?

a. Federal, State, County, and Home

b. State, County, Home and Work

c. Home, County, State, and Federal

d. Home, Work, County and State

10. One of the most important goals in preparedness planning is:

a. Becoming self-reliant.

b. Ensuring all water purification systems are in place and family members understand how to use them.

c. All family members obtain their Ham radio license.

d. A single member of the family/team knows who is responsible to do the final store run when they engage their family emergency plan.

11. When discussing the "unprepared" the number one danger to you and your family is?

a. Climate change?

b. An unpracticed family emergency plan?

c. Not bugging out at the right time?

d. You?

12. When establishing a security plan for your home, neighborhood or bug out location, one of the most important things to establish is a?

a. Accountability system for your resources?

b. A determination on how you will process visitors to your area?

c. A rear area extraction point?

d. Where to establish your Listening Post/Observation Post (LP/OP)?

13. You are enjoying a community event with your loved ones and gunfire erupts in the crowd. You hear frantic screams and people running in many directions. Your first instinct is to duck along with your family in order to get your direction on where the sound is traveling from to prevent running towards the threat. You are trying to locate an area to protect your family from gun fire. This is called?

a. Concealment?

b. First line safety?

c. Lowest probable impact point?

d. Cover?

14. You determine the gun fire is from a great distance and appears inaccurate so you tell your family the best method to move to the safe location to provide cover is?

a. High Crawl? (when you have to move quickly and your route offers cover and concealment)

b. Low Crawl? (offers you the greatest protection with the slowest movement. Use the low crawl when you do not have to move quickly and you have less than a vertical foot of cover and concealment)

c. A, B, and D

d. 3-5 Second Rush? (offers you the fastest movement with the least protection. You will be exposed. Use the rush when you have no cover or concealment, and breaks in enemy fire allow you to expose yourself briefly.

15. Which one of the following disasters would impact you and your family the most?

a. Being unprepared and having no plans or resources?

b. Electro Magnetic Pulse?

c. Economic Collapse?

d. Society Civil War

16. You have decided to research and purchase personal body armor for you and your loved ones. When deciding on which defense level to purchase, you would buy the armor with the highest rated protection. You decide to buy ?

a. Defense level 2?

b. Defense level 3?

c. Defense Level 3+?

d. Defense Level 4?

17. When discussing thermal imaging, we are discussing a piece of equipment used for?

a. A human thermometer used for checking human temperatures in the dark?

b. Used to detect differences in heat sources, mainly in offensive and defensive security postures?

c. Allows Nikon cameras to shoot photography after dark when the thermal component lights up the source?

d. Allows the individual to light up the fire pit or grill to see while cooking food after dark?

18. You are trying to establish a community team to train and work with in the event of a disaster requiring a make-shift community to merge in order to survive. Key elements you should consider when deciding who will be on your team?

a. Integrity, honesty, usable skills, like minded, communication ability, and willingness to work as a team.

b. Skills, money and resources.

c. Like minded, single, and shoots well.

d. None of the above.

19. You and your family had to bug out from your home in December. The temperature outside is 20 degrees. You have stopped for the evening and possess minimal resources because you left your home in a hurry and did not prepare. You fear hypothermia will possibly set in. You must watch for what signs?

a. Shivering, slurred speech or mumbling, slow, shallow breathing?

b. Weak pulse, clumsiness or lack of coordination, drowsiness or very low energy?

c. Confusion or memory loss, loss of consciousness?

d. All the above.

20. One of the most critical steps in preparedness is?

a. Knowing your family?

b. Knowing yourself?

c. Knowing your neighbor?

d. None of the above?

21. One of the key steps in preparedness is?

a. Being self-reliant?

b. Being debt free?

c. Knowing the maximum effective range on each weapon you own?

d. Knowing how to disassemble and clean your weapons?

22. One of the main differences between freeze-dried food and fresh food is?

a. Loss of water?

b. Loss of vitamins?

c. Loss of antioxidants and fiber?

d. None of the above?

23. Your region has suffered a complete grid down situation. You must depart your work place and begin your eight mile walk home using your prepared plan. While you are walking through the city/town you believe someone is following you. You should?

a. Take off running?

b. Turn and confront the person?

c. Take a quick left through a door or safe place and see if the person follow you or continues to walk?

d. None of the above?

24. If considering a source to provide meat for your Off-Grid or Homestead location, the one source to reproduce and provide the most meat per year would be?

a. Chickens?

b. Cows?

c. Rabbits?

d. Ducks?

25. Best Prepper Song?

a. Wanted Dead or Alive - Jon Bon Jovi

b. Rush - Red Sector A

c. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising

d. Boxcar Willie - Give me more, I want more

Wasn't that easy? Hope you enjoyed it and got something from it.


Bravo Echo Out

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