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Seniors With a Disability/Special Needs

Seniors, especially those with special needs, should be informed of what to do in an emergency. Contact your municipality to find out about programs and services in your area that will help you during an emergency and assist you in returning to your daily routne.

Your emergency plan:

Create an emergency contact list identifying your personal support network, including physicians, case worker, a contact from a seniors group, neighbours and your building superintendent.

Keep a copy of this list in your emergency kit and on your person.

Familiarize yourself with all escape routes, emergency equipment and the location of emergency doors/exits in your home.

If you have a pet, bring it with you in an evacuation and have an emergency plan for your pet. Determine in advance who can take your animal during an emergency.

Request that a panic push-button be installed in your work and /or living area so that in the event of an emergency you can notify others of your location and that you need special assistance.

Recommended additional items checklist:

Non-perishable food appropriate to your dietary restrictions.

Assistive devices needed such as canes, walkers, lightweight manual wheelchair, hearing aids, breathing apparatus, blood glucose monitoring device.

Extra prescription eyewear and footwear (if required)

Extra supply of medications and vitamin supplements

A list of all your needed medical supplies and special equipment

Copies of all medication prescriptions

Extra dentures (if required) and cleaner

Latex-free gloves (for anyone providing personal care to you)


Assisting a senior with a disability/special needs-what to do:

Check on neighbors to find out if there are seniors who would need your help during an emergency.

Always speak calmly and provide assurance that you are there to help. Avoid shouting or speaking unnaturally slowly.

Let the person tellyou how you can help.

Know the location of emergency buttons (many seniors' buildings have emergency buttons located in bedrooms and washrooms.)

Follow instructions posted on special needs equipment and/or assistive devices.

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