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Service Animal Emergency Kit Checklist

This checklist identifies the basic items you should prepare to keep your service animal comfortable during an emergency. Make sure the kit is easy to carry in case of home evacuation.

Minimum 72- hour supply of bottled water and pet food

Portable water and food bowls

Paper towels and manual can opener

Medications with a list identifying medical condition, dosage, frequency and contact information of prescribing veterinarian

Medical records including vaccinations

Leash and collar

Blanket and toy

Plastic bags

Bandages (a dog's paws could get cut on rough terrain)

Up-to-date ID tag with your phone number and the name/phone number of your veterinarian (a microchipis also recommended)

Recent photo of your service animal in case they get separated from you

Name of the animal's training center and qualifying number (for identifcation purposes)

Copy of license (if required)



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