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Solar Generators - Patriot vs Titan

I don't know how much time you have spent diving in to the topic of solar generators. It is an often asked question....."what kind of portable generator should I buy?" Years ago it sounded like this: Hmmmm, I then ask "what do you plan on providing power for in a grid down situation such as a three day power outage, a week long ice storm or a long term outage" "Hmmm, I haven't really thought about it to be honest, I just want power." So the dog chases the tail and my question is "who gets to the finish line first, the nose or the tail?" You get my point, right? Today, the good news is the question is being asked and the individuals are not simply running out to buy the product. In reality, there are as many folks today who know what they want to power vs five to ten years ago when it seemed no one knew what they wanted to power. It was an adjustable band-aid where once size fit all needs. Not today. Most folks are reading and researching to identify and narrow down their needs and available choices. This is a good thing.

So, in this article I want to provide information on two solar generators. The Patriot and the Titan. I don't have a dog in this fight so I'm just the messenger.

Patriot solar generator.

Here is some information, pro and cons. I'm also including a link for you to go check out a lot of solar gen systems and prices. The important thing is for you to determine the amount of power you will need to push the wattage you plan to run, full time or randomly. Here is the link: Here is the link to a YouTube Video on the comparisons of the top solar generators. Here is a power converter to solar: Here is a good comparison between the Patriot vs the Titan Generator. Good information to offer some thoughts on things we may or may not consider initially. Patriot Power Solar Generator the Best Option?

What happens when the power grid goes down? It could just be a few days like many power outages are in natural disasters. But really I’m talking about the whole power grid going down for a few weeks, months, and in some possible cases years. If you were left with absolutely no power, do you think you would survive? Unfortunately, not many of us would. Right now, what is your plan? Oh, I hear it now, "if I wait long enough the guvment will take care of it." Yea, well, good luck in your waiting adventure. Please text me and let me know how it works out for you.

Self-reliance my friends. No offense to anyone, but, the Guvment isn't the savior on the large fueled generator coming to save you. Nope, matter of fact, they probably won't even honk the horn as they rush by your house. Get my point We are talking about decisions you need to address for you and your family. Still not convinced?

Remember hurricanes Rita, Howard, Katrina... You can look at many of the hurricane aftermaths like in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. Months later, they still have severe power outages blacking out the entire territory. Their hospitals were not capable of caring for their patients because of the power grid failure. Some places still didn’t have power after a whole year!

So, lets narrow our focus and look at the Patriot vs Titan again. Specifically, the Patriot power generator. The question really is “Will the Patriot Power generator truly last me for a few days, weeks, months or years?”

The short answer: Sadly, no. When most people think about no power they think “no lights, no smartphones, no television, no tablets, or no computers.” What they should really think is “no heat, no air conditioning, no lights, no gas, no police, no protection.” The world would look much more different than it probably does today. We have become accustomed to the comforts of life and electronics. In case you are not aware, the nation’s power grid is under serious threat.

Besides the threat to the power grid, every year parts of the country are victims of power outages due to flooding, hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, wind storms and much more. These bring power outages for days or weeks every year.

It doesn’t matter if you live on an island, along the coast, in the mountains or in a cave; when the power goes out, there are problems. Those problems turn into really big problems if the power doesn’t get restored.

What is the Titan Solar Generator?

It is these events that necessitated the creation of solar generators such as the Patriot 1500 power generator, and Titan solar generator among others. The makers of different solar generators are aware that power grid failure scenarios can be some of the worst kinds of disasters. In such cases, it’s not uncommon for people to act like animals and for chaos to ensue, resulting in instances of looting, assault, and many other horrible crimes.

When we are engulfed in darkness, none of us will be safe. You might not even be able to get in touch with your family and colleagues to ensure that they are alright. There is a wide array of solar generators available you can choose from. In fact, in the years of research I have done I have found these top solar generators. The lithium battery systems have proven time and time again that they are the best way to go. The Patriot, Titan and many other units use lithium type batteries.

Renowned for their high quality as well as convenience, this lithium, or Li-on, generators are designed to last for quite some time and offer a sustainable power supply in the event of a blackout.

They are also designed to ensure easy portability, so they can be carried along with you whenever and wherever you want regardless of the location either for regular home use or going to another location. They can be used for bug-in locations, bug-out locations, RVs, tiny homes, normal homes, camp trailers, campsites and so on.