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Technocracy - On The Road to Scientific Dictatorship

Fellow Patriots,

If you have been paying attention over the past months you will recall the many times I have mentioned Technocracy, AI, 5G and other fields related to Technocracy. I recommended the reading of Patriot Woods book(s). One of our Patriot sisters sent this podcast to me this week and it is important to get it out in the hands and to the ears of as many who will listen. Below you will find Patrick Wood's script of the message in the link. I'm sorry you will have to click and travel. This website supporter will not allow me to imbed it. Grab a pen and take notes.

From Technocracy’s Patrick Wood. “This is the presentation that I delivered to a prestigious gathering of doctors and scholars attending the 37th Annual Doctors for Disaster Preparedness convention in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday, July 20, 2019. The title was "Technocracy: On The Road To Scientific Dictatorship" and it gives a clear and reasoned appeal as to why Technocracy needs to be rejected by the American people. Please share this presentation with everyone you know, especially those who know nothing about Technocracy or scoff at it if they do. Let the hearers judge for themselves.

(50 min.)

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