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Test Yourself...How Did You Do?

Fellow Patriots,

You may have taken time to read my article "A personal conversation with you" that I posted to this website last Friday. I hope it nudged you to give thought to exactly how prepared YOU are. I knew some would shy away and remain confident things will be okay and/or they will have time to run to the corner mart and buy some staples to get through this crisis. Hopefully they won't get robbed or caught in a riot during the trip. That would be terrible. Unlike those who are prepared and keeping a out of the box mindset and putting distance between the threat and the family the unprepared wish to roll the dice and hope they are in their favor. I think they should put a picture of each family member on the dice and see the faces smiling back with each chance taken on the can't miss system that will never fail them. But, lets not cast stones because being prepared is a personal choice. Some people choose to be self-reliant and others choose to depend on allowing someone or something else to provide and control their life.

I have been working on another preparedness project and have been communicating with a few Patriot brothers who are building a framework based on the platform I provided to them. In a recent conversation with the leader of this team, I asked the same question that I asked you in the article last Friday. If you answered "yes, I am prepared" to last weeks article, can you back that up with a 10 of 10 on the quiz below?

Let's move along and offer everyone a chance to do a little self-evaluation. Now I don't want to know your scores because that is entirely between you and your family. Confidence is important in all you do. I believe that. Your confidence should be based on yourself and capability in the task at hand. Not ego. Be fair to yourself and family.

Just to help show that you do have it all under control, rate yourself 0 to 10 on these few items then total them up. You can show your family how keen and confident you are to provide and protect them. You don't need a calculator or degree to get through this test. You simply need to be honest with yourself. Okay, here we go.

____ 1. Water: the public water supply has been down 2 days now…How well are you prepared to provide … of course all the stores are sold out now of most anything liquid’. Do you know how to filter water? Do you have the resources to do the task? What is your plan?

____ 2. Food: We are 7 days into it. Stores are empty, trucks are not rolling. What is your degree of preparedness to feed you family going forward? You can't say you haven't been warned. What is your plan?

____ 3. Electricity: the power grid is down hard in your area for 10 days now. What is your degree of preparedness to handle; cooking, lighting, security, HVAC comforts? What is your plan to mitigate these shortfalls?

____ 4. Fuel: After weeks of no supply of gasoline or diesel…can you handle fetch, gather, connect, come and go by SOME method? Have you documented your plan with an A, B, and C plan?

____ 5. Unrest: Civil disorder is breaking out all over. How well are you prepared to provide security, control, piece of mind for your family? What is your plan? Have you practiced it with your family?

____ 6. Market: With a stock market crash a full fledge economic collapse is upon us. Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and ever welfare are all in knots. What is your degree of providing in some way thru barter, services or selling your personal property? Do you have a plan in place?

____ 7. Terrorist: Both internal and external threats are abounding. Law Enforcement and even the National Guard are stretched to the breaking point. Have you thought this thru, have you prepared for such? What is your plan?

____ 8. Nature: Tornados, hurricanes, drought, floods, earthquakes, odd insects and pestilence has everyone in near panic. What is your preparedness in methods, resources, and neighbors to survive? Have you documented a plan for your family in the event you are not around to initiate and guide the plan?

____ 9. Pandemic: Crazy viruses, epidemics of flu, odd diseases, sickness we never heard of…what is your degree of preparedness to look after the health of your family? Did you document your plan?

____ 10. Faith: In calamity greater that we can handle…most turn to God for help, aid, guidance, solutions. You will put your faith in something: your guns, your logic, your team, your remote living space…you will have faith in something. Far better to have your faith in God! You might better address this now rather than later…what do you think. Are you secure in your faith right this instant? Well, are you?

You should also consider these possibilities as well: spyware and outside involvement in your life, family collapse, mental breakdown, no medical supplies, worthless paper money, looting, gangs, even more corruption in government, local forms of organized crime….

We have a lot to think of and prepare for…. do you?

Good luck,


Bravo Echo Out

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