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Texican Cowboy Chili

Texian Cowboy Chili - The Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

•Soak the beans ahead of time and they will cook perfectly during the canning process.

•Feel free to take liberties with the ingredients, using whatever you are able to source healthfully. The seasoning is the important part!

•Raw pack all of the ingredients and load the jars using the layering method.

•The chili will thicken as it sits on the shelf. You may need to thin it with a small amount of water or tomato juice at serving time. So…pick one of the recipes below and break out the pressure canner! Ingredients:

•4 pounds ground beef/ground turkey/ground whatever

•1 cup diced onion •4 cloves minced garlic

•2 pounds dried pinto beans

•1 cup diced bell pepper

•Jalapeno peppers as desired Liquid:

•10 cups crushed tomatoes/tomato juice

•1 can of beer (or water if you don’t have beer on hand)

•½ cup chili powder

•8 tablespoons of cumin

•1 tablespoon of salt

•1 tablespoon of parsley

•Water as needed


1. In a stockpot, bring all liquid ingredients except for water to a boil.

2.Meanwhile, layer your meat, dried beans, onions, garlic, and bell pepper evenly across your jars – this will make about 6 quarts of very thick chili.

3.Pour your hot liquid mixture over the layered ingredients, then top off with water, leaving an inch of headspace.

4.Process your chili at 10 pounds of pressure for an hour and a half in your p-canner.

Enjoy the Recipe,


Bravo Echo Out,

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