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The Truth About the Muslim Brotherhood

Much of my life in the past 35 years has focused around the threat of terrorism, both domestic and international. Having spent several years abroad supporting the U.S. Counterterrorism Policy and combatting the threat.

For those focusing on Preparedness on a professional and personal level, the focus should remain on water, food, shelter and security. Remember, what is the cause or impact to us based on the threat. That could be natural, manmade or technological threats. Tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, floods, EMPs, economic, civil, collapse of the system as we know it, and terrorism. I have heard about every argument and justification to why we are over reacting.

You can watch this video (15 minutes) and hear it straight from the mouth of individuals announcing their goal. To overtake America. Not my words. Theirs. This isn't saying all are bad. But like a hockey goalie, it only takes one shot made on goal to claim the victory. Just sayin...

You decide for yourself.

Thanks to one of our Patriot brothers for sending this video forward for viewing. Thank you sir.

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