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Thursday Zoom Rally #38, Jan 21, 2021, 7 PM EST (Agenda Enclosed)

Fellow Patriots,

We are now in week #38 of the Hope for Survival Virtual Zoom Preparedness series. As we move through January, we continue learning, sharing, communicating and building numerous preparedness thoughts and friendships. We welcome the new HFS members who want to participate in the Zoom series.

This weeks agenda will be:

- HFS Update and Calendar

- Pledge of Allegiance

- Declaration of Independence (Musical Version)

- The World Today (News and Views)

- EMP and the Private Sector and Critical Infrastructure

- Preparedness Topic – Mindset (Most critical step in preparedness)

- Focus, Leadership and Planning

- Individual and Team

- Community(This is where it matters most)

- Vetting others to be members

- Chatter that Matters

If you would like to attend the HFS Zoom Virtual Rally, otherwise known as Zoom Aerobics, please shoot me an email and let me know you wish to attend. I will then send you the link, Username and Password for entry to the meeting.

Hope to see ya on Thursday.



Bravo Echo Out

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