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Thursday Zoom Rally - June 25th - 7 PM (1900) EST - Special Guest Speaker

Fellow Patriots,

We are now in week 12 of the Hope for Survival Virtual Zoom Preparedness rallies. As we continue to move through June in to July, I reflect back over the past 11 weeks to the growth and bonding that has taken place between the Patriots attending. Learning, sharing, communicating and building. It is great seeing friendships develop. One comment made by an attendee is "I wish we could have a large piece of land where we all could be located to build preparedness plans together and work together in our mutual goals." These folks did not know one another twelve weeks ago.

One of the areas we have focused on is team building and leadership. Someone has to be a leader in every home and community. To develop on leadership we have been conducting training briefs from attending members to help individuals gain confidence and learn to speak in front of others (virtually). If one can't speak before others and convince them of the information being shared, how will they ever lead a family or community during a crisis? Especially when times are tense and stress is increased.

To build upon the leadership importance, I have invited Christopher Scott to join us tomorrow evening to discuss Leadership and Survival. Christopher is a former Marine and Iraqi war veteran, author, and Podcast host from Philadelphia.. I have been listening to Christopher for a few months now and relate to his message on faith, accountability, ethics, honesty and doing the right things in life. He also shares a message of Hope, which is part of the Hope for Survival message.

If you would like to attend the HFS Zoom Virtual Rally, otherwise known as Zoom Aerobics, please shoot me an email and let me know you wish to attend. I will then send you the link, Username and Password for entry to the meeting.

Hope to see ya on Thursday.

Be blessed,

Bravo Echo Out

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