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As I covered in the Patriot Express News Letter Edition #20, I will be picking a certain topic monthly and providing a caption to it. I will then send it out to roughly 10 to 15 Patriots email addresses requesting the person review and provide input back to me. I'm looking for different perspectives on the same topic. How do I get the different perspectives? Based on what I know or perceive, I try to reach out to different age groups, professions, locations in the country and if the person is urban, suburban or rural. There is no pass or fail. Not the goal or objective. The goal is to share thoughts and opinions and the objective is to get interaction. I will wait about a week to ten days on responses and if I don't get a response back that is okay, the train will move forward. If you are chosen to participate and need more time or clarification just contact me. At the conclusion, I will post, like below, the topic and caption, and then consolidate responses. I will not put names to responses because priority one is protecting your identity.

So here we go.

The topic headline is: Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities

My caption - If you have been following along the past weeks...months....and read posted stories and suggestions on urban warfare or my follow on to the Civil War II hoopla going around from site to site, comments I've shared in personal conversations.... you know I'm focused on and believe regardless of why, the potential outcome for many causes could see this video as the impact of the cause.

I have written before and shared with you personally there is no way the US military can secure the US of A during a Civil War Crisis of any magnitude and protecting critical infrastructure will be the main goal. This video focuses primarily on mega cities and people. It does not go in to the depth one may would like but it wasn't the target of the points they wanted to get across. No discussions on roadways, airports, trains and railways, or ports. This caught my attention because I have followed Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Lots of AI and 5G. If you are familiar with these things, you would immediately recognize much of the goals of these programs are what you see in the video.

So, I ask you, what are your thoughts on this video and the message it sends. Maybe not so realistic if you are optimistic of what our government can or can't do and will or will not do for the people. The suggested breakdown in this video is the entire reason we teach and recommend, be ahead of the event and get the heck away from the city and 95% group. I'm very curious on some things. I'm requesting from you (the first group selected) to think about it and e let me know your thoughts and what you see.

Article and Video -

Once you are completed, go below and read the series of comments provided back to me. If you wish to comment feel free to do so in the reply area. Simple rules.. Unlike some websites, no bashing please. Regardless if you agree or not, respect others thoughts and comments. No profanity as well.. The below comments will not make sense if you haven't watched the video and read the article. This could be a fun challenge and great way to share and learn from others. Thanks much.

Patriot 1 -

Here, not in any particular order, are some comments: 1. Young population...........nothing to lose so violence is an outlet 2. very little moral standards 3. impressionable 4. Easy to manipulate 5. Life is a video game so death may have little meaning or no fear of death 6. Causes and effects may be a foreign concept and thus little thinking (manipulated) 7. Old and inadequate infrastructure. Hard to keep it going even if you want to. 8. 1% of population have violent nature ........seems small to begin with and % would grow rapidly with breakdown of infrastructure, LE, and food. 9. Video used "drain the swamp" verbage. hmm. so if deplorables are also swamp creature low lifes and there are a lot of other useless eaters...............maybe army create a perimeter around the city to keep people in and let them eliminate themselves. 10. Is army saying elite created the problem for LE by growing the cities? so let the cities go. Military could avoid a lot of problems and save a lot of their own lives by doing this. 11. Good opportunities for rogue military people to build their own kingdoms if they can. 12. Criminal elements will cooperate and work to mutual benefit quickly and turn on each other quickly. Central control may evolve (like in military) to coordinate cyber, street action, etc but it would be much faster and fluid than govt model. 13. Life will mean little to most. 14. Satan's playground. God's protection and provision is the only sure way to survive. Even if that means be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. That does not mean to be complacent or defeatist or accepting of the situation. 15. This is the 44 magnum. the most powerful handgun. So, do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya? It used to be that life was not like in the movies. Wonder if that is that still true today? Maybe they have been used to send messages or reveal the future plans. (time to put on foil head covering?).

Patriot 2 -

1. I attempted to amass energy, effort, resources to build a civilian arm of the sherif dept. for the reasons documented. I was blown off before i got to my 3rd paragraph. Good men unwilling to face truth puts us on very thin ice. That was like 4-5 years ago under a really good sherif.

2. I presume if we had all our city leadership forced to view this clip...the overwhelming majority would treat it as the idle fiction of a few hawks. 3. We must educate and bond 1by 1!

4. I was greatly surprised that the Pentagon was insightful enough to see and then do this!!!!!!

Patriot 3 -

1. I'm glad I don't live in a city but fear we are too close to our city and neighboring town.

2. When the civil war starts in earnest, in the neighborhood will have to take measures similar to those in the book One Second After to protect our resources.

3. The movie thinks that this breakdown in society will occur in 2030. It is already happening in Portland, Chicago, St. Louis, and Baltimore.

4. Our news media does us a great dis-service by not reporting on crime in the democratic crap holes.

5. We were driving yesterday on a local highway. AS we started our turn to merge on the interstate, I pointed out the large group of homeless people living under the overpasses. I think my wife was shocked. We started a discussion as to why people were homeless. Some of these people were removed from state homes that use to house mildly retarded people, but the majority are drug addicts and alcoholics that have lost everything they may have once had.

6. Those people are a danger because they won't get there handouts from the Salvation Army, KARM, and other groups when things go south. They will be the first to start looting.

7. Not a future I'm looking forward too especially as I get on in years and less able physically to resist the mobs.

Patriot 4 -

1. Was the purpose of the video to kick-start the military into making plans to deal with this?

2. I do think this scenario is going to happen, especially following a SHTF economic collapse, or if the liberals regain control.

3. As far as Agenda 21 is concerned, is the goal to force the population into the cities?

4. What do we do differently, other than what we are already doing?

5. I assume that the population of the megacities would first migrate to smaller cities, and we would hopefully be the last to be impacted.

6. What is the likelihood that we will actually have to set up compounds as in the Patriots book? 7. I am learning that it really takes time to seek out acceptable members of "the Group".

8. More questions than answers!

Patriot 5 -

1. I have watched this video several times to help grasp its full content. Very, very powerful....and I feel the video’s content to be very true of a likely possible future, especially with a socialistic form of American government that attempts to control all forms of individual life and production (weapon confiscation) while inhibiting personal expression and opportunity.....all leading to eventual civil unrest on a very large scale. The production date I saw of this Pentagon video was 2014...just five years ago!

2. In this presented scenario I feel the large cities will become the cement jungles of the doubt ! Refuges will eventually be to the rural areas....after the suburbs are stripped clean of resources, wealth, and people.

3. Eventually gangs and para- military style groups that will grow in strength and numbers will head to the remaining rural centers for conquest and dominance.

4. It is at the rural level where rural families, groups, villages, and communities will need to come together for their common good and defense against this advancing mob of gangs and para-military groups.

5. Giving important strengths and capabilities to these rural redoubts will be returning military experienced people native to these rural areas along with some complete military units (with their families) with important skills and equipment that will form the nucleus of these self-defense rural forces.

6. I can see these various local rural self-defense forces joining together for strength in numbers to be able to defend larger geographical areas against larger and increasingly more capable gangs.

7. The rural forces will have the advantages of the knowledge of their local terrain, advance defense preparations, fighters with hunting skills and weapon experience being trained and lead by prior military people, and with a fighting spirit for defending their families and homes.

8. Frankly, many of these rural people have been preparing for this time for many years by the large stockpiling of supplies, food, water, communications, weapons, and ammunition; along with the self-sufficient knowledge and capabilities of rugged individualism with a strong faith in God. It will become a massive fight of good defeating evil !!

9. Our government’s ability to enforce the rule of law and attempt to control the major populace actions will be through the issuance of marital law.

10. Government focus will be used to secure critical facilities and infrastructure in the larger cities outlying areas, but abandon the inner city populations and facilities to the gangs and mobs. 11. Military special forces would be used for very selective actions inside the cities to secure or destroy critical resources or eliminate insurgent leaders or small irritating groups.

12. Small elite based city centers will initially be government protected but eventually collapse due to the government loses incurred against ever increasing mob violence.

13. Government officials and protective forces will eventually withdraw to pre-selected rural redoubts where they will attempt to govern....without long term success.

14. The real unknown sleeper to me in the above scenario is the role of other major world powers (China, Russia) taking full advantage at some point of this internal U.S. civil destruction by destroying the remaining infrastructure and major military installations through an EMP strike via one of its surrogates (N. Korea or Iran).

15. This would lead to the deaths of million of Americans, and the impotence of the military infrastructure.

16. Would this EMP action then put the world globalist/ neocons forward to offer peace to the U.S. population by the complete surrendering of their Constitution rights by the offering of one world government, military, monetary system, financial structure, and no sovereign borders? Would the strength of the rest of the world’s financial and military combined forces be able to stop a combined China/Russia? Questionable....??

17. So many variables to consider that are possible with each building on the other.

I strongly believe good will prevail after a fierce and long struggle.

18. From these many faithful and rural small groups and families will come the nucleus of re-establishing and rebuilding of our founding principles, values, and faith based governance.

19. These small groups will grow into like minded communities, then villages, into small cities, etc. The extent of the destruction and population die off will determine the length of time to rebuild and slowly repopulate. A horrible and long journey, but one man can once again accomplish.

20. I hope and plan to be a part of the preparations, defense, and rebuilding process!!

Patriot 6 -

1. What I believe will start this cascading destruction of our society is a major economic and financial collapse of a magnitude much greater than our previous 1920-30 era Great Depression. 2. The collapse of the US Dollar as the world reserve currency combined with the collapse of the world bond market ( world govn’t debt) will be the major cause of this financial collapse.

3. I also feel this collapse is being engineered within the next 18 months to stop the re-election of Trump and the establishment of a socialistic focused President with all of the related government and economic changes.

4. This will then start the reduction of government support programs and services to a major degree.

5. If Trump loses this coming election, we collectively are in for a very rough experience and major change in our society.

So you can see the difference in levels of response, thinking and understanding of potential future events. This is okay. We must reach out and work with one another to help get others up to speed.

Thanks for participating.

Bravo Echo Out

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