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We Play How We Practice...A Tazlady Contribution

Fellow Patriots,

Ms Tazlady has submitted her next article to share with us on her continued efforts on self defense improvement as well as the psychology of how important the mind is to your defense preparedness. I shout out a big "thank you" to Tazlady for your time to keep us up to date on her path forward. Enjoy.

Tazlady says...

Since my last post, I continue to better my self-defense skills by spending more time at the range with my firearms and taking personal defense courses. These are offered by several private companies or occasionally at community colleges. I am finally at the point of knowing just enough to be dangerous…to myself!

Two of the courses I have taken are Weapon Disarming and Personal Safety and Defense. The instructor repeated several times the term “muscle memory”. Meaning the more you practice your reaction will be automatic when and if the time comes to defend yourself. Moments make a big difference in a life or death situation. The best safety defense is to be aware of your surroundings, walk with confidence and avoid distractions (cell phones/texts). I refuse to willingly be a statistic.

I thought I had the perfect concealed carry until firing and reloading several rounds at the range. My instructor suggested a selection of handguns for me to try. That allowed me to find a better choice for my personal carry.

Now that being said, there is still the ongoing search for the perfect way to conceal carry. I have spent more money than I care to admit on my quest for the perfect “holster”. I absolutely refuse to carry in my purse. If your purse gets stolen or if you accidentally leave it on the roof of your car as you drive off (of course I have NEVER done this…twice) you have lost your money, identification, credit cards AND you weapon! If a dishonest person finds it, he knows where you live. Now that is a scary thought.

Other courses I hope to take in the near future are Home Defense, Active Shooter and one on legal issues that may arise in a self-defense situation. To sum it all up, continue to learn all you can and put it into practice. When or if the time comes, “muscle memory” will prevail.

Continuing to be Blessed in Tennessee,



Bravo Echo Out

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Phyllis Anderson
Phyllis Anderson
Oct 22, 2019

Thank you for your kind comments. I see I misused a word and my "editor" didn't catch it! Ha Ha!

I am definitely not an editor by any sense of the word. Just sharing my thoughts and hopefully adding a little humor.

Now for the MOST recent addition to my little piece of this world. If you may or may not remember my first post ended with needing to add a dog with a mean bark. While NOT of my intentions, as of Saturday evening I became the proud foster of a STARVED hound that appears to be in part a Bluetick. I can count every rib.

She nestled far under my back porch well out of reach. I bega…


Ms TazLady - Did you decide on a method of carry yet? You are right in your statement about walking with confidence. A person who is trained and confident in their training methods and responses will be evident in most humans in how they walk and present their personality and physical status. Important and it will flow with your muscle memory also. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing your story. Good stuff.

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