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What is that voice?

Do you ever find yourself in a daze and caught in the moment? I don't know how long it last. I've always been one to "people watch" as a simple observation to understand tendencies and reactions of those around me. I'm not one to get in the mix of a group but one who hangs to the side or rear out of the main gathering point of people. Part of the living outside the box I suppose. Habit and common practice. I probably do this more than I realize. The silent observations around us can be telling if we allow enough time for the story to be told in non-verbal forms. I watch the people near me. What is their strong hand vs weak hand? If they became an active shooter, what is the most likely place near their strong hand to pull a weapon? Are they observant to their surroundings? Are they alone or with someone? How do they interact with other people near them? What kind of shoes are they wearing in case they would have to run? It goes on and on.

The other day I was out enjoying a peaceful day with my wife. We don't get a lot of days like this. Nothing really regimented, just a day to get out and enjoy fresh air and the sunshine. I love days like this. Relaxing for the most part. But, on a few occasions, my wife pointed out that I was sort of in a daze or in deep thought. My initial response was that I was people watching. A few seconds later, I realized it was more than that. What was really happening was I was not just people watching, but also realizing that based on the government study that says if we endure an EMP or Pandemic in America, 90% of our citizens will die in the first year. - So I'm visually floating across a store here and a parking lot there and I am thinking, nine of ten will die. He will die, she will die, they will die. It is speculation of course, but in some cases one can almost identify the likely candidates falling in to the 90% group. As I like to call them, these are the "ice cream and milk" gang who are dependent on the system. Who buys ice cream and milk before a potential disaster and the loss of power? When I'm in a bad mood I call them another political name. Now, this is entirely speculation on my part simply from observation.

Then, I realized, it was not about who would be the nine of ten, but the fact of it. Imagine going to the local baseball field and 90% of the attendees vanishing. Or, a holiday parade and 90% of the participants are gone and minimal attending. No, there would likely be no parade or baseball game during events like this, but you see my point. When teaching classes I talk about the 90% loss of our populace but I think this is the first time I have ever stopped and looked around to imagine it for real. Now, I'm talking from a civility perspective and not a preparedness perspective. Sure, a population of 90% fewer "free" recipients would be nice. But, that is not the point of why I'm sharing my thoughts.

So, as this is taking place, I am thinking about the reports we see and read daily about the continue reported cases of measles, Hepatitis A, and other potential game changers to our way of life. Why are so many non-citizens being allowed entry to the country exposing our citizens to these threats? Sure we hear political fodder from different networks, but the point is, it is happening and in growing numbers. My fellow Patriots, these are silent killers until it is likely to late to counter the threat. So now I'm not only seeing people around me, wondering which nine of ten would die, but wondering if one, two, or three may have one of the dreaded illnesses being carried and spread around?

One cannot walk around living in fear and worry. Instead, one must be cautious to where they go, what they get exposed to and by whom. The part that is difficult is many threats we try and avoid can be seen. Now, we have potential deadly threats that cannot be seen. One must still wonder, why is the government system we depend upon and trust to keep us safe, failing us, for political power? Personally, I find comfort in knowing we are prepared with food, water, shelter, and security for our basic and long term package.

My friends, if this isn't enough to motivate you to get some level of preparedness together, I don't know what would be. When the bell dings, it will be too late. And most likely, when it's too late, those who are prepared around you will likely lock down and not be available for much assistance. Not to mention, the lack of available goods for you to prepare with. I hear this voice in my head asking "how many people, innocent or not, prepared or not, will be caught up in the nine of ten? What say you?

Keep charging ahead and blessings to all.

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