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What is your plan when caught in the middle unexpectedly?

This was an attack that took place this past weekend. Are you ready?

What if?

You walk out of a store in your town or pick up a child from an activity; or, leave a shopping mall or get stuck in stopped traffic; or, the attack comes in a local eating establishment and you are caught. What will you do?

If you attended my class on Bugging In and you live in a city, transit a city, vacation a city, or work in a city... you are susceptible of getting caught in an act like this. We discussed how to make decisions shift your plans to immediately get away from the violence and extract from the situation. We discussed "thinking outside the box" in your daily routine and life. We recommended reading Sheep No More by Jonathan Gilliam to better understand becoming an out of the box thinker.

If you don't have a plan, you should get started on one. Be smart and protect yourself.

Contact us if you have questions. Be safe.


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