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What To Do In A Boil Water Advisory Order

What To Do In A Boil Water Advisory Order:

By Dan C. – a contributing author of Survival Cache & SHTF Blog

I am a camper, hunter, hiker and survivalist. But water filtration has been one of those things I only think about when in those environments. But recently I had a best water filter pitcher for removing virus bacteria cystsmajor wake up call about how important it is every day. And my habits have changed due to the wake up call. So what was my wake up call…? Well it started at the gym. I was working out and went to the water fountain to get a drink between sets. As I watched the kid in front of me drinking from the fountain, he put his WHOLE mouth over the spout as he was drinking the water… I then saw another close encounter nearly of the same thing by another person. I was totally grossed out.

As I decided today was not the day to drink from the fountain, I began to think about all the studies that demonstrated that ice cubes from most ice machines contained more bacteria and germs than the water from your toilet. That is not a comforting thought. As I was losing my focus on working out… I thought about how much emphasis was put on washing our hands to reduce the likelihood we would get sick from touching things other people handled that were sick. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all about getting exposed to germs to build your resistance, but doing a few things to cut down your risks is prudent.

With those thoughts in mind, I thought why am I not more cautious about the water I drink. Since my guess is, I am being exposed to as many if not more pathogens every time I drink a glass of water. To make things worse, I started thinking about where my water comes from that I drink at home. Damn…. it may come from the sewage treatment plant. Now that sounds encouraging…


Boil Water Alerts

Furthermore, I was reading a report from the Bi-partisan Policy Center published on July 12, 2018 and it really made me think more about this issue. The article best way to filter water stated that over 19 million American will fall ill every year due to poor water quality. This is not from lead or chemicals in the water, this is from bacteria (e-coli) or cysts (giardia or cryptosporidium) found in microbiological unsafe water. In addition, the article states that during a three month period in 2015 there were 142 “boil” alerts in the United States. Now most of these were in small communities and rural areas, but they can happen anywhere any time. A smart person once told me that lead in your water will kill you over time but bacteria in your water will kill you next week.

Since most of us live in locations where the water system is old and aging, many of the water pipes are made of cast iron and are emitting various potential toxins into the water we use daily. These contaminates play an unknown role in our health. Thus, anything you can do to eliminate them from the water the better off you most likely will be.

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What was not taken into account in the article was the number of people affected by natural disasters that did not have access to clean water, during disruptions caused by natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and electrical outages. The water system can be easily compromised. For example, the pressure can drop thus inhibiting the system’s ability to add chemicals and filtration, water treatment plants back up and clean water is contaminated and furthermore, there may be no clean water at all. Despite there being no clean water does not mean there is no access to water. It may be all around just not drinkable. In those cases, water filtration is essential.

What Is A Boil Advisory?

A Boil Water Advisory is a public health recommendation from your local water utility advising you and your family to boil your tap water before using it. This is What to do in a boil water alert in response to an event that could have allowed contaminants (usually bacteria or cysts) to enter the water distribution system. Because the water quality is unknown, when you receive this advisory, you should assume the water is unsafe to drink and take the a