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Where would I be if I wasn't a Prepper

Where Would I Be if I Wasn’t a Prepper? by Mountain Momma

I would be a wreck and I don’t want to know how this would effect my children. I would be scared and irrational raiding the stores just like all the other unprepared folks. I have a type “A” personality. I thrive on security, control, and knowledge.

Prepping made sense to me, especially after I became a mother. It wasn’t just about me anymore. I really got serious a few years ago after attending my first Heritage Life Skills. I joined a local prepper group and later met Bravo Echo. Staying focused is hard. Life is busy. People like BE and situations like this one help us stay grounded and focused.

My family and I are doing fine because we have prepared for this through prepping and homesteading. We have all they necessary food, supplies and ways to sustain to a certain degree. We are calm and follow our plan. We stay informed, plan, check and adjust. Recently, our preparations (skills, mental, and supplies) were put to the test. My daughter fell the other night and cut her arm on a piece of sheet metal. She looked up at me and said “momma, I’m hurt”. I said, "Yes you are. Don’t worry, we got this and you will be fine."

It needed stitches without a doubt in my mind. It was long and deep. I immediately assessed the wound, took her to the medical kit and dressed her wound. Now what? We are in the middle of a pandemic. Do I take her to the Emergency Room or take care of the wound at home? It was too late to go to her doctor or urgent care.

We knew there were no positive cases in our town. We decided to go to the Emergency Room and assess the situation further upon arrival. We would determine our next move based on how many people were in the ER. If it was packed, we would treat at home. A couple people, check in and wait in our car. No one in the waiting room, go in and be seen. We pulled up at the same time as a young mother with an infant. The young mother and us were the only ones in the ER. There was no one in the waiting room, no one in the halls, and no one that we could see in the rooms. My daughter and I still wore masks. She ended up with 7 stitches.

Not once did I panic, nor did my child didn’t panic. We both have been through basic training on stopping the bleed and first aid type courses (and she’s only 8). We have medical kits for different medical - cut kit, bone break kit, burn kit, and other misc. kits. Would things have been different if I wasn’t prepared, yep. It would have been worse for me and my daughter. I knew what to do, how to do it, when I should get help, where to get help, and what outside factors could influence my decision (COVID -19). I haven’t told her what’s involved in removing the stitches yet. We will be doing this ourselves (First time for me, but I have a plan...and a back up plan). Good thing we have all the supplies already... Tweezers, steri strips, stitch scissors, Betadine. They come out soon. She’s tough as nails. She will do fine. Another day in the life of Mountain Momma...


Bravo Echo Out,

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