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1-31 March Madness Donation Drive for HFS Operations and Maintenance

Fellow Patriots, I would like to have a few moments of your time to briefly discuss the direction and management of the Hope For Survival website. When I started the website, it was based around my book Hope For Survival. It was the recommendation of the Post-Apocalyptic authors Boyd Craven and Frank Horton to also establish a website to support the book, giving readers another avenue to read and learn about preparedness. With that said, we are approaching the one year anniversary of launching the website. It has been a great experience, and more importantly, I have established valuable friendships through this process. During the 11 month period, we (Bravo Echo, Festus, East Coast Gal, Gyspy Trailblazer, TazLady, Gun Smoke, Jager, Mountain Rose and Mountain Mama) have posted nearly 300 articles and had nearly 5,000 visitors. I'm very grateful and quite humbled to observe these results. Most websites post ads by sponsors and offer paid subscriptions because the website is their primary source of income. This is not the case, by choice, for HFS where we have maintained an ad and sponsor free site. In the 11 months HFS has been in operation, it has been extremely time consuming on my end, again by choice. I am a one man wrecking crew trying to make it happen to provide information to you, the reader. A conservative estimate of hours I have invested in keeping the website operational is around 1600 hours (low end 30 hours but closer to 40 hours per week) while maintaining a full time job. In addition, over the past year Ms. Lucy and I have invested around $4,000 to keep the operation functioning. This would be for fees for licenses, subscription services, new software and upgrades, an encrypted email service, an expanded website for additional space, and a faster processing computer system. I am grateful to Ms. Lucy for her support in this process because she has been very giving and understanding. After conferring with a few close friends for opinions on ways to go forward and offset some of the cost to continue HFS without impacting the flow of operations, or impacting the availability of information to ANYONE who wishes to visit the site and/or gain information, I have decided to do a 31 day donation drive (March 1-31, 2020) from those who can donate and would like to contribute to offset upcoming renewals and subscriptions that keeps the website functioning. As with many things, some folks can pay for a subscription and some can't which leaves them not having access to information they would like to use. The purpose of our HFS website is to be available to everyone. Regardless of your decision or ability to contribute, Ms. Lucy and I thank each of you for your friendship and support in all facets of Hope For Survival. For me, it's not just a website, it's a place where I get to meet and spend time with my friends and Patriots who are like minded.

I get emails from a Patriot Brother and friend often and he always closes out each email by saying to me, "Keep charging my friend, you are making a difference." These words and your emails mean a great deal to me, and together we are making a difference. Keep charging my Patriot Sisters and Brothers. To make a donation, please go to the Donate tab at the top of the blog page or go to the main page and click the yellow Donate tab. Click on same and follow the steps to donate. All donations will be used strictly for the operations of Hope For Survival. Anyone wishing to donate by check using snail mail can send me a private message and I will provide the mailing address. Your support is greatly appreciated.

A big thanks to those who contributed already through the email campaign HFS thanks you very much.

Thanks for your time and consideration, Many blessings to all, Bravo Echo

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