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10 Things to consider when a society breaks down

Fellow Patriots,

The past few years has allowed us to witness numerous differences and changes to the nation we grew up loving. We are no longer the nation of standing and placing our hand over our heart and removing our cap while the National Anthem is sung or played at a sporting event. Our children aren't taught to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before school starts. Old fashioned parades are now high tech floats and a commercialized event. Society has changed and our ways and traditions are no longer wanted or respected. School systems teach our kids that history wasn't how we tell them it was.

I was having a conversation with a few fellow Patriots this week during my visit to East Tennessee before heading further east to Virginia and West Virginia (yes, they are two different states and Richmond is not a part of West Virginia). One topic led us to a discussion on the loss of our roots and the foundation we grew up. The discussion seemed to lose its direction when the question was asked, "what comes next?"

Today while working and trying to catch up and get prepared for my two presentations in WV this weekend, I was thinking about things that could occur during a societal collapse. As we have warned and talked about for months and years what it would be like when an event would occur, just look at the last week around America. The 95% gang has gone totally off the edge to rush and buy up resources and nothing has really happened bad....yet. Panic has taken hold and they showed their hand just like expected.

So, let's consider things continues on the current trajectory for the remainder of 2020 in to 2021. The infected numbers continue to rise while the number of deaths remains at the same rate. It is easy to say it us just a virus until one of us or a loved one contracts the virus and dies. I have heard several rumblings of the truckers unions discussing stopping the 18 wheelers from driving their loads in to hot zones. If you read Hope For Survival you should remember my discussion early in the book about what happens when the 18 wheelers stop rolling. You may not have the virus but you will feel the pain of the impact of the viruses. I have talked at length about focusing on the impact vs the cause. The trucks stopping would be one of many impacts one could feel in their area. Children not going to go school. A workers contracts the virus and all employees are told to stay home. Doctors and nurses contract the virus and everyone they exposed must quarantine. Public works are no longer manned. It goes on and on.

Here is a list of ten things that came to mind for me. Just me thinking about loud again.

They are:

1. When a society breaks down, people look for whatever weapons they can find. Abandoned stores, gun shops, pawn shops, police stations and police cars,...

2. When society breaks down, nobody is safe. Small groups with sticks and make shift weapons will form vigilante groups to protect their homes from crazed looters.

3. When society breaks down, you better protect your wife and children. Rapes and kidnappings will surge with every opportunity available.

4. When society breaks down, criminals do not fear the law. They become the law. If prisoners escape from prisons and jails, you better be prepared.

5. When society breaks down, authoritarian style gangs and groups will begin hoarding food. Riots and street sweeps by roving gangs will build power and resources by taking control of turf and killing or chasing families away.

6. When society breaks down, food shortages can happen very fast. Just look at what you are witnessing now. Commerce will stop and no additional resources will be available.

7. When society breaks down, respect for personal property goes out the window. Shops and business will be broken into and stripped of their resources.

8. When society breaks down, mobs will start doing some of the most stupid things imaginable like destroying art museums, statues, historical land marks, tombstones, .....

9. When society breaks down, a power "void" will be created. Power is gone and many will flex to gain the position of power in neighborhoods and communities until some form of law can be established.

10. When society breaks down, stronger outside authorities quickly move to gobble up larger sections of turf and more resources. Those trapped within will pay a fee of some type to stay within the area without being a target of the new authority.

These are simply ten thoughts that came to mind. I'm sure with a few more hours I could write another ten. But, I hope you get the point I am trying to make.

Keep planning and preparing while charging ahead.


Bravo Echo Out

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