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Can You Remember What You Forgot and Forget What You Remember?

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Can You remember what you forgot and forget what you remember? by Bravo Echo

You probably read the title twice and you are probably thinking, "what a title for an article." Am I right? How on earth will I pull this one off is probably the better question to ask. I guess the simplest way to put this is the story about the barking dog that bites. The dog is caged and a sign hangs on the cage saying "Do Not Pet, Dog Bites." Yet, people walking up and down the sidewalk stop and watch the dog as he barks and barks, growls and rushes the cage. Every once in a while a person comes along and they walk up to the cage and stick their hand in it and the dog bites them. The person wonders what happened. Do you truly understand what you think you see in front of you? Or, what you hear and think you heard? When you remember something, is how you remembered it actually how it was? If something was so bizarre and out of the norm for your mind, then would you believe it or have the capacity mentally to process the reality of it? Pull up your spenders and big person boots cuzz this one is going to get deep. Yes Festus, I'm going there so stop shaking your head in disbelief. At some point someone has to yell about sharks in the pool and I believe that time is now.

The topic you will read about in this article is a topic I have only mentioned briefly in the past. I have purposely avoided it because many will not grasp it as being real. That is not a criticism. It is a reality of another world across the fence that some witness in movies or books. I have also avoided the topic because in parts it is extremely evil and abusive in its history. Historically it was/is a program in denial to the world because it did not exist to many, even within the government.

You may have caught on to the fact I focus on the mind often. Aside from the fact my undergrad degree is in Psychology, my personal experience from the other side of the fence leaves me feeling I need to sound the alarm the best I can to alert others. Now, my perception of what justifies where the fence line is at could be different from yours. The mind is the greatest tool we have. An abused or controlled mind can be the worst tool a person has in their personal tool box. It is my personal view we should do everything possible and within our power to always maintain control of our thoughts, decision making processes, and conclusions, without allowing outside influences to decide for us. Self-control is essential and critical to maintaining control of a desired point or destination. This is why I attempt to encourage the reader to always maintain control and not jump across the fence hoping something out of their control will happen or change. We all wish for some things to happen. The difference is staying grounded and not losing focus on self-preparedness and self-control.

The world we live in is often a strange place. Maybe it's the same place and we simply learn and become smarter to some things and then judge it as strange. We see and hear stories about strangers and we wonder if the person is challenged or disturbed in some way. We are casting an opinion over the unknown of what the individuals life and mind may have experienced on the journey they traveled. We as a society are quick to cast judgement and label a person without knowing what is going on inside. Recently I was having another one of my mental moments of the past clashing with the present day. You know, when you see or hear something present day and initially it seems new for about a flash, then the past resurfaces and there you are.

Now I could tell you it was a moment of remembering Ms. Lucy when she was an 8th grader and I thought she looked at me and smiled. Who, me? Probably not. What on earth am I talking about? About ten years ago, Ms. Lucy, Festus and I attended a gathering of like-minded individuals here in North Alabama to meet and listen to a story by a lady with a very unique history. I had been exposed to this program years before but it was something I rarely talked about because most would never believe it. It was a first for Ms. Lucy and Festus. It was exposure to something really weird and creepy. Bizarre and almost unbelievable. What would be the hard part; the struggle to believe the story being told or to believe the personality and delivery from the lady telling the story. She had spent most of her life as a slave within a program that didn't exist. It was a program that most would not talk about in the open or while around others because of fear or others labeling them as delusional or down right crazy. It just wasn't something others could relate to and how could you believe something so crazy? During the same period, I knew folks who feared to type in this program on their personal computers out of fear they would be tracked down by black helicopters.

Back to the unknowing people. Isn't it funny how so many people who know nothing about actual things and programs and will immediately voice their opinion to belittle the other or convince people the person is crazy. I won't go in to the 95% thing but it is true. Those who live in the box and can't expand their ability to learn and grasp a new way of doing something or thinking to understand there is another world out there that most cannot relate with, will not survive. They do not have the capacity to accept other things that seem out of the norm. Many programs are designed in such a way that if revealed to the masses, most will not believe it because most can't relate and won't make the effort to relate. Much of the success of the other world can be contributed to the ability to keep it secret and then squelch stories and people if the topic is leaked out.

Since that meeting years ago, we have noticed the name of the super-secret program surfacing more and more. Back in the 1940s it was common knowledge the CIA embedded agents in to Hollywood and the major media. It was believed the topics of movies and sitcoms would be flavored to get a public reaction. It was sort of like a Beta test maybe. How would the nation react to the announcement to aliens? Beta test it.... produce movies, sitcoms, clubs and organizations with intelligence and counter-intelligence. How would the viewers in the target area respond to the objective trying to be reached?

A few years ago during my first year teaching at Heritage Life Skills, I was talking about something related to "out of the box" thinking. Understanding what is in front of you and the story it is telling you. A very kind lady from north of the US border was attending the class and blurted out the name of a program and asked was I familiar with it. I simply smiled and said "more than I care to remember." During a break she told me she listened to a lot of talk radio in Toronto (I believe) and this program was talked about often. I had to laugh at this news because for a very long time, it was considered a conspiracy. About a year ago, Ms. Lucy told me about a series she was watching called Project Blue Book on the History Channel. Yes, this was about UFOs but within the show they sometimes referred to this other program that no one talked about.

I'm not sure how we recently landed on this show but we did. I took a break from the computer and was trying to search to find something we both may like to watch together. At the time I came across "Stranger Things" which also referenced this secret program, I did not realize it was a very popular show with the younger generations. And many of you probably watched past hit movies such as Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts or The Manchurian Candidate with Denzell Washington. How about the X-Files? Remember the hit series? It was a mega hit actually. What about Wormwood? Why are so many citizens fascinated with shows of this topic yet if you went to your next door neighbor and stated you believed it, they would never tell you they also believed it or watch it, but would instead label you as crazy. Remember, the 95% group. Unprepared and most likely the anchors to sink the boat.

Most folks of like mindedness that I ask "are you familiar with this program" I get a strange look or a simple no. Not all, but most. So what am I talking about. I'm talking about a program called MK Ultra. It was also known as the CIA mind control program. MK Ultra is the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects that were designed and undertaken by the CIA, some of which were illegal. MK-Ultra was a top-secret CIA project in which the agency conducted hundreds of clandestine experiments-sometimes on unwitting U.S. citizens-to assess the potential use of LSD and other drugs for mind control, information gathering and psychological torture. The program began on April 13, 1953 when then Director of the CIA officially approved project MK Ultra. It was later ordered to shut down by the Supreme Court. Do you think that happened? Wink, wink, nod, nod. Oh, if you ever want to know where the LSD problem in America started? Just think, 1940s-CIA-MK-ULTRA and Sidney Gotlieb. But, let's not give all the credit to the CIA for this program. It was actually started by the Nazi's and at the end of WWII, the CIA brought several of the Nazi scientist to America along with their covert mind control development to eventually establish MK-Ultra. Today, our culture is influenced by many outside forces such as music, television, radio, books, media, and the list goes on. Listen to this short video to learn more on this program.

You can go and do your own research on this topic but plan on hours, days, and weeks to do it. It is a very evil and yet fascinating program about how evil the human can be to other humans to gain information and control. So what is my point in all of this? I go back to the basics. Stay with what you know and don't be deterred or misdirected by outside forces in good and bad information. Intelligence and counter-intelligence methods to distract you from the foundation or the basics. Your personal focus and effort to prepare your family based on what you know you must do and have.

Trust me, there are many distractions and forces around you to mislead and get you off track in your thoughts and beliefs as well as taking care of you and your family. Self-reliance vs dependency on a greater earthly power where you become dependent on someone or something else. Which will it be for you.


Bravo Echo Out,

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