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Checklist for Top 10 Preparedness Areas (HFS Zoom Group Project)

Fellow Patriots,

This is probably the most unique set of checklist you will ever encounter. The HFS Thursday Zoom Group worked on this project in October to set up a checklist for the top 10 preparedness topics and resources. I believe you will find these items to be very different than most checklist you have used or encountered previously. Check this out and have fun doing so.

I want to extend a bit thanks to our preparers who participated during the month of October to put this together and complete the project. Great job Patriots.

Top 10 Checklist Areas

(Excludes Weapons and Ammo)

1. Water

- Plan – Identify your primary, alternate and secondary sources

- Water filtration item or system for the home or mobile gear

- Purification method - Tablets, boiling, Clorox, cheese cloth, sand, charcoal, buckets

- Carrier (Mobile) – Canteen, Camel Back, any safe method to store water

- Carrier (Home) – How will you move multi-gallon water carriers from water to home?

- Berkey Water Filtration system – Home system and/or mobile system

- Rain Barrel system to collect rainwater. Home and/or mobile as needed

- Hand pump – Wells, lakes, streams, rivers, creeks, ponds,

- Boiling – How will you do it? No electricity? Fire? Fire starter? Pot?

- Flashlight – Check water source before sticking hands or jug in water. Critters

2. Food

- Dehydrated foods – Requires water, however lighter to carry mobile. Less space

- Protein – Identify sources. Build into home and mobile food plan. Critical

- Calories – Determine, age, body size, output level, and available foods, to set level

- Diet – Identify those with certain diet requirements due to health. Gluten, Diabetic..

- Seeds – Obtain at least a two year supply of Heirloom seeds to support your garden

- Tools – Obtain tools needed for gardening, gaming, and processing each category

- Solar Oven – No fuel or fire required. The sun and wood may be the final resources

- Plan – Build a multi-layered plan using canned, pressure canned, dehydrated, freeze dried, dried, freeze dried, and fresh, to supply a healthy food plan

·- Spices – Not a must, but a treat. Stock your preferred items to spice up the flavor

·- Sprouts – A fresh healthy option for the home and mobile food plan

- Oils – Home and mobile plans should stock oils used for preparing food

- Raw Honey – A healthy addition to your food stock

- Minimal Cost – Food can be stocked for minimal cost –

** See most recent HFS YT Video on Food Planning

3. Shelter – Home and Mobile

- Garbage Bags – Multi-purpose. Jacket, shelter, carrier, flotation, water storage

- Paracord – Multi-purpose

- Patch Kit – Mends holes and rips in tarps, shelter, Mylar blankets, clothes

- Poncho/Liner – Warmth, shelter from wet weather, protection from debris

- Blanket – If Mylar isn’t available, have blankets for warmth in all scenarios

- Solar Blanket – Multiple sizes, easy to use, effective, prevents freezing

- Tarp – Different sizes for different purposes. Cover, floor, protection from elements

- Long sleeve shirt and pants – Protection, mosquitoes and insects, warmth

- Machete/Hatchet – Multi-purpose use for homes and when mobile.

- Shovel – Different size for home vs Bug Out Bag – Multi-purpose

- Bushcraft Knife – Multi-tool serving many important purposes to survive

- Hat – Protects head from bugs, cold, sun, and keeps the head warm

- Bug Spray – Protects from mosquitoes, and other nagging insects

- Plan – Select multiple locations if possible. Survey sites for needs. Do as much work beforehand as possible to adjust the location for protection

- Protection - Lethal – Non-Lethal. Personal choice, Urban, Suburban, Rural, Laws?

- Hammock – Personal choice. Numerous selections. Small, compact, home/mobile

- Grid Down Heat – Identify multiple heat sources for home and mobile. One option is unused paint can, roll of toilet paper, rubbing alcohol 60% or less. Burns hours providing heat. Non- toxic. Can be used in all settings

- Sleep Pad – Portable, pine needles, straw… important to maintain core body temp

4. Security: Lethal and Non-Lethal

- Plans – Risk Analysis of your subject area when possible is critical

- Mindset – Think outside the box – Hard Target – Left of Bang. When you can, pre-plan and get out of threat areas, counties, and states

- Whistle

- Lethal Weapons – A personal choice to selection and type of ammo

- Security cameras (while the internet is available)

- Night Vision Equipment (Can be used as security cameras with IR capability to laptop), Red or Green Dot laser system. Even if not lethal force, can be a deterrent worse case

- Multiple types of flashlights. Head lamp, mag lite, lanterns…

- Spray – Bear, Wasp, Mosquito – Can be used with a lighter for non-lethal defense

- Barking Rex – Requires 110 power. Provides barking support to security defense

- Early Warning – Alarm system, Make-shift notification system. (Fishing line with cans or pie tins or items making noise. Be creative. You want as much early warning as possible.

- Create stand-off from the threat.

- Game Cameras – Ensure you get immediate notification to phone for early warning.

- Walking Stick

- Solar lights

- Flex Cuffs

- ASP – Police Baton – Can be used as lethal or nonlethal force

- Duct Tape – Can be used in multiple ways – Mouth Gag, hand-and-leg cuffs,

- First Aid Kit – See Medicine Category