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Civil War II, How Will You Survive

You may have noticed a continued discussion on a recent series of videos titled Civil War 2.

Part 4 -

I would encourage you to find time to listen to the four videos, each 25 minutes in length, presented by Sam Culper at Forward Observer. First, these are excellent products and I applaud Sam for his time to put together his analysis of what he sees as the future. These videos are based on projections and trends of what is believed to be, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Great points made and subjects for debate.

These are my thoughts on the Civil War II:

I believe some things were not given enough credence in the discussions. Most humans hate change and if you haven't noticed, most people are fairly lazy for any number of reasons. In a civil war, I personally believe many urban dwellers will die before they reach the city limits if they try to escape. Only those with the ability and desire to escape will do so by leaving in advance. Remember my discussions on the 90% vs the 10%? These are the ones who depart before the bell rings. Those that remain will most likely not escape and will be like the ones who wait until the last minute to go shop for supplies while the 90% gang is raiding the ice cream and milk coolers. As much as I enjoy a good debate on analysis, tactics,s and strategies to determine outcomes, I do believe the Civil War 2 debate is missing one key factor. The human of today and tomorrow is very different from the humans of the past. It will be very difficult to spread local and regional conflicts across the entire nation simultaneously.

We must understand and consider this factor. Most of the analysis conducted for Civil War II appears to ignore the psychology of the human. I am quite certain it did not factor in the current state of the millennial generation and the dumbing down of our educational system to train our youth to be followers vs decision makers. This is a general statement and not specific because I have met several very sharp young individuals with bright futures ahead of them. It is easy to project percentages on who will or won't do something. But the reality is, when stress goes up, bullets are flying, stomachs are growling and family members die, who will continue forward and who will quit. You see, if you haven't noticed, the left wing radicals can't handle insults or having their protected cocoon breached. They unravel and lose their mind. There is no debate. It is their way or the highway. When they realize they are losing their position, they start throwing fits, starting fights, screaming words like "racism" and "white supremacy" to the world. My point, like I said above, they cannot and will not handle stress or show any ability or willingness to solve problems when their plan or direction fails. Yes, many are experienced as gamers where you mow people down and kill at will, but when real blood starts flowing and their family and friends start dropping, they will likely not be able to handle it. Death is a very ugly thing. No one wishes death upon anyone. The youth of today should be groomed to become leaders of tomorrow. Where did we go wrong nationally? Ideologicallyy? Morally? Spiritually? Breakdown of the home? Fatherless homes? The "free" mentality? Education system? You can ask yourself these questions and decide your answer.

A lot of the analysis is based on history and any future speculation is just that, speculation. We must take in to consideration a percentage of our young millennials are combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and they are worn down from war and numerous deployments. How they feel about fighting a war on their own turf against citizens of their country is unknown. We can speculate but I don't believe there is enough relevant data to project where they stand. Analysis considered for projections would not have had enough information to include the "gamer" generation and where they stand. To simply dissect society based on Dem or Republican, Liberal or Patriot, youth vs the aging, poor vs rich, would be very difficult to project accurately.

Another important factor is the lack of consideration to transportation systems needed during a civil war in America. When either side starts taking down railway lines and bridges, highway bridges, blocking ports of entry, airports...who will secure them and reopen them to allow the outside world to bring food and aid to America? I believe this is one area where being prepared is key to survival. When small town America can no longer provide for the people, the people will survive on their own or else try to take the resources of others. If the left wingers are unable to handle stress and solve problems, have no preparedness resources in place, how well will they hold up when required to hunt, kill and butcher cattle and wild game, and/or grow a garden? They won't survive in the city so they will be required to escape out of the city to the areas where many families who are prepared reside.

There is no debate over love for country and which side the Patriot label falls. I am a reader and dissector of words and intent. I have been reading blogs and comments for years. One can walk away from the blogs feeling confident we have many Patriots who are willing to stand up. But when you read the comments most of the words state the Patriots are standing up for their personal property. Rarely do you read where one or more Patriots are willing to rally on Washington or any other place to support a position or cause.

Like I wrote recently in the Patriot Express News Edition 10, the Patriots are older and aging. Longevity and durability is questionable. There is no question on love of country and Patriotic duty, however, does this go beyond the home, family and end of the driveway? Another consideration is physical conditioning, medicines required, and aging ailments from conditions. Just some things to keep in mind. I have my own limitations from past injuries so I'm in this equation as well.

As most of you know, I spend a lot of time during the week communicating with fellow patriots locally and across the east, southeast and a few in the central states. I believe it is important to maintain communication lines to share, learn and offer prayers and support when possible to fellow Patriots. It is also nice to coordinate opportunities to possibly meet and break bread and meet face to face when possible. So when I factor in the above information to what I hear and see from my brother and sister Patriots, I have some worries and concerns in general. This is why it is so important to learn from each other. We must encourage and share as we can to help our-self and others who want help. It's kind of like the question I'm asked, "What are you preparing for? Nothing ever happens." That is the point. "I'm preparing for the unknown, tomorrow."

During a recent face to face with a fellow Patriot, I was asked the million dollar question, "What do you believe is the greatest threat we face today?" I could think of many things I consider to be a potential concern or threat, such as the national debt, EMP, CME, civil strife, political ideology, world war, war of the haves and have nots... But my primary concern and the one I try and get across during training classes, conversations and my book, Hope for Survival, is the threat of "ourselves." Each person must choose on their own what time and effort they are willing to dedicate to preparedness. No one is going to do it for us, right? How many individuals are aware and know of threats and possibilities but roll the dice to wait and see? No condemnation from me. Not my place to judge. But...

Okay, so what is my point. I can't stress enough the importance of focusing on the effects we suffer from the cause of events. What on earth am I talking about? Don't worry about the civil war or the meteor coming towards earth. Worry about how it will impact your life. Don't worry about the hurricane coming towards the coast or the blizzard moving across or the forecasted rain storms. You should be worried about you, your family and your plans needed to survive the event. Food, water, shelter, security, medicine, plans... Think about it this way. If you are waiting until the feces hits the rotating steel before you step out and prepare, what threat will pose a difference in what you should buy to prepare? What do you need for a blizzard that is different from a flood? Is the food different? Do you buy a different type of water? See my point? If you already have these things prior to the threat, when the threat hits, you can focus on last minute items and getting to your home or bug out location. So this is my point about my comment that we are the biggest threat to our way of life.

This falls in line with complacency. It is very easy to become stagnant and lose traction in our plan building and preparedness mode. Staying focused and on course can be difficult. That is why it helps finding a like-minded buddy to cross-check your steps and accomplishments along the path. Life in general throws curves and speed bumps in our path to redirect our plans and efforts. It's normal and we are human. It happens. Nothing ever happens so why continue preparing? Right? So, the other option is to do nothing and wait until it happens. If you would be so kind, please make a mental note to drop me an email to tell me how it worked out.

Think about this. While we are debating how a civil war would unfold, we have a possible hurricane in the gulf, flood waters already in Louisiana, Houston is still not dry, the Midwest is not close to recovering from rain and floods, California is recovering from multiple earthquakes, Wyoming had tornadoes and then major hail storms, ... do you see my point? We have so many possible natural and manmade disasters looming over our days and nights. Not preparing is a serious roll of the dice.

Just sayin... What are your thoughts?

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