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Covid 19 - Coronavirus Update Mar 25, 2020

From an Emergency Management perspective, these are the facts and information I have gathered from multiple sources to this point. I would consider planning on being prepared for several months. This is not going to be a quick event. The numbers are growing quickly with no slow down in the near future. Quiet honestly, these global and national numbers are off the charts. When you compare the week to week expanded numbers you get a better picture of the magnitude of the virus and how it multiplies. Stay safe.

Who: All global citizens

What: Coronavirus or Covid-19 is now a Global Health Pandemic

When: 1 December 2019 through current day

Where: 193 Countries to include the United States

Why: Unknown is the best answer. Lots of speculation and conspiracy with little to no final conclusion. There are multiple reports and podcast from international doctors claiming they are finding mutated strains of the virus.

Description: This coronavirus is a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like the previous versions of coronaviruses its origin comes from animals. Symptoms: Individuals afflicted by the virus can result in pneumonia. Those with the virus can display symptoms such as coughs, fever, and breathing difficulties. The more severe cases can be organ failure. As in a viral pneumonia, antibiotics are of no use. Recovery depends on the strength of the immune system and health condition of the individual when afflicted. There are multiple cases of previously infected individuals who recovered becoming infected a second time. Those who die from the virus the second time around is normally from heart or organ failure.

NOTE: Diarrhea is not a symptom.

Transmission: This version of the coronavirus transmits human-to-human but can lay on surfaces for days and still infect.

Globally: Currently 193 countries are impacted by the coronavirus up from 173 a week ago and 120 two weeks ago. As of this time around 453,074 cases are reported. This is up from 286,868 cases a week ago (124,660 cases a two weeks ago and 95,161 cases three weeks ago, and 20,519 deaths. A week ago the total was 8,943 deaths. Two weeks ago the death total was 4,585 deaths.

There remains folks who refuse to follow guidance on social distancing. This selfish choice is impacting our nation short and long term economically, at the local level and national level. Think about it this way, we have yet to reach our peek level. Simply compare the charts below. The US is about ten days to two weeks behind Italy. Now, look at where we are to date compared with Italy at the same time period. The worst is still ahead. Failing to follow national guidance is simply feeding the beast.

Nationally: The United States currently has 61,062 positive cases, up from 9,257 positive cases a week ago. Two weeks ago the number was 1,016 known cases. There has been 838 deaths compared to 150 total deaths a week ago and 31 deaths a week ago.

Many US States are now under a declaration of State Emergency.

Local: You should monitor all sources for updates and information. Cross check your information because most of the Government sources...CDC, State Dept, DoD, and other sites are late updating current information. The guidance has remained the same.

Here's two links for current information that we have found pretty accurate:

Defense and Prevention: Remain calm. Remain calm. Remain calm. (Intentional to make a point) Separation and distance. Stay away from crowds. Wash hands with soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Take immune boosters, however it is believed elderberry will not be effective against this particular virus because the Sambucus nigra is inhibitory on infectious bronchitis type viruses. If this is not possible use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid touching objects or people, outside the home especially. Clean your work space and/or home frequently.

Again, pay attention to national and local news and website information to stay abreast of information. Because the specific origin and viral make up remains a question, one could read many pros and cons to what over the counter remedies to procure and use if needed.

Recommendation: Information is power. Remain calm and do not panic. Be smart, remain vigilant and be prepared in the event the national or local circumstances change. If they change, you should have the recommended basic gear to protect yourself in the event you must be in the public or around other people. Knowledge, distance, separation, and self-reliance is the key. If you feel any flu like symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

Chatter: The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Covid 19 - Coronavirus a Global Health Pandemic . This could be a gamechanger during this event. Stay tuned to your local news for possible restricted travel and locked down locations. I can't predict the future but my gut says this one is going to last a while and leave a lot of heavy damage behind. Protect yourself and be prepared.

I cannot believe folks are still arguing over the Covid 19 vs the Annual Flu. They are missing the entire point. I simply ask, who cares at this point. The virus is spreading and causing major impacts to employees, employers, and the economics to our nation. It is bad enough watching our elected officials explain how Covid 19 economic aid from the Federal Government is needed to fund Planned Parent Hood and the other non-essential programs. While Americans lose their jobs and start to wonder how they will feed their family, the elected leaders we put in Washington DC are robbing our grandchildren of their future and ignoring the Americans needs today.


Bravo Echo Out

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