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Health Alert - What you aren't being told

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

While you slept, Ebola could have entered your country, state, county or town. I'm not trying to scare you, simply alert you to what is taking place. I have consolidated a compilation of information on what is taking place with migrants and Ebola. From Aesop - Raconteur Report - - Ebola and the spread. What so many will not talk about or maybe not know is the fact folks entering through our border or even our airports are tested for fever. No fever, entry granted in most cases. It's a crap shoot. Fifty percent of Ebola carriers show no signs of a fever. In Ars Technica Beth Mole writes about a recent case of a five year old from Uganda, just across the border from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where Ebola is a massive outbreak has been raging since August of 2018. The World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting this is the second worst Ebola outbreak in history. The Aljazeera reports it is possible one quarter of Ebola infections in the eastern DRC may be going undetected. The Daily Mail has reported a second person from Uganda has died and possibly three others are carrying the deadly virus. These Ugandan deaths are individuals who visited the DRC. The individuals who are believed to be carriers snuck through the checkpoint and vanished in to the marketplace.

Why should this get your attention? The Mazatlan Post reports from August 22nd to September 25, 2018, roughly 11,900 African migrants, mostly from the Congo arrived to the US border seeking asylum from a wars and poverty. All passed through the southern Mexican port, Tapachula, Chipas. It gets worse. The Conservative Review, - reports over 550 African migrants were apprehended in Texas in one week. This period is reported from May 30 to June 5. The breakdown is as follows: Angola 101, Cameroon 6, Democratic Republic of Congo 314, Gabon 1, Niger 1, and Republic of Congo 130. None of these individuals received test for Ebola. Even worse is the fact the DRC is currently experiencing 87,000 cases of measles. These are Center for Disease Control numbers.

Does this get your attention? It gets worse.

You may have heard how many migrants are being placed on busses and then transported in to the US, unchecked and dumped in US cities, free to go on their own. During a seven day period, 20,274 migrants were apprehended in Texas during this seven day period. This would place the annual rate over 1 million for the year...just in Texas. This accounts for 38% of the annual total for illegal migrants entering the United States. Think about this, Honduras is experiencing a mumps outbreak and many of the caravans left from San Pedro Sula of Northern Honduras that had 1,336 reported cases of mumps as of April. Now, six weeks later, Arizona officials confirmed 47 cases of mumps in Pinal County, mainly in ICE controlled facilities. In Hidalgo County Texas, the busiest illegal alien smuggling corridor along the Southwest border, they have 51 confirmed cases of mumps among the general population. Why are so many, thousands, coming from nations that are the most disease prone? Add the fact that leaving these same countries offers the worst traveling arrangements imaginable and there is no quarantine, as required by law. The acting DHS Secretary, Kevin McAleenan finally admitted publicly during his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, no one is being screened for diseases. Why? Asylum does not trump the medially inadmissible statues of 8 U.S.C. 1182.

One must ask, who is funding these individuals to relocate from Africa to the United States. Why are Catholic charities helping these possible disease vectors around the U.S.? Why is a nation, such as the United States, with vast ability and technology, opening the doors to this potential devastation? Think about this, if you add up the number of Level IV Isolation beds, there may be 100 to 150 total. Do the math. The U.S. has a population over 350,000,000. The U.S. may have 20 isolation beds total. My West Virginia math says these are not good odds if one has full blow Ebola. Based on statistics, about 50 % would survive the infection, and 75% if we are lucky. That would mean maybe 1 in 35,000,000 chance of survival. Yikes. You get the point, right?

Ding-Dong, come on in. Seems our policies and professionals are failing to do one of my favorite processes...Risk Analysis. You have to apply it to all phases in everything you do. You can't be paranoid, however separation and distance from potential threats. Ebola is invisible, so how would you know someone near you could be a carrier. My friends, get smart, get protected, be smart, stay protected, stay away from crowds, and consider buying mask, gloves and protection you may need as a precaution. Just like I recommend layered security and defense-in-depth around your home and property, do the same for you and your family when outside your protected domain. This does not pass the common sense test and conspiracy or not, there has to be a reason thousands are entering our nation unscreened. This is a national security issue that is being ignored.

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