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HFS Mobile Training - Monticello, KY

Fellow Patriots,

Good afternoon!

The Hope for Survival preparedness training will be on the road to Monticello, KY on Aug 1, 2020, conducting a full day of training 9 am- 5 pm. I will be covering Risk Analysis and Management, Family Communication Planning, and Preparedness 101 and 102. This training is being hosted by a Hope for Survivor family who follows and supports HFS. I met these fine folks at Heritage Life Skills in a previous year. They have opened the training up to anyone in or around the area who would like to attend.

Course descriptions:

Risk Analysis and Management: (90 Minute Course) Description: I believe this be the most important course in preparedness. How can you build a plan if you don't know the threat to the plan and how you will mitigate the threat? This course explains why you need to conduct a Risk Assessment and then walks you through how to conduct the assessment and provides charts and spreadsheets on how to document the information and track it. What is the risk to your family? Your home? Your food, water, and animals? Your community? Neighbors? This will help change the way you may have previously looked at planning.

Family Communication Planning: (90 Minute Course) Description: This course covers the importance of establishing a plan to allow families to communicate during disasters when events change the normal day. Where will you rally to get back together? What is your plan for communicating? Have you built a P.A.C.E. plan for a 5-5-5 plan to use during different disasters. This course will help you understand why you need a plan and how to build it with key information and sample formats for your plan. The last thing a family member needs is to lose contact with loved ones during a disaster.

Preparedness 101: (3 Hour Course) Description - The course covers most, if not all, key requirements for basic Preparedness. Presentation is a course using different types of equipment as examples. First step is understanding the mindset of the sheep and the sheep dog; and risk management planning. The course then addresses food, water, security and sheltering. This course is not about how to fix food but how to build a food plan for short, medium-and-long term storage. The water portion covers how to sanitize and different methods of storage. The sheltering block covers both urban and rural. Additionally. the course covers bugging in and bugging out. And finally, building a security plan; Defense in Depth. What is the point in saving food and water if you don’t have a plan to protect your family and resources? What are you going to do when your neighbor knocks at your door and says “my children are starving?” The objective of this course is to assist individuals to think “out of the box” and build a total plan that provides, food, water, shelter, and security to help families to survive during manmade and natural disasters.

Preparedness 102: New Class (90 Minutes) - Description:  Preparedness 102 is instructor led via a virtual platform and prepares attendees to understand key roles in community team building, survival, and stability. This is a mid-level course that prepares students for the Preparedness 103 course which is a classroom formatted scenario driven with student participation in role playing. The Prep 102 course continues from individual skills taught in Preparedness 101 and now prepares attendees the processes they would use in team building and preparing a community for a possible collapse while maintaining some level of stability during a collapse and post-collapse.

If you would like to attend please email me at Preparedness and I will connect you with the host to get you a seat for the all day training.


Bravo Echo Out

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