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HFS Preparedness Interview with the Christopher Scott Podcast Show

Fellow Patriots,

Good afternoon and a blessed Sunday to all. Hope you are having a great day.

I wanted to share my interview on preparedness that was recorded this week with Christopher Scott. It was a lot of fun and I always enjoy talking about preparedness. Chris put forth a lot of questions after reading Hope for Survival. It was a fun exchange between the former Marine and retired Air Force guy. Chris put together a good interview and nice product. Great job goes out to Chris and a big "thank you" as well. I enjoyed this process very much and look forward to working together with Chris on another preparedness project in the future. Don't forget to check out Chris's daily podcast at the Christopher Scott Show Podcast. Good stuff.

So, grab a nice cold tea and relax for a few. Enjoy and consider sharing with family and friends if you want to break the ice on preparedness and why everyone should prepare to become self-reliant.

Have a blessed day.

Bravo Echo Out

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