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Hurricane Dorian

As millions of citizens brace for another hurricane headed for their home state of Florida, we watch news reports and videos of folks racing around to evacuate or prepare for the unknown. Natural disaster after natural disaster across America. We, as a nation have been in the cross-hairs of these disasters the past few years and historically. Yet, once again, we see the ninety-five percent group trying to pull it together as the shelves empty, fuel lines grow longer, and choices become slim to none. The five percent group remains ready, prepared, and decisions made for which plan they will execute. Will the brace for the storm and bug-in at their home or bug-out and head out of state ahead of the ninety-five percent group? I know the answer because I remain prepared like others in the five percent group.

Some believe Preparedness is about the Zombie invasion. Cool. However, the real reason to prepared for is for any event that will change your life through manmade, natural, or technological events. How will the cause of the event impact you?

Here at Hope for Survival and in the book Hope for Survival we teach individuals and families how to prepare and remain prepared. Below are a few links to articles and checklists one may need.

Remember, 90% of preparedness is awareness. Where do you stand?

Recent article posted on Hurricane Preparedness

Multiple Post recently posted on Preparing Children

Recent post on checklist to get prepared.

If you have questions or want to be part of the five percent group, email or message me to get started. The numbers are growing so don't hesitate.

Be safe and blessings always.

Bravo Echo Out

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