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Liquor is Essential but a Pistol Permit is not?

Opinion: Liquor is Essential but a Pistol Permit is Not? By Rustic Maverick through Gyspy Trailblazer

I was born and raised in a town near a significant mountain range in the northeast, where the population is just over 1,000.

The COVID-19 outbreak has had very little effect on my day to day life so far, or at least up to this point, but there's definitely been changes.

I work in agriculture as a feed delivery driver so I'm one little "ESSENTIAL" link that helps feed this great country of ours. Therefore, I still have a job and a weekly paycheck, no matter how meager it is. I feel for those folks that don't have either. I’ve been there a time or two in my life.

Here, like everywhere, the toilet paper and some varieties of food are in short supply in the stores, but when it is there, it happens it may not be necessarily the day I may want it. It turns out that most any business that I usually patronize is an "essential" business and is open here. Including the liquor store. That happens to be my biggest contention so far in this outbreak. Not that I'm against it being open, I like my nip of good Kentucky or Tennessee whiskey.

My contention is with my state leaders that make a liquor store an essential business and allow it to remain open, but all county pistol clerks are deemed nonessential and closed. By law, we are required to register our pistols in this state. At the present time, this is the biggest affect this pandemic has had on my way of life.

I have pistols that I hunt or run the trap line with but they're not necessarily the most convenient to carry concealed, so I bought a nice compact gun that would be more convenient to do so. I stopped one night after work a week or so ago and bought it, but before I could get to the county clerk’s office they announced it closed until further notice the very next morning with no warning that it was going to close at all. Now I have a bill of sale, a few hundred rounds of ammo and no gun to put it in. First time I've ever bought ammo before I had the gun for it. Glad I did because ammunition has become harder to come by also. So this situation has become my biggest concern in my life at this point. Let that be a lesson to everyone. Don't let socialists take over your state like they have mine.

Thanks for reading. Till next safe. Gypsy Trailblazer


Bravo Echo Out

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