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Pastor Joe Fox and Civil War II

Fellow Patriots,

An ever growing popular topic of conversation amongst "preparers" is Civil War II and how and when will it start and why. Trust me, this is not a video game or table top battle of minds on who can capture the flag. War, death, and the destruction of life, home, families and cities does not offer a reset button to start over.

I wanted to share this short video with you from Pastor Joe. A former Green Beret I do believe. He offers some very good insight on CW II. If you read my book and followed this website you will relate to a lot of what Pastor Joe is saying. What happens when the 18 wheelers stop rolling in to the cities? Focus on you and your family. Get out of the cities. ..... Enjoy what Pastor Joe offers here. Second video below is from Asymmetrical Preparedness who Pastor Joe Fox references in his video.

Pastor Joe references the below video from Asymmetrical Preparedness.

Be Blessed,

Bravo Echo Out,

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