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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #142

Fellow Patriots,

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #142. Thanks for sharing your time with us here at the PENL and Hope for Survival. We welcome readers daily from around America and beyond. On this New Year's Eve, we pray for peace, warmth, and joy, for each of you. We can agree It has been a hard year for many through 2021. I hope you can stop what you are doing and find a few minutes to give thanks for the positive things in your life.

It was another crazy week here at HFS with another trip covering 800 miles, four states, three family Christmas stops, and meeting with a group of Patriots in central NC to discuss the formation of another HFS group/tribe/node in their area. I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with them sharing the HFS mission and goals for 2022. Thank you for your time. The event was put together by two of our longtime HFS Patriot sisters who continue working hard on their own preparedness planning and also forming a community group. It was great to see them again and spend time with them at their home and in a group setting location. Of course, I left their location with a gift of amazing homemade treats which I love. Cherry and Apple pie filling, and jams and jellies. I know you can't see my smile but I'm daydreaming of some hot biscuits and these goodies spread on them. Our meeting ran long so we didn't get to grab lunch together however we did enjoy a good old-fashioned picnic on a tailgate enjoying homemade sausage balls, cheese, chips and dip. Yum, yum. Thank you so much for your wonderful treats and kindness. Spending time with our HFS family is the best.

One of the things HFS does not advertise often enough is genuine hearts and character of our Patriot family. Stories of Patriot members taking time to travel to other locations to help one another out with needs. No matter what happens in 2022, we have had this blessing in life to meet one another and become family. Fellow Patriots, thank you and know, it does not go unnoticed or realized how kind all of you are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This edition will post as we close out 2021 and celebrate the start of a new year and 2022. Are you ready? You may ask "ready for what?" Closing out 2021? Shutting out the memories of the past year which impacted so many fellow Patriots in many ways? At least four of our HFS Patriot families lost loved ones in 2021. I know, some not so good ways huh. Sadly, many of the things impacting us are out of our control however we must adapt and brace ourselves for more of the same in 2022. We know it's coming, and the positive side of this situation is we have had plenty of warning to start our preparedness planning. Right? You are currently living in changed times with high inflation, gas prices, food prices, unavailable medical needs, job losses, closed family businesses, and more. If you are still waiting and wondering, you missed the bus.

I was driving down the interstate this week and this means my brain was in gear thinking about things going on around us, past and future. Through many conversations I have had, I witness many feeling trapped and unable to move forward because they can't get past events in 2020 and 2021. My thoughts reminded me of an event that occurred during Christmas with my youngest grandson who is 3 1/2. He is a really smart young man but equally funny. I was outside shooting basketball with our granddaughter as the sun went down and our grandson was yelling "it's getting dark, you better come in the house." I took a picture of him as he yelled at us. While driving and thinking, the picture entered