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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #157

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #157. Thanks for stopping by to spend a few minutes with us. We hope you enjoyed a blessed week. Here we are approaching mid-April already. Soon gardens will be growing, kids out of school, and vacations maybe started. Gosh only knows if towns will be allowed to have festivities with fireworks and parades.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to the Hope for Survival trademark and website. Three years, over 525 members and followers in 38 states, over 500 articles and newsletters, and so many new Patriot sisters and brothers who are friends for life. It has been an amazing journey to date. I think Festus and I are a bit grayer now and our spouses wonder how we can spend so many hours on the computer. I hope some of you can say you are better prepared today than when we started this journey. Thanks for your support along this journey.

It was an awesome week for HFS. Yes, I got to spend time with several HFS Patriots this week. So, you know on most accounts this is fantastic for me. The sister and brotherhood of likeminded Patriots is priceless to have and experience. The common bond can't be equaled.

I journeyed down to Fairview, NC to meet in a private setting with many likeminded Patriots to discuss preparedness and the world today. I want to give a big shout out to the host of the home for their willingness to host the event and the POC who connected with me to make it happen. It was a wonderful day with great discussions. The level of love for our country and concern to the path we are headed was very high. This seems to be a common theme from state to state and along each stop I make. Citizens just want to live life and be left alone and a corrupt system wants to prevent this from continuing.

One of the wonderful sister Patriots attending the event also owns and manages Cane Creek Asparagus and Company in the area who offers seasonal gourmet vegetables. If you get a chance, check out her website at: Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA – Seasonal Gourmet Vegetables ( Here is a brief description: " Cane Creek Asparagus & Company is a small family farm located east of Asheville, North Carolina in Buncombe County. We direct market local, sustainably grown seasonal gourmet vegetables through CSA in Asheville and the surrounding area. Our CSA Members are our only customers! Robert & I have over twenty years experience in filling weekly CSA Boxes with seasonal gourmet vegetables grown on our family farm for family tables all over Buncombe and Henderson Counties."

I look forward to future opportunities to journey back to Fairview to spend time with these great Americans. If you live near the Asheville, NC area and have never journeyed over to Fairview, take the time to do so. You will find a lot of beautiful landscape and farms during your journey.

This is one of my favorite parts of doing HFS because it allows me to drive the backroads of America and meet great citizens and the place they call home.

Ms. Lucy and I attended our local Bible study this week which included several HFS members so we got to communicate some during the evening as well as learn from the Patriot who headed up the class. It was a great evening together to learn and discuss scripture along with where we are today in life.

When this newsletter post for your viewing I will be in Huntsville, AL meeting with the HFS HSV Group on Friday evening. I look forward to spending time together to share some pizza and discuss their preparedness efforts, concerns, and also share some HFS news with them.

Before moving along, I want to give a shout out to a Patriot brother who has been struggling with health issues for a while now and was just released from the hospital. He is a warrior amongst warriors who loves this great nation. Brother, I know you have the heart of a lion and being down physically is hard for you. Your HFS sisters and brothers continue praying for you and wishing you to get answers and a speedy recovery soon. Keep the faith and know we love you and Ms. T much..

Okay, let us move along.

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We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding....Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site is not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Occasionally I use words only Patriots recognize and understand. It's not personal against any non-Patriot. It's just the truth. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay. When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope.

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week -

Is there anything better than spending the day with likeminded Patriots? Hard working citizens just trying to get by. They likely focus on raising a family and figuring out how to make things work month to month to ensure a happy, healthy, life for family members. Wait? Am I describing what it once meant to be American? The summer breeze blowing the American flag as it waves on the front porch as dad drives down the gravel road to end the workday. Dad's home so the family rallied around the dinner table for the evening meal and time spent together. Remember the days? Did you ever load up in the family car and head down to the local drive-in for burgers and milkshakes? Remember the young workers rolling out to your car on skates? Maybe an evening ride out for ice cream while listening and singing to hit tunes blaring from the AM radio station? Remember the days without air conditioning in homes and neighbors would relax on the front porch to catch a breeze, often waving back and forth to one another? Do you miss the days of past life growing up?

The other evening Ms. Lucy and I wound down our evening, reading, and she had the television on a local Knoxville station when it timed out for the day showing the American flag and playing our beautiful national anthem. She commented to me about childhood and remembering each evening like this except in black and white television. Typically, a parent would get up and turn the television off and shout the dreaded words of "it's bed time, don't forget to brush your teeth and say your prayer." Unless the family suffered a tragic death or loss, or a rare divorce, the evening dinner table and most aspects in life included two parents heading up a family. You know, the Mr. and Mrs. Clever, a few kids, a dog, and the picket white fence around the suburban house maybe.

Today, when our kids visit or maybe via a phone call, we hear how crazy life is for them. One kid to this practice, one kid to that practice, one kid is sick, one parent working on the road that day, one this and one that. Dinner is a three-way crap shoot with chicken nuggets from McDonalds in a kids meal, one meal is a yogurt treat, and the other eats when possible. Absolutely, it is crazy. It is chaotic and things we rarely experienced growing up.

I must ask why? How far must the pendulum swing to destroy the roots and foundation of family before families start to put their hand out and say enough is enough? I honestly believe they do not see what we see from afar. It's bad enough that public school systems continue filling our kid brains with non-educational information and focus more on social issues, sexuality and other topics that are nonsense. Now many after school activities are also feeding children the same social agenda items. Who would ever have imagined seeing public school kids participating on a sports team taking a knee during the national anthem. Now we have this thing called traveling teams. Wow. What a load of crap this is. Yes, I said the word crap in place of the word I really wanted to use. Ms. Lucy and I attended a couple of these events to support our grandkids and what a wakeup call it has been. My Marine buddy in Alabama told me all about the traveling team concept a few years ago when dealing with them for his own grandchildren. Now I am realizing all the truth to what he expressed then.

Young children under the age of ten traveling from city to city to do a three-minute dance routine is non sense. If children need this level of participation for their ego we have a serious problem. Parents are being robbed financially and also morally of time with their family and children. I won't even go in to the minimal clothing these young kids are put in with faces covered in make up for three minutes of fame. No one is asking how many evenings together a family is sacrificing so lil Dolly-Do-Right who is seven can be on a traveling team. Did I mention the traveling softball team? Baseball team? All of these programs are very expensive in financial cost. They are also costing many families much needed table time together. The organizers are making thousands of dollars off these families and kids to the detriment of building the foundation of the family.

Between garbage learned in schools, traveling sports, and the time spent on handheld devices, when are parents supposed to raise their children? Ah, that is where I missed the point. Parents are not supposed to raise their children today. They put a roof over their head and feed them. The system now owns your children and grandchildren. Don't believe me? Just ask a local office of child protective services. It would be considered child abuse to put your child outside working in the garden yet it's okay to put a young eight-year-old girl in a skimpy skirt and high-rise shirt, red lipstick, and whatever else goes with the face paint.

It wasn't but a few years ago when the nation was in an uproar over the virtual television show showing a mother making up her very young daughter to compete in pageants. Why no uproar today? I'm not against sports teams or gymnastics. I'm against how children are being marketed for organizational profit from city to city taking children away from their family and time at home together.

Yes, I'm a grandfather who is old fashioned and wants to protect every child from an evil system and lurking pedophiles in the arenas. Teaching a child morals doesn't protect them in the world we live today. Neither does many local, state, and federal laws. Once a crime is committed against any child it can't be erased. It is a life long memory. To many parents are trusting a failed system to protects the criminal more than the child.

Just as it's important to prepare your family for the unknown that is coming, it is also important to spend time with your family to protect from the same evil world that is causing many of the issues we are preparing to live through in the days ahead. Many parents believe offering children endless opportunities and access to teams, programs, and interaction with others while taking away much needed time with parents and siblings. Have you ever stretched a rubber band to the point you can see the stressed lines in the product? Do you realize all the frays and cracks in the rubber band exposes the highest likelihood for breakage? Sometimes through life, busy schedules, and keeping peace within the family, we fail to realize these frays and cracks are opportunities for evil and Satan to enter and start taking hold. How long does it take for the parent to see it happening? Ohhh how I hear the faint echo from afar...."that could never happen to my little Daisy."

I rest my case.

Next ....

Bartering - What do you have in mind as a bartering process or concept if needed? Crazy huh? If the nation and world moves on to the reality of a digital society where all deals, purchases, and trade are the only legal and recognized practice for exchange of goods and merchandise, what will you do? Have you considered what method you would use? Gold? Silver? Labor? Trade of skills for material? I used to hear folks saying "I will trade .22 ammo for goods because the ammo is cheap?" Yes, compared to other ammunition is it cheap. But, if you are trading at a local community market and you can afford to relinquish hundreds of rounds of ammunition, does it not tell everyone you have lots of ammunition? Secondly, why trade a valuable resource that a stranger can then use against you or your family to hurt you? Many are not cognizant of the fact others will be watching for who arrives with ammunition to trade and barter with and then possibly follow that person back to their home or homestead possibly bringing harm to everyone. Right?

I know folks who are already bartering today. Chickens for beef. Eggs for seeds. Medicinal plants for tools. No cash exchanged. A simple agreed upon trade with no cash or record taking place. Sounds very primitive indeed but these folks are already networking and earning the trust of the other party and also developing line of trade and communication. In a new system that is being considered to control black market deals, enforce equality amongst everyone, and ensure a record is kept in a system of all records showing an exchange of property between two parties, how will you do this? It may be something to start thinking about now.

When it comes to seeds and plants, especially medicinal plants hard to get, what will a fair market value be to trade? Do you have more than the one you are trading? Are you growing these plants or collecting seeds for the same type you are wanting to trade? How important is it for you to have or get what it is you are bartering to get from the other party? You may have a sick family member(s) and you need some form of antibiotic ASAP. The value of the need goes up so how high over the real price are you willing to pay to get what you need?

Years ago in my former life, I would be in third world nations watching the locals barter at the Saturday markets. It was amazing to see what price people would pay for something they wanted. Several times in Romania I witnessed locals trading their shoes and socks off their feet for a single Bible. Wow. In America one could find a Bible in every night stand at the local hotel. Something taken for granted by Americans. But in Eastern Europe after the wall came down, Bibles didn't exist at the start of the new world and freedoms. Traders coming into the cities from Russia knew this and would raise the price of a Bible to a very high price. Imagine, a foot of snow on the ground and freezing temperatures, yet the person would give up the shoes from their feet for a Bible. Think that would happen in America today?

As crazy as it may sound, a high value bartering item we used to use for information when going to foreign Eastern European countries would be small chocolate bars. The style you give away at Halloween. The young workers who worked night shift after attending college all day would give anything for the energy from a small chocolate bar. They couldn't afford them to start with. Then, they couldn't take breaks during their shift so they could consume a small piece of chocolate without being detected by their boss. We would take ten pounds of these chocolate bars with us and trade a couple to find out what is the latest crime in the area. What establishments had pick pocketers. Or, drugs and corruption. The list was long and we had the chocolate to learn many things to support us in our risk assessment of the area.

Here is a short but good video from Southern Prepper 1 on Bartering that was sent to me from a sister Patriot in South Carolina. Thanks much for your submission.

For any HFS member attending Heritage Life Skills in May and plans to attend the HFS Pot Luck Dinner on the Thursday evening, plan to bring your bartering seeds, plants, or goods you would consider trading with other HFS member. We will have a bartering "class" amongst attendees before dinner starts. This is a great opportunity to maybe pick up something you need and maybe help someone else out with something you have.

Next ....

Ms. Lucy has been dirt deep in plants, shrubs, bushes, and other strange named things that grows and is good for us. She joined a Facebook group called East Tennessee Homesteaders and is learning lots while finding loads of classes in our region. Our local Facebook Market Place offers some great information and opportunities also. Today she picked up some plants she found on the local marketplace from a local business called High Thyme Farmacy in New Market, TN. Through conversation it turns out our new contact is like minded as a Preparer. How about that? Small world when you least expect it. We are finding more and more like-minded Patriots around our small community. Law abiding Americans just wanting to live life and be left alone.

Ms. Lucy returned home excited with her plant purchase, as well as some all-natural handcrafted soap and a container of organic lotion made from the plant, that was gifted to her by the owner.

The Patchouli plant is what she purchased. The plant is a species of a flowering plant in the family Lamiaceae, commonly called the mint or deadnettle family. The plant grows as a bushy perennial herb, with erect stems reaching up to 75 centimeters in height and bearing small, pale pink-white flowers. In aromatherapy, patchouli acts as a aphrodisiac and relieves depression. It helps with anxiety, nervous exhaustion and lack of concentration. Self-confidence is strengthened with this scent.

Here is a picture of her plants purchased in a clay pot at 3 for $10 dollars. She got six plants.

High Tyhme Farmacy offers numerous products at very affordable prices with free shipping over $50 per order. Check out their website at this link. High Thyme FARMacy Herbal Apothecary Shoppe

Next ...

Defensive Landscape Bushes or Plants to Consider

Recently on our Thursday evening zoom we discussed methods and natural ways of building security protection and barriers on property and the home. Every home has different features, however building and designing a security concept of a defense in depth posture keeping the five D's of security in mind is normally included. Oh, that would be Deter, Detect, Deny, Delay, and Defend. A few months ago I was supporting a fellow Patriot building his security plan that included the use of barberry bushes as a defense barrier as well as a deterrent to persuade a threat from crossing a specific defined line. If you are in the process of designing a layered security posture using defense in depth, have you considered the use of plants, trees or bushes as a layer of security in your plan? It is something you may wish to think about. They are not just a great barrier to slow or stop a threat, they are also cosmetically appealing in most cases. You could also consider adding these on to an existing plan as well. They are great for approach routes you are trying to close or cut off. By placing these plants under a window or deck can also help block or slow down an intruder. And of course around your perimeter. If you are trying to stop an intruder from crossing your fence, the placement of a good barberry bush outside the fence could change the mind of the potential threat. When planning, you should also take in to consideration what hardiness zone you will be planting and growing the plant. Different regions for different plants. First, let me provide you a national map for USDA Hardiness Zones to help identify which bush, tree or plan is best in what area.

Here's different plants to consider if you are building your security plans. 1. Agave:

Native to Mexico and the southwestern US, this spiky slow-growing succulent is suitable for growers in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11. You can find different types of Agave plants in the Agave family. Different sizes and heights to support your security planning needs and wants. The location you plan to place the plant should help you decide which in the Agave family you decide to use. If you have children or pets you may wish to take this in to consideration as to what you get and how and where you plan to place it. Americana Agave

This agave is one of the most notorious landscape agaves. It produces a lovely inflorescence (flower) and then the main plant dies, leaving behind pups or offsets. The American agave or American aloe, as it is also called, has a white stripe running down the center of the leaves. It is a warm season agave only. A person selecting the agave plant as a security barrier may wish to do their homework to research eventual full growth size before placing in a permanent home. As previously stated, year round climate is also very important to the long term survival and your initial investment. 2. Barberry

The genus Berberis includes over 400 different species of evergreen and deciduous shrubs with varying heights of three to 10 feet. The barberry is a tough, shade tolerant, drought resistant, and hardy bush. Primarily most tolerant to Zone 4, barberry grows in almost any type of soil and requires minimal care and maintenance to survive. This, along with the eventual size and width makes the barberry bush a great security enhancement around a property. Some non-native species are considered invasive and growing them is banned in some states, so be sure to check your local bylaws before you plant. Also note that not all varieties have thorns. Barberry Bush Spikes

Dependent on which side of the bush you are on, the spikes produced by the barberry bush makes it attractive as a security addition to your plans. As mentioned with the agave plants, if you have small children and/or pets around, you may wish to give caution when selecting this bush and how it is used. Barberry Burning Bush

The Japanese Burning Bush is a common and more popular bush from the barberry family. When in bloom the Japanese barberry bush is very appealing to the landscape. I have personally brushed against one of these bushes while mowing the lawn and it got my attention for certain. They grow to a nice height and width as well.

There are a number of cultivars that are well-suited to hedging. The three- to four-foot-tall varieties make a very useful barrier along the sides of driveways or walkways, and even as a perimeter hedge, allowing visibility over the top. They also work great in vulnerable corners and property areas possibly not in camera coverage.


This bush/tree bring beauty from afar until you stick your hand between the limbs to grab a sloe. Ouch. Some folks enjoy picking the sloe to add to their gin, however it is normally not without pain from the thorns. The thorns stick out at right angles on the intertwined branches and can be up to two inches long.

Suitable for growers in Zones 4-8, blackthorn shrubs can grow up to 10 feet tall, and with minimal pruning can create a formidable barrier around the perimeter of a property. Alternatively, it can be pruned into a neat but dense and impenetrable hedge. Fast-growing blackthorn will tolerate almost any soil, and is somewhat salt-tolerant. Once established, it needs very little care except regular moisture – so it’s not suitable for very dry areas without additional irrigation.

4. Common Holly

This evergreen shrub is both frost and drought tolerant and often referred to as the Christmas holly from native England and Europe. The leathery, dark green, glossy leaves have spiny margins, which readily attach to clothing, or tear skin. The dense, prickly leaves make holly an ideal hedge, and being evergreen, it looks good all year round. Suitable for growers in Zones 5-9, common holly is easy to grow in full sun or part shade locations. It’s fast-growing, and with regular pruning will quickly provide you with a spiny, impenetrable barrier to protect your perimeter.

Most of the 200 holly variants produce bright red berries that are toxic to humans and pets, so bear this in mind when deciding where to plant.

Holly is tolerant of most soil conditions, although it will require regular moisture. To keep plants looking their best, an application of balanced, slow-release fertilizer once a year in spring is recommended. 5. Crown of Thorns

This bush is suitable for gardens in Zones 9-11. Some may recognize the plant name that is commonly known as crown of thorns, Christ plant, or Christ thorn,. This slow-growing shrub grows up to six feet tall, with spiky spines on the branches and stems. Red, pink, or white flowers with petal-like bracts appear all the year.

The sap is poisonous and can cause skin irritation, so care is needed when handling this plant. Grow in a full sun location in well-draining soil and be careful not to overwater, as wet feet can cause root rot. Plant under windows, on the inside of fences, or at vulnerable locations around your property to deter crooks.

6. Devil's Walking Stick

This is a deciduous shrub that thrives in Zones 4-9 in average, well-draining soil, and a full- or part-sun location. Some know this shrub as Hercules club and prickly ash, the devil’s walking stick is so named thanks to the dense spines found on its branches and stems. The large leaves are also armed with spiky prickles. If you have ever grabbed one of the walking sticks by accident I'm sure you have not forgotten it.

Native to the eastern US, this member of the ginseng family, Araliaceae, blooms in late summer with showy white flowers that attract bees and other pollinators.

Fast growing, it self seeds easily – leaving you with young specimens popping up in unwanted locations.

Small, inedible berries appear after flowering. The roots, stems, and berries have been used historically for medicinal purposes by Native Americans and early settlers.

If you keep it pruned, the devil’s walking stick will maintain a shrubby, compact form, but it can grow into a large tree up to 20 feet tall. Regular pruning will encourage vigorous, bushy growth. It’s commonly found growing wild at the edge of woodland areas and will form dense, thorny thickets of pain. It’s best planted away from the house as it has a tendency to spread, and is useful on larger properties as a dense barrier of thorniness.

7. Hardy Orange (Flying Dragon)

The hardy orange is native to China, and is a close relative of the citrus orange we know and love. Hardy to Zone 5, this multi-branched deciduous shrub – or small tree – provides ornamental interest in the garden. The fruit is edible, but extremely sour tasting – you won’t be squeezing it for your morning orange juice. The branches are covered with two-inch thorns, and with a dense, twisting growth habit, it will provide an excellent barrier.

At peek maturity, the height can reach 15-20 feet, this plant responds well to pruning and can be fashioned into a formal or informal hedge. ‘Flying Dragon’ is ideal to plant as a hedge, growing up to five feet tall, and it responds very well to pruning. It has densely tangled stems covered in vicious thorns. 8. Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a deciduous flowering shrub or small tree. Native to temperate regions of Europe, Asia, and North America, it is commonly seen in cottage gardens, with pretty blooms in various different colors including pink, red, white, and bicolored. Most species grow in a dense clumping form, and produce small, edible berries in the early fall.

These tart fruits can be used to make jams and preserves, and have been used in herbal remedies and in traditional Chinese medicine. This species grows up to 25 feet tall at maturity with a spread of 18-20 feet. Its delicate blooms are white and the foliage turns a deep reddish-brown in the fall. 9. Honey Locust

The honey locust is a fast growing, deciduous tree native to the central US.

It looks like something out of your worst nightmare, with large clumps of thorns protruding from its trunk and branches.

Honey locust thrives in Zones 3-8, and will grow into a shrubby, thorny clump unless pruned to encourage a single trunk.

A member of the Fabaceae family, honey locust flowers in late spring, with fragrant, cream-colored blooms. It produces seed pods that mature in the fall, and bright green foliage gives way to autumnal yellow.

This fast-growing ornamental tree can reach a lofty 90 feet tall at maturity. It thrives in average soil, and is drought, salt, and heat tolerant. 10. Porcupine Tomato

Here’s a plant that doesn’t hide its thorns shyly, buried beneath the foliage, to secretly spike an unsuspecting passerby. Large orange-yellow thorns display prominently along the branches and sprout from the leaf surface, in a decadent display of wickedness. Even the bracts surrounding the fruit have their own mini thorns.

It’s a plant that says “look at me” and “go away” in the same breath. Small purple flowers contrast with the green foliage and orange armor – appearing from late spring and lasting all through summer. You have just read about ten of many possibly additions to include when building or adding to your landscaping plans for enhanced security features. These possibilities are far more cosmetically appeasing than barriers, concrete barriers, chained fences, or earthen berms. Maybe consider both hardware and natural barriers to your plan. Good luck and shout if you have questions.

Next ....

Festus sent this link and I believe it is worth sharing out to you. It is about shortwave radio and this link takes you to a very good page where you can click and follow to learn more if you want to use Shortwave as a source for information....possibly when other means is no longer available. Below is a clip of the cover page of the site. You can follow this link to check it out. Short-Wave Radio Frequency Schedule for BBC in ENGLISH

Next .....

Our kids often laugh at us because most of our friends are older than us. They don't understand the statement that we enjoy their company but appreciate and respect their wisdom on life and the past. Imagine if just America alone would have a mass movement of youth seeking to learn from their elders and seek wisdom. Growing up, we often heard the voice of a wiseman named Paul Harvey. You didn't need to see his face to know the voice.

A wise Patriot sister in central TN sent this to me with the words "How Prophetic" as the title. I think you will understand after hearing this short clip from Paul Harvey.

Good day.....

And those are my thoughts for the week.

Preparedness News

1. From Greg Seebregts - New Life on a Homestead - 15 Natural DIY Body Wash Recipes to Try • New Life On A Homestead - When the soap is gone and your wife says you "stink" what will you do and use for washing the days work off your body? Here you go.

2. From Harrison Caine - Modern Survival Online - How to Use a Map and Compass – an Advanced Navigation System ( - Can you use a map and/or compass to navigate? Have you learned how to use your natural environment to guide and direct you? When your GPS is no longer available, will you know how to get home from your local Star Bucks? We are so dependent on devices and programmed capabilities. Do you have a print out of the phone numbers from your phone?

3. From Michael Snyder - The Economic Collapse - 20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core ( - I am amazed to the number of people around me who still do not recognize what is taking place in the world and our local grocery providers. It is simply amazing.

4. From Guest Contributor - The Organic Prepper - The Prepper's Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms - The Organic Prepper - Did you know within HFS we have several Patriots with extensive knowledge on growing medicinal mushrooms?

5. From Preparedness Advice - 12 Different Uses for Paracord - PREPAREDNESS ADVICE - One of the often overlooked needs in your preparedness kit, bags, and vehicle, is the paracord and lots of it. Find a good supplier and stock up.

Other News -

1. From John - Wild, Wealthy, and Wise - The Coming American Dictatorship, Part III – Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise ( - This is a long read but a fun read depending on your mood at the time you indulge the article. (Thanks Festus for this submission)

2. From Fabian Ommar - The Organic Prepper - How to Navigate Hyperinflation and Survive ( - If you haven't yet started to figure out the ongoing rise in pricing to almost everything, now would be a good time to read this article and take note to the world around you. (Thanks Festus for this submission)

3. From Festus to everyone - Project Appleseed - Project Appleseed | Project Appleseed ( - Project Appleseed is a GREAT program for all ages in learning additional marksmanship skills and learn about early American history in an intense but fun filled weekend. When my step-daughter was about 13 years old I took her to this program. She did not really want to go but I pressed it and she ended up really enjoying the course and got comfortable with the rifle and steadily improved during the weekend. She ended it with confidence with the rifle and appreciation of what the founding patriots did and endured. I also came away from the weekend having learned a few more things and improved marksmanship.

Pass this info on to anyone who might be interested. It is a great training opportunity and is time very well spent, for young and old alike. Programs are going in all states.

4. From Dave Hodges - The Common Sense Show - World War III, and a Deadly Domestic Purge Will Accompany Biden's Eventual Replacement In the White House | The Common Sense Show - In a HFS Zoom Rally a while back I laid out a scenario that could bring HRC back in to power and possibly at the postion of President of the United States. Yea, it may take a few magic rabbits but ask yourself, would you have guessed a year ago we would be in the position we are today as a nation? The corruption is out of control and those committing the crimes are doing so with a smile.

5. From Eric Lendrum - American Greatness - Mayorkas Planning ‘Backlog Amnesty’ for Nearly 2 Million Illegals › American Greatness ( - Buckle up fellow Patriots, more are coming and its being done by an employee and government on your dime.

Drum roll...........

That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. We pray for good health and wisdom. Please pray for our leadership to find answers and guidance to the problems facing our great nation. May your faith remain strong and answers to the unknown provided. God is good and may our prayers blanket and protect you and your circumstances. I pray for each, and every one of our Patriots.

May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world. We must continually pray for the unsaved, our family and friends who live each day without the protection for eternal life and salvation.

We must pray for each other and pray that our faith and strength in our faith keeps us on the right path through all the evils and evils powers around us at this time. We all must uplift one another 24 x 7.

We pray for the nation of Ukraine, and all involved in the conflict with Russia. We pray for peace and a quick resolution for all involved.

Please keep a few of our HFS members in your prayers. We have several with physical needs in North Alabama (ribs), Central Alabama (shoulder), Huntsville, AL, and Hickory, NC needing prayers for MRI results and a clear direction for proceeding with care.

Please keep our sisters and brothers in Waynesville, NC in your prayers.

Even with all the worldly challenges, struggles, and heartbreaks we must always give thanks for the blessings in our own life and our family each day. Life can be hard and sometimes unfair to us, but we still have many things to be thankful for each day. We must not forget them.

We all must pray strong and often for the citizens of our great nation. Many of our sisters and brothers are struggling daily with things they witness, encounter, and are surprised with out of the norm. Many times, we are in unchartered areas, however, we still must keep our faith and focus on the big picture. Our prayers and faithful strength together will be required often to battle the evils being thrown upon all of us minute by minute.

As Patriots we must stay strong and never give up. Our home, community, and nation need us now more than ever. Stay focused on your local community and things that will impact you around the nation. Don't allow the events around you to create fear in your life. Build your own self-reliance and focus on hope. Remember we are a blessed nation, and we must continue to be great people today and make a better tomorrow. Keep charging.


Bravo Echo Out,

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