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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #157

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #157. Thanks for stopping by to spend a few minutes with us. We hope you enjoyed a blessed week. Here we are approaching mid-April already. Soon gardens will be growing, kids out of school, and vacations maybe started. Gosh only knows if towns will be allowed to have festivities with fireworks and parades.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to the Hope for Survival trademark and website. Three years, over 525 members and followers in 38 states, over 500 articles and newsletters, and so many new Patriot sisters and brothers who are friends for life. It has been an amazing journey to date. I think Festus and I are a bit grayer now and our spouses wonder how we can spend so many hours on the computer. I hope some of you can say you are better prepared today than when we started this journey. Thanks for your support along this journey.

It was an awesome week for HFS. Yes, I got to spend time with several HFS Patriots this week. So, you know on most accounts this is fantastic for me. The sister and brotherhood of likeminded Patriots is priceless to have and experience. The common bond can't be equaled.

I journeyed down to Fairview, NC to meet in a private setting with many likeminded Patriots to discuss preparedness and the world today. I want to give a big shout out to the host of the home for their willingness to host the event and the POC who connected with me to make it happen. It was a wonderful day with great discussions. The level of love for our country and concern to the path we are headed was very high. This seems to be a common theme from state to state and along each stop I make. Citizens just want to live life and be left alone and a corrupt system wants to prevent this from continuing.

One of the wonderful sister Patriots attending the event also owns and manages Cane Creek Asparagus and Company in the area who offers seasonal gourmet vegetables. If you get a chance, check out her website at: Cane Creek Asparagus & Company CSA – Seasonal Gourmet Vegetables ( Here is a brief description: " Cane Creek Asparagus & Company is a small family farm located east of Asheville, North Carolina in Buncombe County. We direct market local, sustainably grown seasonal gourmet vegetables through CSA in Asheville and the surrounding area. Our CSA Members are our only customers! Robert & I have over twenty years experience in filling weekly CSA Boxes with seasonal gourmet vegetables grown on our family farm for family tables all over Buncombe and Henderson Counties."

I look forward to future opportunities to journey back to Fairview to spend time with these great Americans. If you live near the Asheville, NC area and have never journeyed over to Fairview, take the time to do so. You will find a lot of beautiful landscape and farms during your journey.

This is one of my favorite parts of doing HFS because it allows me to drive the backroads of America and meet great citizens and the place they call home.

Ms. Lucy and I attended our local Bible study this week which included several HFS members so we got to communicate some during the evening as well as learn from the Patriot who headed up the class. It was a great evening together to learn and discuss scripture along with where we are today in life.

When this newsletter post for your viewing I will be in Huntsville, AL meeting with the HFS HSV Group on Friday evening. I look forward to spending time together to share some pizza and discuss their preparedness efforts, concerns, and also share some HFS news with them.

Before moving along, I want to give a shout out to a Patriot brother who has been struggling with health issues for a while now and was just released from the hospital. He is a warrior amongst warriors who loves this great nation. Brother, I know you have the heart of a lion and being down physically is hard for you. Your HFS sisters and brothers continue praying for you and wishing you to get answers and a speedy recovery soon. Keep the faith and know we love you and Ms. T much..

Okay, let us move along.

Thursday Zoom Rallies – There was no zoom rally this week. The next HFS Thursday Zoom Rally will return on April 14, 2022. Hope you can make it out to join the HFS family.