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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #158

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #158. Thanks for stopping by to spend a few minutes with us. We hope you enjoyed a blessed week. Hard to believe April is halfway passed and May is quickly approaching. Soon gardens will be growing, kids out of school, and vacations maybe started. We see a day of sunshine and a day of ice pellets and snow in many regions. Through the transition each day, power goes on and off, heavy rain creates flooding, high winds may damage property or downed trees along a highway or expand localized brush fires into extreme hazardous conditions. Have you given thought to how these events of mother nature could impact your way of life?

It was another week of troubling news around the world and our great nation. Conflict, wars, and strife continue in Ukraine, the Middle East and the Pacific region. Nationally we learned the current rate of inflation passed 8 % with no signs of relief in sight. Yet, many continue on their happy way with no apparent concern of food and fuel cost to their family. Shortages are becoming more apparent in fertilizers, wheat and corn. Is it possible some folks are so detached they believe grocery chains pull as much as they want out of the back of a semi-truck with endless supplies?

It was another awesome week in HFS land. What a great week. There is something about being with Patriots that makes my day. I had a quick trip of 550 miles to Huntsville, AL last Friday for some daytime work and then a great meeting with the HFS Huntsville group. We had pizza and other goodies available while chatting on preparedness topics and then covering the upcoming HFS Alerting System. I then posed the question to the group, "what are you searching for?" So many preparers continue burning hours each day searching for answer to what is coming instead of building plans to be better prepared. I conducted a poll of 30 attendees by asking who in the group had documented a single plan for their preparedness package and three preparers raised a hand. If the leader of a family or group dies, how will the next person up continue to manage operations in a community or family if nothing is in writing? It was great to see my Alabama preparedness family again. I was able to get a few minutes of private time with our Patriot brother, Alabama Rebel, who is battling some major health issues. I spent extra time with the HFS Group leader after the event and on Saturday morning before departing for the Cumberland Plateau to visit the Crossville, TN group. I appreciate the hospitality of the HSV Group leader very much.

The visit to Crossville, TN was short but productive. Over lunch we had a great discussion on preparedness and possible changes to the current U.S. monetary system rumored to be starting soon. What should we do with our current investments and savings was the theme? We also discussed the emergent need for building the localized P.A.C.E plan for communicating during emergencies. When one doesn't have all the answers it is hard to prepare for the unknown. I appreciate Festus and the Crossville, TN team taking time out of their afternoon to spend visiting with me.

As much as I enjoy visiting all the regions and groups, time is never our friend because it passes quickly and then I must journey on home or the next stop.

We will celebrate Easter this weekend, so I hope each of you gets time to stop and reflect on the meaning of Easter. It is a day of celebration for our saviors rising from the tomb.

Okay, let us move along.

Thursday Zoom Rallies – HFS Zoom Rally #86 was conducted this week with a group exercise on setting up a Bug-Out location and identifying plans, positions, and resources required for immediate and short-term needs. The attendees worked as a group to establish a community for sustained survivability. The next HFS Thursday Zoom Rally will be conducted on April 28, 2022. Hope you can make it out to join the HFS family.

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