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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #171

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #171. Good to have you with us. We hope you are healthy, blessed, and doing great. HFS appreciates you and your time. If you are new to the weekly PENL, I must warn you, we like biscuits and gravy, fig jam, and smoked pork, around this place. I know, I know, I didn't mention fruit or yogurt. Growing up in the hills, coal fields, and farms, of WV, eating healthy meant eating either fried spam or some salt cured ham on payday. Good stuff. Have you ever tried sausage gravy over grilled hotdogs? I think the term the locals used to say was "hog heaven."

It was another blessed week here at Hope for Survival. We had four straight nights and a full day of rain here in our East TN town. I'm sure a cousin would say "it enough to make ya dance naked in the yard" Yes, it was very comparable. Praise God for all the rain. We certainly needed it. Meteorologist must be squirming in their seats now. The month of June forecast was "its going to be hot and dry today" and now we have showers, spotted showers, hot, humid, rain, some rain, heavy rain....." The meteorologist I work with in my day job says the worst part of the job is weather forecasting. I think the comparable point here with HFS is coming here week after week to tell you the truth about more bad news to forecast ahead. The world, like the weather, is hot and folks better pay attention and plan accordingly for what is ahead.

Ms. Lucy made it home from her week away with kids and grandkids enjoying the gulf coast of Florida. Friday I was hoping to fit in a quick trip down to Carolina Readiness: A Preparedness & Survival Store in Waynesville, NC to see two of my favorite Patriots. I wasn't able to pull it off because I had a quick trip to Virginia to work on dad's post-death paperwork. You know what happens when I drive, right? Hours to think and think and think. What if? How come? What's the plan? What's the backup plan? If all fails, then what? I made it home late Saturday evening and was able make it out Sunday morning to support one of our Patriot brothers delivering the sermon at his church. It was an honor to be in the congregation to support and listen to his message that focused on "Love" as spoken in Romans 12, verses 9 - 21. Good stuff. Proud of you, brother.

Through all the local, national, and global events daily, life must go on and we must continue preparing and building our plans on how to deal with things going forward. Your spiritual health and wellbeing are equally important. Trends and statistics point out many folks are not paying attention. However, through conversing with other podcasters in different regions it appears more people are catching on at the local level. For those still unsure or holding off stocking food, this will likely mean more competitors shopping for the same resources which could leave those riding the fence empty handed. For our nation to survive, we must break the mold of cultism and people must find their way through the doors of a good God-fearing church where scripture is taught and understood, and pastors don't fear hurting the feelings of the flock. We are a better nation when we are a moral nation. Statistics prove it. Chaos ensues when citizens are grounded in cult like followings of non-Biblical organizations. We must be proactive and not reactive in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Not through anarchy or destruction but through unity and standing as one for what is right for, we the people. Proactive means doing our homework and knowing the plan coming before it lands. We can be reactive and stand in a single file line to be distributed our food off the back of a truck or be proactive, shoulder to shoulder as one to say, not on our watch.

Okay, let us move along.

Huntsville, AL Visit - I will be visiting Huntsville, AL and stopping by Logans Roadhouse at 6226 University DR. NW, Monday, July 25th, 2022, at 530 pm CST. It is near a Wal Mart and across the highway from a Target Super Center. Don't confuse it with Texas Roadhouse. If you are free and want to stop by to chat preparedness, come join us. I will reserve the backroom to afford us more privacy. Hope you can make it out. It's always good to get back to Huntsville and see HFS family. Steaks. Ribs. Spirits. Logan's Roadhouse (

Thursday Zoom Special Event – The HFS Zoom Special Event was conducted July 14, 2022. It was my honor and pleasure to have a brother in Christ and Patriot as a guest with Mr. John Dyslin, author of Nehemiah Strong - Life-Sustaining Essentials for a Season of Trial. I want to pass along a big thank you to John for his time and willingness to join the HFS family for the evening. It was a great discussion with information sharing on John's new book. It could be best described as a battle book for Christian Patriots in the world we live today. Attendees also got to meet John's friend from Australia who took part in the evening and provided a wealth of information. Thanks to both John and his friend. It was a blessed evening.

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We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding....Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site is not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Occasionally I use words only Patriots recognize and understand. It's not personal against any non-Patriot. It's just the truth. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay. When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope.

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week - Relax. Pull up a chair and let me share some thoughts with you about my amazing week. If you see a typo or lost comma, forgive me but I'm focused more on telling you the truth.

Do you find it strange when you bring up preparedness or how upside down the world is today, and family or friends look at you like you are twisted, or something is wrong with you? And gosh help you if you even start talking about putting food back for a rainy day ahead. They may accept that boys can have babies and their kid Sally is now called her, or a kid's teacher is Mrs. Jones has a mustache, but you talking about the ship sinking and you are now out the door and off their reservation. To be friends you just can't go there. Ahhh, a friendship of selective conversation. It's like you must run a checklist of rules before going to visit different friends or family members.

Maybe you never gardened previously and now you are gardening and canning like your grandparents or great grandparents. People know you as the manicure princess and now to know you get your hands dirty is just short of creating a crisis. Remember, you are the one seeing the world differently from those cruising through the world with no recognition of all the insanity occurring around us. They live in the insanity and then refuse to accept it as real.

So many things in our world I just don't understand, but that's just me. I have grown to question most things around me. Some I share and others I put back on the shelf to a later date. I have wondered within my own brain how so many people never question what is right and wrong, or laws we live under that never gets an extra blink. It "just is" because the government said it and therefore it must be correct. Be very careful or you will soon find yourself within the fine lines of a system collapsing around you. You will be called guilty according to the words in small print. Just a thought, but the difference today in why I question everything is likely because my lack of trust in authorities and a system I once agreed to die for over a 20 year period.

Reasoning, perspective, and personal feelings aside, tell me something, why is it okay for a pregnant mother to legally abort an unplanned or unwanted child? She has the abortion and if things go according to the planned procedures, she goes on her way. The law was written to allow her to have full choice and decision making over her body. We had pro-life vs pro-choice before the recent Supreme Court decision. If this was the law (prior to a recent Supreme Court decision) and a sane person can choose to kill an unborn child, then why does the law declare a person who attempts to commit suicide as a threat to their own body and potentially others? Insane is often the word used at the time of the act. The person is often committed for psychological treatment short term or long term. So, it is legal to take an unborn humans' life but illegal to take your own life. A person can be terminally ill and not allowed to terminate their own life when already terminal, yet a mother can terminate her unborn child. As a psychology major, I was always told it is a fine line between sane and insane. Today I ask, is the person involved insane or the ones making these laws?

What does this have to do with preparedness? These are the people who will be walking the streets and communities who are likely unprepared and knocking on your door. When you look out the window to see who is knocking, will you be able to tell the difference between the sane and insane? Or, when you are building your community preparedness group and start vetting potential team members, will you know how to process and recognize the difference? Remember, you are likely vetting members to have close proximity to your family. Give that some thought.

This may seem trivial and cold hearted but remember, who are you willing to trust enough to give close proximity to your family? At this point we are beyond the "feelings" stage and now getting down to cut and dry stage. It could be you having to make these decisions. You may be stuck with a situation that says, "great guy and friend, trustworthy, and very dependable, but.... lacks skills and has physical limitations and has struggled since losing his/her spouse or any other personal reason." Let them in or not?

Why does a legal system at the federal level have ample evidence to investigate the son of the President yet opts to not do so? Instead, they focus on citizens who expressed their 1st Amendment Rights on Jan 6, 2020, and are being held without due process, a speedy trial or proper legal representation. How can a government sale oil reserves to a nation who our top intelligence service says is the biggest threat to our nation and allow the same son to profit off the oil reserve sales? If you oppose the ideology of the existing administration, you are now subject to becoming a target and further intimidation and prosecution. This is not just a national security issue; it is a global security issue. Don't know what I am talking about? Start by identifying who is Peter Henderson. Tell me, why did Hunter Biden document and/or video tape most of his actions and conversations?

Think about this, the two major countries in the news during the past two years, China and Ukraine, are also two of the major countries Hunter Biden is connected to through his own tapes, documentation, and messages uncovered. Can you say blackmail? If you flipped a coin 100 times, you are likely to get roughly 50 heads and 50 tails. Starting with Afghanistan, why has nearly 100% of decisions and actions coming out of our government been wrong? How can everything go so wrong if not on purpose or someone is being blackmailed? At some point coincidences run out. We are supposed to be the greatest nation with the greatest capabilities on this earth and we still aren't told who is at fault in the Corona Virus/Covid-19 fiasco. Even the Carter Administration couldn't fail at so many policies or decisions in a row.

Ask yourself, why are so many former voices, podcasters, and talk show host who formally spoke mainstream news and strictly political topics, coming out and voicing anger towards the injustices taking place against citizens? Have you noticed how many voices who are now offering survival food buckets for sale through their platform? Yet, viewers and readers continue asleep. The system around us is collapsing on multiple levels. Move along. While many of our citizens are being evicted from homes or having utilities turned off for failure to pay, our government tells us to prepare for blackouts. A few months ago, the government told us FEMA is not capable of responding to major disasters in America. As several American communities are discovering from recent heavy rains creating washed out roads, bridges, and homes, we are on our own fellow Patriots. While the government is dishing out its daily dose of crazy, we the people are trying to figure out what comes next so we can prepare for impact.

You may be asking, "what should I do, what should I do?" Uhm, someone has to step up and be the leader, which means making decisions also. Some may not practice decision making without a spouse approval. Time may not afford you the luxury of waiting to speak to a spouse. You may have to decide on the spot, period. Your life, and the life of family members could depend on it. How many of you are now breaking out in a sweat because you are worried about making a decision? If this bothers you now, start practicing. Like we used to say in the military, "any decision is better than no decision in most cases."

This is part of the difference in being alone and having to plan and react as a single household vs having a community team set up in a five-mile radius. Oh, I know, here I go again on the five-mile radius stuff. Uhm, it's because it is important and should be to you as well. I know, it's not easy and it takes work. Heck, it may even take being creative and forming an adjusted version of a community team because you are rural. HFS has community team leaders in six states right now and several are reporting the same issue to me. Those who are aware of what is going on and claim to be preparing are simply not aggressive and doing something about the problems. Excuse after excuse will get nothing done. Then I hear, "what should I be doing about it." Many go to meeting after meeting and hear it over and over, yet the only result they have for their time are pages of notes. More meetings, no results or actions. The world is on fire, the system is collapsing, crime is up, trucks are running with half loads of goods, and some can only offer pages of notes. I understand many have not ever experienced or lived through these conditions before.

Imagine, you are going it alone and put aside any thoughts of a community team. You are three to six months into a collapse of some nature and its impact on your local community is growing painful. Crime, inflation, deliveries, homelessness, unemployment, and closed local businesses continue to spiral. No income, no deliveries, no shopping, no taxes, no basic sanitation for garbage pickup, town water and sewage, police and fire forces are cut and nearly depleted. You are on your own now. Okay, you are rural and with a well and septic tank. Good start. This is a plus for you.

It never fails, when what is provided starts to dwindle or stop, someone else is always looking for the opportunity to step up and take over. In many cases this is corruption and control of the system and people. Revenge time. Someone is always looking to be the big man on the block and control others.

As the system collapsed, the 18 wheelers stopped moving goods from regional or local warehouses to the stores for you to purchase. When negative forces realize there is no Rule of Law in the area to prevent them from taking control of the system, they will do so. What was previously expensive is now triple the price. Are you ready? If you are unprepared and cannot control your own circumstances, you will soon give in to the evil forces controlling the system.

You are at home on any given day, and you hear a knock at your door. You aren't expecting company, especially since things collapsed. You see five armed men standing in your yard looking around at your property and home. Your fear factor just escalated, and your heart is pounding. What should you do? Oh, you now must decide quickly and make a decision. Not that word again. The leader of this small group smiles and yells through the door, "open the door or I will open it for you." Terrified you willingly grab the handle and pull the door open. You just submitted and lost control of the situation. In the coming 15 minutes you are told what you are going to do and when you will do it. Because you are on your own and unable to make a decision you willingly walked into the plan that was made for you. You will till a garden and plant food. Half of your reward for hard work will be handed over weekly to your new friends named Blackmail, Intimidator, and their friend's named Thug. Thief, and Loser. Not only will you pay a ransom of your fresh garden vegetables, but you will also provide a weekly report on your neighbors and who has food stored, you are now a neighborhood narc. As part of your new friendship plan, you will also be transported to a local area to work a community garden, or warehouse duties, where hijacked trucks and family confiscated goods is being kept by your new friends. Control is the key, and you are under the control of your new friends. I hear a few voices saying over my dead body, I will shoot them. Well, when you end up dead and your loved ones are left behind, wouldn't you believe it was cowardly of you to bail out on your family? Your new friends will happily take care of them.

Think this sounds crazy and far-fetched? Do your homework and look at how history repeats itself. Bosnia, Kosovo, regions of Africa, Venezuela, Brazil, Honduras, Columbia, Argentina, Mexico, and others. This will never happen in America; do you truly believe this? Just ask what takes place in the inner cities today? Elderly citizens are terrified to walk to the store because of controlling drug lords who roam the streets robbing and abusing them, and in some cases taking over their homes as drug hubs. People are dependent upon others to make decisions, control the narrative, and decide what is best. When it is gone, people will be lost and unable to think on their feet and make decisions to adapt, adjust, and overcome the situation. Will you be one of these people? I'm not trying to scare you or tell you some wild crazy story. I'm trying to wake you up and get you thinking and making decisions for yourself. I have spent time on the ground in these third world nations where these things took place quickly as the systems people lived by started failing. Heck, in some cases the authorities took part in the corruption to subdue the citizens. These same authorities will surround their family with corrupt people for protection and power. Most corrupt leaders are cowards and must be surrounded by many for protection against the people they are being corrupt with. How does a few control so many? Typically when things are bad and headed for terrible.

Recent reports show inflation levels at 9% which likely means 17% to 20% inflation because what is reported is typically half the reality of the situation. Less than 18% of eligible voters believe the current President should run for reelection. The controlling political party controls the numbers released. Federal, state, and local governments moved to cut millions of dollars from the local police forces. Less protection, more corruption and crime. Just look at crime rates today in cities controlled by liberal leadership. That is not to take a shot at a political party. It simply shows liberal leaders and laws fail to control crime and enforce laws. It is by design. If you still do not believe it, just research the number of families fleeing these same liberal cities. Crime is up, illegal immigration is through the roof, family-owned businesses are failing, drug use is up, suicide is up, corruption is up, murder rates up, car jackings up, and all we hear is orange man bad. As the PENL has reported before, don't watch what they want you to see, watch and take note of what they are not telling you. Some see it and know it yet do nothing about it to protect their home and family. Sustainability to what once was is not possible on this current path. And, all the while, all we hear is we must take guns away from the people. Think about that for a minute. Why would a failing society be wanting to disarm the law-abiding side of society unless it is out of fear or for its own survival against the Constitution loving Patriots ready to defend and save the nation?

While the federal government focuses on the Jan 6 hearings, and the military focuses on equality for transgender troops, the nation focuses on how to buy gas, food, prescriptions, or pay the rent. Reports are surfacing almost daily this week of Russia warning the United States to back off or else face war. Saudi Arabia is weening off the Petro Dollar and China banks appear near the brink of collapse. American CEOs from banking and Industry are warning Americans to stock food while you can and grab some cash to keep at home if you can. Are you listening? Are you watching? What are you doing about it? As my old boss Jack used to tell us when things got rough, "it's not business as usual." Indeed, it is not.

With all of this stated, can you understand now why establishing your community team and establishing your five-mile radius is so important? It will be so much easier to stand your ground and just say no when you have supporting elements of likeminded Patriot people around you. That gang I spoke of previously, when you have an established perimeter with security mechanisms in place, these threats will not show up at your door unless your clearing process was poorly conducted or else you have been infiltrated. While the regular system collapses and fails you, you should be building a makeshift system to protect and replace the previous system around you. The five-mile radius theory is controlling the elements of who can get inside to your doorstep. You keep what you grow unless you have setup a system by choice and not by intimidating strangers from outside your controlled barriers in place. It is an expanded version of neighborhood watch with controlling mechanisms. What you set up and establish within your five-mile radius is up to you and your community. This is why it is so important to do your homework now and know who and what exists within your community of neighbors. They will still be your neighbors through a failed system or an established community under the new format. It is as simple as establishing controls now or else be controlled by unchosen authority later. Oh, don't forget to build your family communication plan also. What? Yea, it's one of the plans I have been talking about the past couple years. Remember, you could call 911 but it will likely be down, or no one is around to respond. I guess if all goes to the crapper, and you are feeling down and defeated you could always play the theme song to the movie Ghostbusters. Just kidding......

Let me leave you with this point. Things are not going back to what used to be normal. It is not ever happening. Are you willing to accept today as normal and tomorrow as normal and just float into the new norm shrugging your shoulders or are you willing to take a stand to draw a line? Remember, men can't get pregnant and to this point you have accepted it because you have yet to draw your line in the sand and say enough is enough. No, you probably do not fear what you are seeing, but to do nothing is to let these man-ginas destroy our country. Don't worry about offending them because they already offended you.

Next ...

Bugs - Depending on where you live you probably have noticed the little critters are out and it doesn't matter if you are hanging out on your porch, walking through the yard, working in your garden, or just hanging by the fence chatting, the little leg biters are out and in full force it. They will find you regardless of location. Big ones, little ones, some are teefless, and others seem to have extra chompers. It never fails. We have some spray and cream to help with the little pest. If you are looking for a way to help prevent nagging bites check out the chart below. Hopefully it will help you out.

Next ....

Let us play a game. We often hear elections have consequences and they do. It could be said the price of freedom has consequences also. We know it's not free and many great Americans paid the ultimate price for our nation's freedoms. Let us play the "imagine" game at this point. Is it possible, former elected officials and/or designees abused our understanding of freedom and took away our rights under the guise of freedom? Remember the famous Patriot Act of 2001 that was used to protect us from Islamic Terrorism under President Bush? Remember all the time and work his Vice President Dick Cheney put into the Patriot Act? Remember our Congress and Senate showing their bravery to the nation by going to the steps of the Capitol Building and singing patriotic songs? Remember that? I reached down and took another gulp of Kool-Aid before standing up and singing with them through my television. Ahhh, it was a "here kitty, kitty, kitty" moment indeed.

Just in the last 25 years we have experienced at least three disasters on America soil that brought fear, panic, and the government riding in on its white stallion. As President Reagan used to say, "the nine scariest words anyone can hear" is "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Hurricane Katrina was terrible and the nation, especially in the south, suffered for months and for some, years. A massive natural disaster indeed. Later we heard the famous words of former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel? "Never let a disaster go to waste. Yea, I believe it would be fair to say this was common practice across the board, Democrat or Republican.

From Sept 1, 2001, or 911 through Coronavirus Covid-19 it appears our national safety belt to protect us included a noose tightening around our foundational freedoms provided by God and our forefathers in the Constitution of the United States. Yea, that dumb old piece of paper many elected officials believe is outdated and should be replaced. It is easy for the minority of people to control and move the masses of 250 million where the minority wants them when convincing them the moves of the minority is for protecting the good of the majority. Never forget this point. Tell me something, how can these electees truly be representatives of the United States of America if their swearing in is proven to be against the foundation of the nation they have agreed to support and defend.

I have said it before and will say it again, in most cases there is no difference between a Democrat and Republican. Disagree? Sure, they sing the same song in different keys but when the concert is over, they rally around the same table to laugh, joke, and tip back a few cold ones. Sure, we have a few who rise to the top to point out things we should know. But the bottom line is we have a 30 plus trillion-dollar debt, a failing economy, military, infrastructure, society, justice system, and more. Trump was a speed bump that didn't fit the big agenda of the elite who now wish to ensure he never holds office again. Why? Because he is a threat to the big agenda. The global reset and likely a single monetary system of one single digital currency is the goal and Trump went against it. Do you honestly believe the Jan 6 hearings are about a few unknown Patriots who went to DC to support Trump? It does send a message to other Patriots to think twice about going to DC for anything political. But the ultimate goal is Trump. The Jan 6 hearings committee must ensure the hearings reach a documented conclusion Jan 6 was orange man's fault and he must be banned and barred from ever running for President again.

Now, we can say this or that and reach the same conclusion. Republican (by title) Liz Cheney was not a friend to Donald Trump nor is she now. Oh, nor is her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney. Is it a coincidence that the Jan 6 Hearings Committee and Liz Cheney would be using 100% of the Patriot Act from 2001 for the legal justifications going forward in the Jan 6 hearings? Remember back in 2001 when the government told us, "You are going to have to give up some of your domestic rights and freedoms to help us focus and catch Islamic terrorist here in America who wants to hurt you." Interestingly, the federal government already had its eyes on conservative Patriot Christian veterans at this point. The Democrats said it openly and the Conservatives hid it under gentler titles. The same Patriot Act that was to protect the citizens of this great nation from Islamic terrorist is now being used against citizens of this great nation who are now titled domestic terrorist under the current administration's ideology. Criminals should be charged as criminals, but citizens should also be protected from international as well as domestic threats by the government. It is the number one responsibility of the federal government under the Constitution of the United States. Citizens who hold opposition to the reigning political party are being locked up for expressing their 1st Amendment Right while non-citizens are storming across our southern border by the thousands with no opposition from the government. Yet, many citizens are shrugging a shoulder and turning a blind eye because it doesn't apply to them.

It is hard enough to watch and prepare for everything going on around the nation and many must be cautious to what they say, write, or post regarding their opposition to current affairs. Remember, when citizens start getting hungry to the point of watching their family starving, they will start squawking like chickens to authorities. More threats against you and more food for your squawking hungry neighbors, friends, or family. Again, this is where the community team and five-mile radius are so important to help defend and protect you. When it comes to a drink of clean water and/or a meal, people will blab like a running faucet. I witnessed these actions in Eastern Europe throughout Bosnia, Kosovo, as well as in regions of Africa. You can also research the fall of Argentina and Venezuela to verify what I am saying.

Let me ask you, what does this great nation we call America mean to you and what price are you willing to pay to stand up for her? You need to immediately meet your county Sherriff. You need to pick your target(s) locally and start learning, researching, and then moving out to take back your local school board, town council, and any other local organizations taking your community down the wrong path. The reversal of our current direction must be completed from the ground up because Washington D.C. is corrupt and broken. Ask yourself, can you really complain if you aren't trying to participate in change? You decide. This is a war of good vs evil and we, as individuals, must decide which side we represent and go forth.

And that's our thoughts for the week....

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6. From Carol DeSarkissian - Health and Beauty - Health and Beauty Uses for Baking Soda ( - This is great information. Baking soda is inexpensive and small enough to store in bulk. Check this information out. (Thanks to our Patriot sister from East TN for this information)

Other News -

1. John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - The Rutherford Institute :: Supreme Court Affirms Second Amendment Right of Self-Protection in Public |- Excellent read. A 6-3 vote affirms the right of self-protection.

2. From NC Scout - American Partisan - Hunter Biden Story - Weapon Sales to Africa, Chinese Intel, $1M Retainer - American Partisan - Anytime I come across information pertaining to Hunter Biden and the regime I must put duct tape across my lips to avoid getting myself in trouble. It is NOT beyond the mental capacity of a pee ant to why this continues being ignored. Corruption, selling weapons and drugs, pedophilia, prostitution, possible blackmail, and working for foreign governments and known enemies to the United States of America. One must ask, why is a single human above the law that represents the nations justice system? Not to mention, HB writes down or videos almost everything (crazy) and provides proof of the corruption and yet, crickets.

3. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - Sri Lanka’s Economy Completely Collapsed | Armstrong Economics - Are you paying attention to what is occurring around the world? Japan, Brazil, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom....who is next? Assassinations, overthrows, resignations, and departures.

4. From Brandon Smith - Alt-Market Right - America Has Been Flirting With Leftist Disaster - It's Time To Stop Compromising - - Agree? Disagree? I'm waiting on the compromising solution to see how many eggs, kids, and nuggets we end up having to pay for the compromise because we have yet to learn our lesson when dealing with the left. While they keep us bent over the barrel, we refuse to stand up and tell them no more. We would rather ask them to put a cushion over the barrel, so the barrel won't hurt our stomach while bent over it. I still continue in amazement to how many likeminded friends fail to see it.

5. From Patrick Byrne - Deep Capture - DHS Issues Report: “Patrick Byrne was right again. Again.” – Deep Capture - What good is filling the bucket with water if a big hole exist in the bottom? Why continue having elections when the system is flawed with vulnerable voting machines? Wait.....I bet a new system will come on line soon that will save the nation. We will then find out Hunter has large investments in the company. I feel better already.

Drum roll...........

That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. We pray for good health and wisdom. Please pray for our leadership to find answers and guidance to the problems facing our great nation. May your faith remain strong and answers to the unknown provided. God is good and may our prayers blanket and protect you and your circumstances. I pray for each, and every one of our Patriots.

Please pray for our HFS family. We have numerous prayer needs from state to state. I'm sure folks would appreciate it much. Several are recovering from another variant of Covid-19 and another Patriot sister is going through full blown shingles. A few others are going through different health related issues. We all need prayer regardless of circumstances.

May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world. We must continually pray for the unsaved, our family and friends who live each day without the protection for eternal life and salvation.

As Patriots we must stay strong and never give up. Our home, community, and nation need us now more than ever. Stay focused on your local community and things that will impact you around the nation. Don't allow the events around you to create fear in your life. Build your own self-reliance and focus on faith and hope. Remember we are a blessed nation, and we must continue to be great people today and make a better tomorrow. Keep charging.


Bravo Echo Out,

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