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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #171

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #171. Good to have you with us. We hope you are healthy, blessed, and doing great. HFS appreciates you and your time. If you are new to the weekly PENL, I must warn you, we like biscuits and gravy, fig jam, and smoked pork, around this place. I know, I know, I didn't mention fruit or yogurt. Growing up in the hills, coal fields, and farms, of WV, eating healthy meant eating either fried spam or some salt cured ham on payday. Good stuff. Have you ever tried sausage gravy over grilled hotdogs? I think the term the locals used to say was "hog heaven."

It was another blessed week here at Hope for Survival. We had four straight nights and a full day of rain here in our East TN town. I'm sure a cousin would say "it enough to make ya dance naked in the yard" Yes, it was very comparable. Praise God for all the rain. We certainly needed it. Meteorologist must be squirming in their seats now. The month of June forecast was "its going to be hot and dry today" and now we have showers, spotted showers, hot, humid, rain, some rain, heavy rain....." The meteorologist I work with in my day job says the worst part of the job is weather forecasting. I think the comparable point here with HFS is coming here week after week to tell you the truth about more bad news to forecast ahead. The world, like the weather, is hot and folks better pay attention and plan accordingly for what is ahead.

Ms. Lucy made it home from her week away with kids and grandkids enjoying the gulf coast of Florida. Friday I was hoping to fit in a quick trip down to Carolina Readiness: A Preparedness & Survival Store in Waynesville, NC to see two of my favorite Patriots. I wasn't able to pull it off because I had a quick trip to Virginia to work on dad's post-death paperwork. You know what happens when I drive, right? Hours to think and think and think. What if? How come? What's the plan? What's the backup plan? If all fails, then what? I made it home late Saturday evening and was able make it out Sunday morning to support one of our Patriot brothers delivering the sermon at his church. It was an honor to be in the congregation to support and listen to his message that focused on "Love" as spoken in Romans 12, verses 9 - 21. Good stuff. Proud of you, brother.

Through all the local, national, and global events daily, life must go on and we must continue preparing and building our plans on how to deal with things going forward. Your spiritual health and wellbeing are equally important. Trends and statistics point out many folks are not paying attention. However, through conversing with other podcasters in different regions it appears more people are catching on at the local level. For those still unsure or holding off stocking food, this will likely mean more competitors shopping for the same resources which could leave those riding the fence empty handed. For our nation to survive, we must break the mold of cultism and people must find their way through the doors of a good God-fearing church where scripture is taught and understood, and pastors don't fear hurting the feelings of the flock. We are a better nation when we are a moral nation. Statistics prove it. Chaos ensues when citizens are grounded in cult like followings of non-Biblical organizations. We must be proactive and not reactive in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Not through anarchy or destruction but through unity and standing as one for what is right for, we the people. Proactive means doing our homework and knowing the plan coming before it lands. We can be reactive and stand in a single file line to be distributed our food off the back of a truck or be proactive, shoulder to shoulder as one to say, not on our watch.

Okay, let us move along.

Huntsville, AL Visit - I will be visiting Huntsville, AL and stopping by Logans Roadhouse at 6226 University DR. NW, Monday, July 25th, 2022, at 530 pm CST. It is near a Wal Mart and across the highway from a Target Super Center. Don't confuse it with Texas Roadhouse. If you are free and want to stop by to chat preparedness, come join us. I will reserve the backroom to afford us more privacy. Hope you can make it out. It's always good to get back to Huntsville and see HFS family. Steaks. Ribs. Spirits. Logan's Roadhouse (

Thursday Zoom Special Event – The HFS Zoom Special Event was conducted July 14, 2022. It was my honor and pleasure to have a brother in Christ and Patriot as a guest with Mr. John Dyslin, author of Nehemiah Strong - Life-Sustaining Essentials for a Season of Trial. I want to pass along a big thank you to John for his time and willingness to join the HFS family for the evening. It was a great discussion with information sharing on John's new book. It could be best described as a battle book for Christian Patriots in the world we live today. Attendees also got to meet John's friend from Australia who took part in the evening and provided a wealth of information. Thanks to both John and his friend. It was a blessed evening.