Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #174

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #174. Welcome to August 2022. As we enter a new month the news continues to degrade. Even with all the negative stories around us, we must always keep our hope and faith high and on target. Thank you for being with us to check out the newsletter for this week.

Before I start down the path for this week's newsletter, I want to wish my brother from another mother, Festus, a very blessed and healthy birthday #xx. We have been together many years going down this preparedness journey and through all the ups and downs of the problems around us, we are still getting it done. Thanks for the brotherhood, friendship, and blessing you have been to my life. I wish you many more years of good health. God bless you always.

Ms. Lucy had to go out of town for two days and when Ms. Lucy is away, Charlie Brown goes into action. I'm just glad she hasn't figured out to take the canner with her. I would be lost. Ha. Canning for the future is comforting and enjoyable. Beets, pickles, potatoes, potatoes and carrots, and salsa canned. Pears on deck.

I would like to thank the two HFS Patriots who rallied to support another HFS Patriot relocating to their location. Thanks for taking time out of your day to help unload our brother's truck. I know it was appreciated much. The challenge to stand for one another and support another brother or sisters needs remains constant. We never know when it may one of us who needs the helping hand. Keep that in mind always.


Kentucky Disaster Relief -

Ms. Lucy and I, as well as HFS, will be making monetary and resource donations to the Kentucky Relief efforts. We will be providing our donations directly to our church in Kodak, TN. A truck went out this morning (Tuesday) headed that way with nothing but water. The folks have been surviving on donated water for six days. Additional trucks will be headed that way shortly. The region we live in East TN has numerous former Kentuckians and many are from the flooded region. The stories and pictures of the devastation is terrible to put it mildly. Last count showed 37 lives lost, hundreds of homes gone, businesses wiped out, and schools destroyed and unrecoverable. School starts soon and the children currently do not have a gathering place.

Resources we will collect as available with limited store resources are:

- Water

- Bleach

- Non-Perishable Food

- Hygiene products

- Baby wipes and diapers

We are thankful all our HFS family in Kentucky are safe and accounted for through different messaging services we use.

I want to give a shout out to our HFS Brother and my BIL in Central WV for setting up a collection point and then taking loads of resources to the impacted areas in KY. He ran a collection point in 2016 when much of WV was impacted and destroyed by a 1000-year flood. I will be doing a YouTube interview with him later this evening to talk about what he went through running a collection point in 2016 and why our efforts outside the disaster zone are so important to help those in need. I will have it posted later tonight.

To many it is a disaster on the television, internet, and videos. Until you have lived through it or went forward to work a disaster zone and see the tears of fear and loss and then the smiles when giving a single bottle of water, you just don't know the importance of these relief efforts. When you see a young child with hair matted with dried dirt for days, it will become a memory for life. Disaster happen and people suffer. The important part is how we provide rescue and support as quickly as possible. One of the greatest feelings a human can experience is the feeling of reaching out and putting a smile on a stranger's face who has lost everything.

If you would like to make a contribution to the ongoing effort, please use the donate button on the webpage and make sure you identify what the donation is for. Kentucky Relief Efforts. I will consolidate funding and donate 100% in your name and location. You can follow this link to donate. Donate (

If you would prefer, you can mail a check to me made out to HFS and I will deposit and convert it to the appropriate destination.

NOTE: THANK YOU to the HFS Zoom Patriots who donated overnight to this cause. Bless you for your kindness.

Okay, let us move along.

HFS Thursday Zoom #93 – HFS Zoom Rally 93 was conducted on Aug 4, 2022. The group heard presentations on different preparedness platforms, programs, and ongoing problems we face each day. Thanks to everyone who attended and supported the zoom rally.

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We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding....Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site is not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Occasionally I use words only Patriots recognize and understand. It's not personal against any non-Patriot. It's just the truth. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay. When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope.

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week -

Reality - Over the past three weeks i have purposely bombarded the newsletter with thoughts on many of the things taking place around the nation. We face problems at every corner it seems. Problems impacting all of us, if we let them. We have faced problems most of our life. It's how we handle them that matters most. Are you tired of hearing it yet? I don't watch television, news, and have even stopped watching a lot of sports and I was a sport junky previously. I pumped worldly garbage and personal thoughts your way and well, some will be tired of it and others will come back for more. It's the world we live today. Many are addicted to psychological pain or psychological fuel to feed their adrenaline rush. In the special operations arena, a great leader used to always call it "garbage in, garbage out." Winning the minds of your targeted objective. Change the mind of the people around your objective and it helps to achieve the ultimate goal.

I still firmly believe the entire Q movement was a psychological operation to strangle hold the Patriots to be patient and stay on the porch like a good guard dog. I know, I know, go ahead and throw rocks at me. (smile) I caught a lot of flak over the past two years with this theory and I will go ahead and play my hand here. I hold four Aces and one King. Wacha got? During my eight years working in Special Operations as a security advisor, I worked in the world of psyops, counter psyops, and I fully understand it, when to play it, how to play it, and when to call it a victory. I know how it works to subdue the adversary. No harm, no foul. You get them on the hook and let them dangle around but you keep them on the hook.

The biggest fear of the world to attacking the United States has always been the Patriots of America and the 300 million firearms and nearly a billion rounds of ammunition. A majority of this movement was subdued by psychological operations. Think about it, how many national leaders got arrested and transported to GITMO, yet we would still see them on news clips in the US of A. Oh, that was a body double. Really? If senior military leadership didn't support Orange Man, do you honestly believe they would transport former election officials and heads of state figures for trial and termination? I'm not criticizing these folks; I'm simply trying help keep feet grounded to focus on the big picture.

The question remains, who conducted the psyops? While Orange man hurt feelings and spouted out his love for America, he was saying the things many of us share at home inside our doors. He laid it on the line when he could have been out playing golf and traveling around the world. He brought millions together under his "Make America Great Again" theme and yet while he is being destroyed, where are we today? I, for one, have questioned some of Orange Man's antics, but I also ask myself today, who stepped up to fill his void? Crickets.

Watching good people with good intent be psychologically drained day after day was hard but when they opted to believe the word of a stranger sucking the life out of their brain, even when being told what is going on, what can one do? We live through times where the media gets absolutely nothing right, yet they tell you white nationalist are the biggest threat to our nation. This is the same media who promotes and supports the rainbow jihad and attempts to convince the world a male can produce a baby and a woman, well, it changes daily. Just believe the science, right?

Now, don't go getting your bibbed overalls in a bungy twist in the following conversation. Some folks get all frazzled and turned upside down when i mention God or anything about God. Heck, I've had folks leave the HFS platform and not return because I refuse to stop talking about a great and forgiving God. I won't ask for forgiveness. Maybe, it would do some good to read what is shared. I'm trying to be merciful towards those who are being merciless. It's that simple. But let me move along.

I want to talk about a true reality. But first, let me say this. I have been participating in some outstanding chats with my HFS brother in Kentucky over the past few weeks about the world today, the Church, and intent of scripture. It has been very uplifting and much needed to keep focus and maintain direction going ahead. I would encourage you to find a battle buddy to have these chats with. I have a few of them. You know, the one is none, two is one, and three is better. Most of my battle buddies are brothers in Christ and likeminded in preparedness. I would bet Festus and I must have spent a thousand or more hours on this topic. Often during the latter portion of HFS Zoom sessions we have these same conversations on faith.

I have shared with you before how God will often put what He wants me to talk about in the PENL through thought, another Patriot sharing something with me, or an event through the week that gets my attention. This week, I heard an amazing sermon that my pen couldn't keep up with taking notes. Why did the message resonate to me? Because it was along the lines of a conversation, I had just had with someone else a few days before. I had pointed out to another person this topic as being a weakness that I am guilty of, and I also see it in other believers. As much as we try to be perfect, it's impossible, and we are and will be sinners always. One of the areas I'm weak and I often sin is the area I want to share with you below.

Now, you may not be a believer and that is a personal choice of your own. I love you just the same. But, I will ask you this, if you are seeing all the craziness around our nation and world, and the moral decay of humanity, why would you not open your mind to the chance of hope in a higher power and promise of eternal life? Hog wash. Really? Crazy talk, right? Well, prove me wrong.

I personally know a lot of people who once believed and possibly do still believe secretly, and they use the excuse of something in their past Christian life that took place in a church and now they refuse to go back. I call that a personal cop out and excuse. If one is saying it is the churches' fault over something a man/woman said or act they committed, then they had it all wrong from the start. The church is a building where likeminded believers gather to worship and also mentor the unsaved (simply put). Man is the sinner, not the church. The Temple is the heart and brain of the man/woman, not the church.

So, why not blame the man/woman and go direct to resolve the issue vs holding the entire church guilty? This is different from the many Christians who are gathering in homes to worship vs in a church. The reasoning is different, and this is more towards the direction of the pastor leading the church and the sellout of faith to the corporate world and sin. Often this falls in line with a church who applied for and accepted the Federal Governments 501C3 benefits. Let me tell you an inside secret. I have known folks in the past who refused to discuss their faith and simply would tell me they don't believe in it. Weeks or months later something threatening or stressful would happen to the person and they would ask me to pray for them. Hmmm. Pray to what? The same God that the person refused to talk about or the one they stated didn't exist. Interesting huh? Fear and the unknown will challenge one when they fear something could be ahead that they can't control. Yes, I would fear it as well when I remember the friend offered me another path and I chose the unknown path.

Let me start this next part out by saying no one is perfect. We are all sinners, no matter how wonderful we appear in the mirror. (smile) What is in our heart and mind is also sinful. No man is perfect. Good starting point? Can we all agree to this as believers and non-believers?

Often, we speak quickly and without hearing the ending of what is being said to us. Sometimes the person speaking may stand in amazement with a strange look as they listen to us ramble on answering the point and we didn't even hear the person out. It may be habit. It may be because we think we know the rest of the story. Bottom line is we didn't listen to the full story, and it truly disrespects the person who is speaking to us. Have you ever acted this way? I have.

I'm guilty and I know others who are guilty of not being merciful to others. We get fired up and throw verbal fireballs towards the left and the craziness they are rolling out and ramming down our throat. Right? Let me ask you this, can we be strong and hold the line and still be merciful to those attacking our faith and moral foundation? As sinners aren't we merciless towards others and being saved are we not forgiven? Isn't the same expected of us as we wish for others? Thats being merciful? Anyone who knew me prior to being saved and doing my best to live my life right, can attest that I am a changed person now. I know a few HFS sisters and brothers can vouch for my last statement. I take no credit for the change and credit God and all the awesome believers who mentored me over the years. I firmly believe God crosses our paths at specific times for reasons He may only know.

I want to discuss Matthew Chapter 5, Verse 5 - "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." Meek could be described as being like a horse. As described by our pastor on Sunday, have you ever noticed how a horse is calm but very strong. You can walk up and touch or pet the horse and the horse may sound off or turn its head towards you as you pet the neck. The horse typically remains calm throughout your visit. Then you saddle up and mount the horse. The horse responds to your commands. Running forward, turning left and right, or suddenly stopping. The horse is very meek. Not aggressive or doing its own thing. It listens and responds. Other times we respond like a firecracker, and we speak like a burning fuse and then "POW" we are finished. It's over. Instead, we need to be like an idling engine or the horse above. Running continuous with no engine revving or movement. This is when we are listening, thinking, being respectful, and deciding if a response is necessary.

Meekness means we get out of the way. Let me be clear, being meek is not being weak. In ways, meekness is strength under control. Another way of putting it is we live as merciful servants in a merciless world. We must remember, as a new Christian or a seasoned Christian, we always have room to grow. If we believe we have nothing else to learn or do as a Christian, we are missing the point. Sure, we get tired, and we get burned out. I bet if we conducted a word or topic search of the Bible, we would never find anything mentioning Jesus feeling tired or He had fulfilled His quest to spread the word. Imagine if Jesus stopped His journey and said He had filled his quota of people to save.

Serving and ministering to others is full time and there is no end zone or finish line until we earn our wings and fly away. Right? I have met and know wonderful people. Good Christian souls. But they express how tired they are and how they paid their dues. They taught in the kiddy class, and they took care of infants, and they worked Bible School and Camps for 30 years, and they this and they that. They never missed a Sunday morning or night and could also be found at the church on Wednesday night. Good stuff. You could always find them in the same row in the seats year after year. without realizing they occupied seats that should be used for the unsaved. Loyal and dedicated but too tired to teach or reach out to guide souls to Christ, any longer. Our jobs as Christian servants never ends. It is our duty to bring lost souls to Christ until we are called home. Regardless, we must remain meek in our approach and conversation with both the saved and unsaved.

We must ask ourselves, are we tailoring our life towards Gods word or are we tailoring Gods word to fit our life. Many churches are now a buffet of God's word with an attempt to not offend or hurt the feelings of worshippers each Sunday. If we proclaim to be Christian, do we live and practice Gods word daily through the week? We remember to eat as desired and not miss a meal yet profess our faith to be a first priority and forget this commitment often during the week. Sure, we need food to survive however we professed our need for Christ through our faith on Sunday and well, we leave Him at church on Sunday.

Living in a world full of corruption, crime, disobedience, and many other issues, we are afforded His word continuously yet so often get caught in the worldly filth and untruths forgetting His guidance and promises. Being saved is our blessing and remaining meek is our guidance through these troubling days now and going forward. We must not wonder through the earthly pits of evil opening our armor of faith for attacks. Always remember His word and scripture as we stay above the earthly decay. We must stay above it all and cross the bridge of faith and keep our armor strong. We are the light and salt of the earth. Keep the faith and your armor hardened. Never lose your hope. Link with a likeminded battle buddy and share your thoughts and concerns. A chain is stronger than a single link. But, for me, at the end of the day is boils down to my personal relationship with God.

When God speaks to us, are we meek or do we interrupt Him?

Next .....

Links to help you - Below are useful links I have saved and used over the years in different areas in my preparedness journey. When possible, please always buy local and support family-owned businesses. Please have a plan built and determine what you need and how much you need before bulk buying. Buy what you need and save what you want for later. There are many websites that can be used, and these are some of them. If you have additional quality sites, please email them and I will share with others in the next newsletter where I share links. Thanks

WARNING - I am not responsible to your spouse for running up your credit card while shopping below.

Food - Meat, Pork, Dry food, Bulk, dehydrated, freeze dried and other:

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