Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #178

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #178. Thanks for joining us as we roll into September. Another month down and we are closer to winter and 2023. We are always happy to have you join us. I don't know about any rumblings in your local area but in East TN the farmers are talking about an early and harsh winter ahead. The leaves are falling, and the mornings are much crisper with the feeling of autumn in the air. Are you ready? Have you started rotating your summer gear to winter gear in your ready bags in your vehicles? Check your fluids, spare tire, and cold weather kits in your automobile(s)?

As the world continues spinning out of control and people seem to be losing their collective smarts, many are seeing it happen yet ignoring what they see. They know it but ignore it to their own detriment. The stock market continues losing thousands in individual personal retirement accounts and future retirement plans. The sun is fussing and spewing like an out-of-control forest fire above our heads. Many preparers who know the true picture of what is going on remain on the pot and can't get off. They tell me what they want to do but I see know movement from them. The government tells us all is good yet the interest climbs, jobs are lost, and the overall opinion of the state of the nation slides lower. By the way, have you heard anything about the active shooter event in liberal Oregon recently? I didn't think so. A 20-year-old male entered a grocery market shooting and killing two.

The United States is suffering several major natural disastrous events, yet the government is silent. Drought, floods and fires continue. The need for organizational support across the nation to house and feed citizens increases yet I know of very few churches discussing or planning to feed the masses as events continue. With all these markers present before us individuals continue living in the future and burning valuable time today. Stop living in fear fellow Patriots and make the most of each day we are afforded from above.

While many are ignoring the warning signs in many different facets of life and needs, others are busting their behinds preparing. I want to give them a big shout out to commend their time and effort to prepare. From installing solar, to freeze drying, canning, and dehydrating food, Patriots are getting it done. Keep up the great work and stay focused on what is important. With some estimates are saying food will nearly triple in price in 2023, the stocked food will come in handy to offset rising cost. I'm just sharing things you see and not getting into the ongoing problem with child abduction and pedophilia, out of control drugs being carried across the border and drug addiction in America. Your preparedness is a personal insurance policy to your future.

Ms. Lucy and I had a wedding anniversary this week so amongst everything going on day to day we fit on some fun stuff in the surrounding area to get away from the rate race of life to enjoy some time together doing a weed walk to better learn medicinal plants with another HFS Patriot family in our area. We then grabbed a boat rental and spent some time on the water relaxing a bit. We then headed over to Abingdon, VA to take in a play at the Barter Theater and a bike ride on a trail in the area. It will be nice to get away from the world and negative news for a while. No one realizes the hours it takes to keep the website, the newsletter, Thursday Zoom group, HFS Signal Group rooms (4) operating, along with a day job, functioning. No complaints. My point is these are hours away from life with Ms. Lucy and over the past years she has accepted it and not complained at all. So, I'm pretty thankful for her support to continue forward.

We had the blessing of having three HFS Patriots from out of state visiting our local area over the weekend. This means a great time for fellowship with food, friends, and preparedness conversations in person. With the summer winding down folks are getting in last minute fishing and camping trips so week to week we can't keep up with who is around the local area. We are so blessed to have wonderful HFS families in our local area, so text messages went out with invites and a plan was in place. We hosted 9 Patriots to our home for dinner and a good evening together. Ms. Lucy put together a menu with the ladies and it was outstanding. Brisket, smoked pulled pork, BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, angel eggs, pasta salad, fresh garden veggies, chocolate cake, lots of ice cream, and some of the 33 lb watermelon I shared with you last week. It was very tasty and especially on such short notice. I want to pass along a huge thank you to those who could attend and visit for the evening.

Here's a couple pictures from the evening:

It is always a blessing to spend time with HFS family. Great America loving Patriots.

Having like-minded Patriots together should never miss a chance for some training. Here is a picture of watermelon seed cleaning. These seeds are from the Charleston-Grey melon estimated at a 150-year family line.

Grabbing some after church brunch with one of our Patriot sisters visiting with us.

Thanks again to everyone for helping to make the weekend very special.

Ms. Lucy and I will be on the road the next two weekends so hopefully everything works out to get the PENL posted on time each Friday evening. Give us a shout in Huntsville, AL and Moravian Falls, NC.

HFS September Travel Schedule -

Sept 10, 2022 - Huntsville, AL - Huntsville Public Library - 10 AM CST - Guest speaker at North Alabama Regional Preppers Network - Topic - Preparedness - Theory vs Reality

Sept 16 and 18, 2022 - Moravian Falls, NC - 7 pm and 10 AM - The Gathering, 976 W Meadow Parkway. Appearance supporting author John Dyslin - Nehemiah Strong. Will have a dinner on Friday around 430 with John for HFS members wishing to join us for the evening.

HFS Annual Autumn Rally in Waynesville, NC - Date coming soon. Most likely in October.

HFS Thursday Zoom - There was no event this week

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We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

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Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week -

Last week I talked about security and security in depth concepts. I call it my five-mile radius (in theory) where I built a security concept plan stretching my protection outward in layers. Your outer layer is the point of the person on the outward point who is part of your plan. Then, when that person stretches his/her security layer outward it adds distance to your own which gives you even more outward protection.

Let us use a suburban neighborhood as our exercise model in this discussion. The following picture is a depiction of families in a basic designed neighborhood with homes and streets that you may have to devise a security plan to protect during periods of increased crime, tension, and need.

Here is the same neighborhood used above. As you can see, this depiction is set up under a ROL or Rule of Law scenario. We recently used this during a HFS Zoom Group "What would you do" scenario. In this depiction law enforcement rolls into a neighborhood to serve papers on a private dwelling. The element of surprise remains with law enforcement right up to the doorstep. If the community utilized a Five Mile Radius concept the element of surprise remains with the occupants because the perimeter security post would stop the officials before they could enter the area. NOTE: During ROL all laws must be applied and honored to the greatest extent. However, under WROL or without rule of law, all approaching vehicles outside of occupants living in the area are controlled. It is basically like having a gated community to some degree. This is another area where knowing your local sheriff is critical.

In the depiction below you see a full-blown WROL concept. The outer green line around the neighborhood is your outer perimeter. Hopefully in your concept plan your outer perimeter will be much further out. You can see sentries posted who will walk the outer area to control and provide early warning to possible threats and problems. The red line you see is the inner most perimeter which must be tighter and more secure than the green line depicting the outer perimeter. The red line depicts choke points where you must stop and control all traffic from entering the area. You can see sentries posted to secure these areas. You also see vehicles depicted on the streets which are your security mobile patrols. They can use vehicles, four wheelers, bicycles, or be on foot. They are response elements that rushes to a problem area. The X marks locations for foot patrols in your inner circle. In the center area you see a tower, a security officer, and a red cross. This area in your center should have a communications tent, a security desk with communications to your security personnel, and a medical tent with first aid and medical support to your neighborhood. You should also identify a home in the inner red circle to use as your safe house. The safe house is where you can relocate personnel such as women, children, and the elderly as needed depending on the threat. As you see on the pictures upper right corner, outside vehicles being stopped outside your security perimeter. You are pushing possible threats to your neighborhood away which gives you security in depth projection.

We often have discussions on what one can use to block roads and passageways without breaking the bank. The easiest answer is to use your imagination. Trees, vehicles, tires, 55-gallon drums and cables, and other resources you can obtain, move easily, yet deter vehicles from attempting entry. If you choose to block a vehicle pathway while your community emergency services are in operation, you MUST have the ability to remove any equipment used to block the pathway to allow emergency vehicles access to enter.

Here's some different ways to block a vehicle path.

These would be a WROL types of barriers.

Downed trees are the quickest way to stop pass through traffic. Caution - This barrier can be removed quickly with the right type of vehicle.

Stacked tires and logs work great. Just avoid them being set on fire.

Plastic 55-gallon cans filled with sand, water, or cement.

This concept usees 55-gallon drums filled with rocks, sand, water, or bags of dry cement. Stretch cables across to provide the cross section barrier.

When building your security plan with or without a community team, the weakest link in your plan is you and what you. If you approach your plan with the attitude saying "nothing ever happens" you are already betting against the odds. You must conduct your risk analysis process and know where you are vulnerable and then build your plan with risk mitigation steps to harden your weak areas. The threats can be identified by past events, changes to your community and neighborhood, and information you collect from surveys, talking with your local Sheriff and neighbors, and assessing your community today and known changes going forward. You are your only weak link in the scheme of things.

Essential Oils -

Essential Oils

When I first started learning about oils, I was introduced to Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy, the Alton’s of Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine. Additionally, I reference The Kings Medicine Cabinet by Dr. Josh Axe describing essential oil uses, cures and recipes for healing. I have learned a great deal as they have researched and provided information and guidance and many methods and products for preparedness and building a non-medic plan.

This information was derived from the website of Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy at

You might be surprised to learn that the Food and Drug Administration only requires 10% essential oil in the bottle to be considered “Pure Essential Oil”. Beware of claims of FDA certification; the FDA has no certification or approval process for these products.

Essential oils are produced by plants to serve as either an attractant to pollinator insects (hence their strong fragrance) or as a repellant against invading organisms, from bacteria to animal predators. These substances usually contain multiple chemical compounds, making each plant’s essential oil unique. Oils may be produced by leaves, bark, flowers, resin, fruit or roots. For example, Lemon oil comes from the peel, Lavender oil from flowers, and Cinnamon oil from bark. Some plants are sources of more than one essential oil, dependent on the part processed. Some plant materials produce a great deal of oil; others produce very little. The strength or quality of the oil is dependent on multiple factors, including soil conditions, time of year, sub-species of plant, and even the time of day the plant is harvested.

The manufacture of essential oils, known as “extraction”, can be achieved by various methods:

Distillation Method: Using a “still” like old-time moonshiners, water is boiled through an amount of plant material to produce a steam that travels through cooled coils. This steam condenses into a “mixture” of oil and water (which doesn’t really mix) from which the oil can be extracted.

Pressing Method: The oils of citrus fruit can be isolated by a technique which involves putting the peels through a “press”. This works best with the oiliest of plant materials, such as orange skins.

Maceration Method: a fixed oil (sometimes called a “carrier” oil) or lard may be combined with the plant part and exposed to the sun over time, causing the fixed oil to become infused with the plant “essence”. Oftentimes, a heat source is used to move the process along. The plant material may be added several times during the process to manufacture a stronger oil. This is the method by which you obtain products such as “garlic-infused olive oil”. A similar process using flowers is referred to as “Enfleurage”.

Solvent Method: Alcohol and other solvents may be used on some plant parts, usually flowers, to release the essential oil in a multi-step process. As each essential oil has different chemical compounds in it, it stands to reason that the medicinal benefits of each are also different. As such, an entire alternative medical discipline has developed to find the appropriate oil for the condition that needs treatment. The method of administration may differ, as well. Common methods include:

Inhalation Therapy: This method is also known as “aromatherapy”. Add a few drops of the essential oil in a bowl of steaming water (distilled or sterilized), and inhale. This method is most effective when placing a towel over your head to catch the vapors. Many people will place essential oils in potpourri or use a “diffuser” to spread the aroma throughout the room; this technique probably dilutes any medicinal effects, however.

Topical Application: The skin is an amazing absorbent surface, and using essential oils by direct application is a popular method of administration. The oil may be used as part of a massage, or directly placed on the skin to achieve a therapeutic effect on a rash or muscle. Before considering using an essential oil in this manner, always test for allergic reactions beforehand. Even though the chemical compounds in the oil are natural, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have an adverse effect on you (case in point: poison ivy).

A simple test involves placing a couple of drops on the inside of your forearm with a cotton applicator. Within 12-24 hours, you’ll notice a rash developing if you’re allergic. Mixing some of the essential oil with a fixed or “carrier” oil such as olive oil before use is a safer option for topical use. Another concern, mostly with topically applied citrus oils, is “phototoxicity” (an exaggerated burn response to sun exposure).

I have some reservations about whether applying an essential oil on the skin over a deep organ, such as the pancreas, will really