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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #186

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #186. We appreciate you stopping by to spend some of your valuable time with us as we roll into November. I want to welcome our new readers from Ohio to HFS. Make yourself at home and if you have any questions, please email me. I'm anxious to meet all of you in NC next weekend at the HFS Rally. Everyone please drive safe to the event.

I will be in Huntsville, AL midweek and then down to NC Friday through Sunday at the HFS rally. I will do my best to get another PENL posted on time Friday evening at some point. I'm so excited to see the HFS family together on Saturday and I also get to see and spend time with two of my favorite Patriots who own and operate Carolina Readiness Supply in Waynesville, NC. I hope everyone attending the rally will take time to travel one block up from the rally location to see Ms. Jan and Mr. Bill. It will be worth your time. I promise.

I had to make a short notice quick trip to Huntsville, AL this week and I had the pleasure of having dinner with two Patriots. I rarely get to spend one on one time with special family so this was great. Thanks for spending your evening with me. It's always special. I was in Huntsville to do some work and take part in a retirement for a very special friend who is heading into retirement after a 20-year career in the United States Marines and another 15 years as a government employ. It was truly an honor working with such a Patriotic American who loves our country like us.

I will be heading to the TN Cumberland Plateau in the morning to spend time with the one and only, no other like him, Mr. Festus himself. I have been so busy in 2022 my changes to cross paths in person with him has been limited. I hope to sneak in and out and avoid history being changed from our get together. I can say without a doubt, when I depart heading home my brain will be fried from too much thinking. My life is blessed with so many awesome people and I'm thankful to God for each and every one of them.

Ms. Lucy and I got to spend time with four HFS Patriots after church last Sunday and it was great to see them again. I always enjoy our conversations and to hear their perspective on the world today. More eyes and ears on the ground is more intelligence to process. This is great to help in processing information for our community. Do you have likeminded friends you meet with to balance your day and get additional information on topics of interest.

Something wacked me in between the eyes this week and I'm a little baffled by it. I knew it before but didn't give it a lot of thought until now. Have you given much thought to why the jab was encouraged and almost deemed mandatory to breath and live in the United States, yet it was not the same in Russia or China? Why could that be? Aside from making the big Pharma companies rich and others owning stock in them, knowing now what we believed as a conspiracy then, what would be the point? Just saying.... Another thing, doesn't it seem rather interesting that we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on defense annually and we end a 20-year war in Afghanistan by fleeing and leaving several billion dollars in equipment behind and roll right into another global conflict in Ukraine by spending billions more on the new supposed threat to the world. Much of the money for Ukraine is going to US Defense Companies to build weapons for Ukraine. Why is no elected politician speaking about the debt compared to the billions going to defense? Just wondering. Another thing, did you know the millions of dollars spent on art and pictures in the thousands of government facilities depicting our history that clashes with the woke agenda is being pulled off the walls and retired. Our history, good or bad, is being rewritten. First it was anything related to the Bible in the workplace and now our history.

Elon Musk is probably the greatest successful inventor in the past 20 years with several futuristic inventions. He just purchased Twitter and now the US Government is saying he must be investigated because of Starlink. From the outside looking in, does it not appear someone doesn't want Musk to discover more about what is going on from the inside? It is possible Musk Space Program could achieve reaching Mars before any government. Is there possibly something on Mars they do not want him to see or discover? Why is the federal government converting to a one for one supply system that is used by Wal Mart currently? This means for everyone sold, there is not a backup replacement available until the supply system ships and the product is shipped and stocked? Have you ever called a store asking if they had a product, and they tell you they have one left? If five want it in the same day, four will go without. Where will the four people find the product? Think global survivability and Agenda 2030. Fuel, medicinal, food, auto parts and on and on. Get prepared. If you are a child of God, you will be sustained. Oh, are you familiar with saltwater intrusion? Do you realize saltwater is invading much of America and it is killing trees and crops today. We have saltwater taking the place of potable water across America. Shall we continue? Ahh, let's save some for next week.

Let us move along....

HFS 3rd Annual Autumn Rally - Nov 5, 2022 - 830 AM (Doors Open) Classes - 915 - 530 PM

This year's event will be conducted indoors with two class areas for multiple classes during the day. All instructors are HFS members, and it is great to see them bring some of their skills to share with other members. Below is the tentative schedule.

I'm happy to have a group from Ohio sign up and join us in NC. These events take time and effort but any investment to bring new preparers together and help folks learn skills is a worthy of the effort.

It's not too late to get aboard and join us. Email me and get signed up now.

Tentative Schedule - The schedule is based on information I have today and committed instructors to lead the identified class.

We will open the event with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer. Any information needing passed along and questions will then be addressed before sending attendees off to start the classes.

Classroom 1 (Enclosed Room) 915 – 1000 – Fermenting Vegetables 1015 – 1100 - Preparing, Packing, and Storing Dry Goods 1115 – 1200 – Suturing, Staples, and IVs 1200 – 1255 Lunch 1255 – Group Picture Main Room 1 – 145 – Building your family/team/community preparedness binder 2 – 245 – Food Calculator 3 – 345 – Suturing, Staples, and IVs 4 – 5 Guest Speaker – John Dyslin – Author Nehemiah Strong - GA 5 – 530 Closing questions and comments Classroom 2 (Open Room) 915 – 1000 – Setting up your Ready/Day Bag - Bring your ready/day bag to class with you

1015 – 1100 - Making Fire Cider and Elderberry Syrup 1115 – 1200 – Security trinkets, gadgets, bells and buzzers 1200 - 1255 Lunch 1255 – Group Picture Main Room 1 – 145 – Digital Ham radio and building Antennas 2 – 245 - Satellite Phone and Bivy Stick (Have your personal sat phone with you in class) - TN 3 – 345 – Resourcing for Preparedness goods 4 – 5 Guest Speaker – John Dyslin – Author Nehemiah Strong - GA 5 – 530 Closing questions and comments

If you plan to attend, email me at the following address:

Virtual Training -

Localized Training

- SUTURE & STAPLE CLASS OCTOBER 30 2022 9AM KNOXVILLE TN - Dr Joe Alton and Nurse Amy from Doom and Gloom Preparedness $199.00 - Suture & Staple Class October 30 2022 9am Knoxville TN - Doom and Bloom (TM) Shop

Joe Alton MD, physician and surgeon, and Amy Alton, Nurse Practitioner will be teaching a

Hands-on Wound Care Suture and Stapling Class at the

Self-Reliance Experience, on Sunday October 30, at 9am-12pm.

CHILHOWEE PARK & EXPOSITION CENTER 3301 E Magnolia Ave, Knoxville, TN 37914 EXPO HOURS: Saturday: 9am – 5pm | Sunday: 9am – 4pm

Self Defense, Self Defense Psychology and Fear Management - November 19 and 20, 2022

Cost: $75.00 Ages 16 and Up - 93 Jones Cove Road, Clyde NC - 10 am - 4 pm

Regional Training - Skinny Medic

Regional Training - Fruit Tree Series - Univ Tennessee Extension - East TN -(Greene County) - Small Fruit and Home Orchard (

Hive Life - Sevierville, TN - January 5, 6, and 7, 2023

Henryville, Indiana- Patriot Homesteader Conference - April - 2023

HFS Thursday Zoom Rally #99 - We had a great discussion during this week's zoom session. Group discussion on projects completed and problems encountered on projects ongoing took up part of the evening. We then discussed futuristic AI and the future of technology and its impact on humanity. We ended the evening with a great discussion on faith and individual worthiness. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Parler - Preparedness101

Check out the HFS YouTube video at the following link. The latest YouTube video posted on October 28, 2022, titled Focus....Don't Panic. Check it out. If you have not, please consider subscribing to the HFS YouTube channel by hitting like and then subscribe.

Connect and give me a shout. Again, hit subscribe and share with family and friends.

Guest and Newcomers

If you are a guest or newcomer to the HFS journey, please check out this link for additional

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Hope for Survival - The Mindset (Book 2)

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We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding....Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site is not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Occasionally I use words only Patriots recognize and understand. It's not personal against any non-Patriot. It's just the truth. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay. When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope.

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week -

SOAP Box - I don't even know where to start. Do you feel this way? We all have personal interest in specific beliefs and things we pay more attention to when we hear things coming out of Washington D.C. and media sources. Personally, I try to shield myself from much of it but it is impossible in America I am starting to believe. Unless we turn off all media, podcast, and paper sources, we are still bombarded with negative news and information.

Every time our elected leader opens his mouth it is hard to understand, or we can't believe he said it. "Our economy is great, and the voters will vote for more of the same." What part of our citizens are struggling is not understood? The middle class is getting crushed, and the poor are trying to survive. There is supposed to be an election in a couple weeks and no matter what happens it will be more of the same. Washington D.C. and the rich are controlling the choices vs the American people putting forth and controlling who we have to vote for. More of the same. Blame it on the other side. As I have said before and continue to say, where is a voice from the minority party? They are going with the flow of more debt, no questions, too much foreign aid to fund wars and regional conflicts, and on and on. It is a daily echo of suck it up and don't tell us what you think, or you will be arrested. Career politicians in both parties put us in this position so why on earth do we want more of the same regardless of majority or minority party? We can't feed our people. Our people can't feed their families. Our families who provide food for our families and animals can't afford to do so any longer. We have a 40-year high record of inflation, and a majority of our people are now paying to survive using credit cards. Sounds like our government, doesn't it? Even under Orange Man Bad when we had record oil sales and lots of job hiring and affordable food, fuel, and resources, our debt grew and grew and grew. Did the national debt decrease? We have a spending problem, not an available funds to pay our debt and survive. Americans need to wake up and see the reality vs believing what words they are being told from leadership. People are too loyal to their politics and party and not loyal enough to their family and wallet.

I learned long ago that the average person will believe what they want to believe if it favors the desired outcome they are hoping for. Right? If the neighbor tells you another neighbor may get a tractor back tomorrow and will help you plant potatoes, would you proceed with planting your rows of potatoes today or wait and see if your neighbor gets his tractor back and comes to help you? We lean towards what benefits us the most with the least amount of work, right? Its the new American way for individuals. Don't believe me? Just look at the number of Americans who choose to take government aid to stay home and not work vs getting up each day and going to earn a fair wage in most cases. They give no consideration to the impact of their former coworkers who now must work harder to cover for their choice of staying home. Not to mention the number of smaller businesses around America closing their doors because they have no staff to work.

I think back to my former life and time in Poland, Romania, Hungry, Latvia, Estonia and others, and the young college aged citizens who worked three jobs to help their family survive. There were no treats to McDonalds or a quick donut on their way to work. They had no video games to occupy free time. There was no free time. They sacrificed their own personal life to help their family eat and have a place to live. You rarely hear of this in America today. Teens and younger adults are living at home because they can't afford to live on their own, working a job. One job. Not two or three. This is a cultural issue in America today. When a government encourages it, the people will do it, and they certainly are doing so. For those parents who do not see this in their children, be thankful and congrats to you for raising a responsible child.

At some point in our individual lives, we have to make a choice to what and how much we wish to expose ourselves to all the crazy stuff going on. Sort of goes along with the old line about picking and choosing your battles. A good example for me is how it makes my head spin like Sybil when I hear elected leaders at the top discuss transgender surgery for children. These kids can't make their mind up on what they want for dinner and a system is allowing life altering surgeries for them. Inflicting physical change and many surgeries for an agenda driven by adults and politics should be criminal in my view. How is it one can choose to change their sex from birth but they aren't old enough to drive a car, join the military, or vote?

I see and talk with so many people who seriously believe the fix and answers rely on someone else and not on their own individual efforts. It is easier to listen to podcast and believe information coming from a stranger who reports on information from an unreliable source who says "help is on the way." Fellow Patriots it is my opinion that our help is our efforts to be prepared along with local family and community. It should be this way regardless of circumstances today. We should be prepared for any situation or condition. Chain saw teams, first aid support, communications, food support as needed, and skills required day to day for self-reliability. Depending on someone else or another organization is bad business. During most, if not all, disasters of any type, people in the local area suffer and often lose everything. Being prepared ensures you are self-reliable and do not have to wait on support from the outside to come save you. This requires having a plan in place. This is your "what if" plan. What if you are flooded? What if you are snowed in and lose power? What if a tornado strikes? What if you lose your job and have no income for six months? What if an EMP strikes? What if the national economy collapses? What if you are in a car wreck and can't work for six months or longer? Do you have an established buddy system in your family or neighborhood? That is people checking on people. Maybe I should ask if you even know your neighbor? This can be good or bad but at least you have a heads up on who it is and what does your gut tell you about trusting the individual?

I know, I know, what do I care and why should I care if you get prepared or you don't? I spent many months of my life in third world countries, war torn cities and regions, humanitarian crisis, and in all cases, innocent people like you, suffered and in many cases went to the extreme to get a drink of water or a bite of food. Survival was a new world to many of the citizens who lived with far less resources and opportunities from Americans. Americans are soft and dependent upon many aspects of a collapsing way of life. When it happens, it won't matter if it was caused on purpose or not. You will do things beyond your imagination for a meal or to feed your grandkids. Imagine if you had prepared ahead of time. You have a choice in being part of the atrocities and pain. What will you decide to do? You can continue following click bait sites that drives your blood pressure up while you hold out hope someone is coming to the rescue, or you can be responsible and take steps now to build the insurance policy of self-reliability to protect your home and community. It is a simple choice.

Next -

This is a big flipping deal -

My very first article written in the preparedness arena was When the trucks stop rolling and yet so many takes for granted what this means. This means your life stops unless you are prepared. It is being reported that key regions of the US of A are about to run out of diesel fuel. This is America. We don't run out of anything. That's how America works, right? We are the biggest, most giving and most considerate nation on earth, right? Land of the free and home of the brave. Tootsie Rolls and Ding Dongs on every corner. Based on the current US supply and demand system and just in time resupply system, our nation is stocked for a 72 hour or three-day supply of critical resources. Fuel, drugs, and food.

When planning, we often think about natural disasters being the highest risk factor on our risk assessment matrix. Snow. Ice. Tornadoes. Droughts. .....and not truck stoppage. Just a 72-hour stoppage is going to have major impacts on our supply chain issues. If you are paying attention, our supply chain issues are not fixed from previous problems.

What I am saying to you is this is a very big deal. If this happens, and we pray it does not, this could cause huge resupply issues in impacted locations. Truckers MUST be capable of moving resources from supply hubs to their destinations. This is a potential major manmade disaster caused by our leadership. They will blame it on some other cause. Folks, have you not had enough of this mismanagement? Oh wait, is this another existing example of man alone cannot manage and survive without faith? Just look around. Let us move along.

I want to keep this short because I don't want to bombard you with so much information it's hard to process. The bottom line here is to be alert and be prepared. We want to prepare for anything and everything the best we can. We can't solve all the world's problems, but we can get our life in order spiritually and prepare the best we can. Be smart and stay ahead of the threats the best you can. If the trucks stop rolling you want to already be stocked and prepared. You do NOT want to be amongst the 95% of the populace who will be fighting over what remains on the shelves.

Next ...





1. Please identify the number of full time and or part time personnel to live at this location: Day to day? ____ During increased conditions requiring implementation of your emergency plans? ______

2. Identify ages of full-time family members at this residence?

3. Estimated ages of those who may rally at your location during emergency conditions?

4. If any, how many of your family members identify as having physical limitations? Mobility? Visual? Hearing?

5. Have you identified any/all potential health issues that will become a problem at your location? If untreated?

6. Would you rate your family as being: Completely prepared? Partially prepared? Minimally prepared?

Emergency Plans

7. What completed or draft emergency plans do you currently have? Identify. Family Communications Plan? Food Plan? Emergency Plan? Bug In/Bug Out Plan? Security Plan? Water Plan? Sanitation Plan?

8. Does your current plan include others rallying at your property under your plan?

9. If so, do you have trigger commands or signals arranged to launch your plan in to action?

10. Do you currently have a Preparedness Team that will be a part of your Compound team during emergency conditions?

11. Are your plans documented with multiple copies in a safe place? In the event you are eliminated do you have a trusted agent who also can use your plans and under it fully?


12. Please identify the three nearest towns to your home address and estimated mileage:

13. Nearest hospital and trauma center to your expected Bug in Location:

14. Distance from your home to two nearest responding fire departments? Mileage and towns?

15. Distance from your home to the nearest State, County, and local police departments providing services to your address?

16. Do you know the current Sheriff and his/her political leaning?


17. Estimated food stock on hand now? 30 Days? 90 Days? 180 Days? 270 Days? One year? Beyond one year?

18. What are your sources for food? Store bought? Garden? Home canned? Freeze dried? Dehydrated? Hunted? Animals on your property?

19. Have you stocked seeds to cover a two-year growing cycle?

20. How and where are you storing your stocked food? Single storage source? Multiple storage locations? Cellar?

21. Have you identified health conditions in family members requiring a specific diet and included the requirements in your food planning?

22. Have you used a food planner to help establish quantities required for the number of days you are planning for and number of family members?

23. Do you plan and/or have you included any type of fruit orchard? Does this include berry bushes?

24. Are you currently able to use any fruits or berries from your trees/bushes?

25. Currently, are you using any of the following? Home canning? Dehydrating? Freeze Drying? Freezer storage?

26. As much as possible, do you maintain at least a one-year supply of canning jars and lids for future vegetables, meats, and fruits from your property?


27. Water – What is your primary source for water day to day? If any, what is your back up water plan to your primary? Do you have a third option for day-to-day water supply?

28. Water Treatment – Have you tested your sources of water, to include your primary if supplied by the town/city?

29. What are your in-place plans to treat or filter any/all water sources if required?

30. If you use other than city supplied water, such as a well or spring fed supply, how far is it from your home and do you have a security plan in place if you are required to go to the source and carry or transport the water back to your residence?

31. Are you currently storing any water in your preparedness plans? It is recommended you have at least 3 gallons of water, per person available. If you have four individuals in your household, that would be 32 lbs of water per gallon per person. To meet the minimum requirement of 3 gallons per person, that would be 96 lbs of water per day. How will you collect, carry and protect yourself and your water between home and your water source? Now is the time to plan.

HOME - Bugging-In

32. Do you live in a rural, suburban, or urban neighborhood?

33. How close is your nearest neighbor?

34. How would you rate your relationships with those living near you?

35. How many floors does your home have?

36. Do you have a storm shelter in place or a interior panic room?

37.Does this include a basement?

38. If you have a basement, does it have an entrance from the outside? Windows?

39. During inclement weather, is it possible for the basement to flood? If so, do you have a SUMP pump in place?

40. If you store preparedness resources in the basement, do you have them packed to relocate quickly during flooding?

41. How many sliding glass doors do you have and on what floor?

42. What is your home constructed of? Wood? Siding? Brick? Block? Stone?

43. If you have a basement, how many sides of your home is earthen bound or secured by the earth?

44. Do you have an emergency plan allowing your family to escape out a secondary location to a previously identified rally point on your property or close by?

45. How far does your home set back off the main road?

46. Is your property fenced with a gate to enclose your home?

47. Do you currently have any above ground fuel tanks or cells?

48. Do you currently have any equipment, HVAC units or other resources near your home that would afford a threat to use as a stepping left to get them in to a main floor window?

49. Is your roof currently shingled or metal?

50. What type roofing is used on other facilities on your property not including the home?

51. How many windows or possible entry points to your home are reachable from ground level?

52. How many windows or possible entry points to your home are reachable using resources you have visibly located around your property that a reasonable person(s) could carry and use to enter your home?


53. If you are required to flee your primary residence because of a hazardous condition or threat, do you have a plan to extract your primary residence? Where?

54. Have you supplied it with resources to hold you over? Have you tested extraction with your family?

55. Do you have drafted maps of your extraction route out to your secure location and where to find the hidden resources?

56. Do you have communication equipment to use during this type of extraction and does it have headset type whisper microphones to allow silent communication and hands-free movement?

57. If your bug-out-location is more than a few miles from your residence do you have multiple Cache’s set up with resources?


58. Security – Do you currently have a security plan in place?

59. Do you have any security devices in place at this time?

60. Do you have any security cameras in place at this time?

61. Do you understand the difference between utilizing lethal and non-lethal security concepts, devices, and planning?

62. Do you understand the difference in how to utilize your security resources in offensive and defensive measures and plans? Do you understand creating stand off and pushing a threat as far away from your home or community, as possible?

63. When you leave your home and transit your property are you typically protected with your choice of protection?

64. As you built or plan security for your property have you divided your resources in priority from high to low? This is done through a risk assessment process identifying your prioritized needs, risk, vulnerabilities and how to mitigate threats against the different types of threats? This would be threats to family, animals, food sources, water and pets. You should also factor in your community and five-mile radius to the best you can.

65. Right now, how would you rate your ability to defend your family and property?

66. Right now, how would you rate your ability to protect your family and property?

67. Right now, how would you rate your ability to detect possible threats or direct threats to your property? This could be people, animals, or hazardous events or conditions.

68. Are you capable of arming each primary family member with a primary side arm and long gun as well as a shot gun, if it is your choice?

69. How often do you practice firearm safety with your weapons?

70. When not in use do you store your firearms in a certified fire resistant safe?

71. Does more than one trusted agent in your family have the combination?

72. Have you established a Threat Matrix and/or Alerting Notification System on your property that everyone knows and understands? EX – The air horn is sounded 1 blast means emergency in the house. Air horn is sounded 2 blast means emergency at driveway entry. Or, a loud bell, or other device that can be heard across your property by everyone but is only understood by family members to include children.

73. When standing on the upper floor of your home can you view around your property or adjacent property and see a higher elevation with unassisted viewing? Meaning, if I stood on this higher elevation and waved at you, would you see me waving at you without binocs, scope or monocular?

74. Is it possible, and if so, how difficult would it be, for a person(s) to drive on the back side of your property, then park and conduct surveillance undetected for a day or more, then become a realistic threat to you, your family, animals and/or resources? This could be through an auto or 4-wheeler.

75. How often, if at all, do you walk your property line to identify and/or detect past or ongoing surveillance of your property?

76. Have you established any Mutual Aid Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding or Memorandums of Agreement with property line neighbors or others near you to assist in monitoring, detection, security, and support as needed?

77. Do you currently use or have plans to use any form of Drone in your security plans? Such as surveillance of your property lines? Monitoring outside your property lines? Scanning approach routes and paths to your property that surface during your property line checks?

78. Have you accomplished a route survey from your home to most common locations you use? Did you document it?

79. Does your route plan identify multiple routes?


80. Do you currently have a Family Communication Plan (FCP)?

81. Does your plan include all primary family members living at your location and/or those who will rally at your location but not currently living with you?

82. Have you tested your FCP?

83. If you have family members, such as young children or aging family members who are cared for by another family member at your location, does this person account for your minor/aging family member during initiation of your family communication plan and until it is completed?

84. If your Plan A, B, or C calls for bugging out and one of your family members requires physical assistance, such as a wheelchair, lift or crutches, have you built this in to your plan and tested it? If this method fails, have you identified a backup plan to replace a chair, alternative lift, or crutches?

85. While on your property, do you currently use a communication system within your family? EX – Walkie-Talkies? Air Horns? Church type bell?

86. What are your three contingency methods of communicating while on your property? EX – Walkie Talkie? Voice? Runner? Air Horn? …….

87. If children are involved do you currently have a communication method and plan in place for children to alert to “Stranger Danger” or “attempted kidnapping in progress” to alert you in another area?

88. If any, how many of your family members possess a current Ham radio license?

89. Do you currently own Ham radio equipment? GMRS? CB Radio? Walkie-Talkies? Satellite phone or a Bivy stick?

90. If any, how many of your family members actively practice and use the radio equipment, comfortably?

Power (Utilities)

91. What is your current primary, alternate, and back up source for providing heat and lights to your home? EX – Public utility? Portable generator? Installed home generator? Solar? Gas? Diesel? Wood?

92. Do you currently or have you considered a “black-out” plan for your property during increased tensions or periods of unrest?

93. Reviewing all your plans or actions planned, how many processes currently requires a form of electricity?

94. How dependent on electricity in some form, are you to keep your animals healthy and alive? EX – Lights, heat, water pump, …..

First Aid

95. How many members of your family or personnel residing on your property completed some level of First Aid, CPR, Critical Wound Care…..

96. Do you currently have multiple first-aid kits/bags at home and on your property that you or members can effectively use to save a life?

97. Does each family member maintain a torniquet for their personal life saving steps?

98. If applicable, do you include children in first-aid training or training at your property?


99. What would you rate as your greatest strengths when grading your current preparedness posture?

100. Where would you rate yourself as a leader and ability to lead others to achieve your objectives identified?

101. What would you identify as your biggest fear regarding your current preparedness posture and plans?

102. If you could snap your finger and fix any part of your preparedness plans, what would be your No 1 item?

As you may have detected, many of these questions should assist you in your risk assessment of your preparedness package.

Until next week, be at peace and know each of us can make tomorrow a better day for someone else.

And that's my thoughts for the week....

Preparedness News

1. From Kristen Bradley - Milkwood - How to Make a Wild Food Map to Forage Your Local Neighbourhood - Milkwood - Sounds good, right? We do the same in our local grocery store so why not our neighborhood? I know this sounds a bit crazy all because of our slow acceptance of changing times ahead.

2. From Tom Marlowe - Homesteading Hippy - 7 Natural Ways to Deworm a Chicken * The Homesteading Hippy - I believe many preparers who dive into the addition of animals often forgets animals also get sick and can die. Having information, manuals, knowledgeable people, and experience available to help you could be the difference in responding quickly or your animal dying. Good information to file in your paper library.

3. From Aden Tate - SHTF Blog - How a Disaster Could Affect Pharmaceuticals ( - Good information to know and play for in advance.

4. From Laurie Neverman - Common Sense Home - Canning Headspace - Guidelines, Chart & Troubleshooting ( - I often read about folks who are canning their goodies and the jars bust for unknown reasons. Especially when placing their jars in a freezer. The headspace left unfilled can be the difference. Good information to have.

5. From Rebekah Pierce - The Homesteading Hippy - Bread and Butter Zucchini Pickles - Preserve Your Extra Produce ( - Just reading the title makes me want some of these. How about you?

6. From J.M. - Survival Blog - You can survive 3 minutes without oxygen or with severe bleeding You can survive 3 hours without a stable core body temperature You can survive 3 days without water ( - Good article on some basic knowledge that many ignore. Sort of like the spare tire in the trunk. (Thanks to our Patriot brother in Atlanta for this submission)

7. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - Major Fuel Supplier On "Code Red" As Diesel Crisis Hits Southeast | ZeroHedge - Close your eyes and imagine this story four years ago? Oh my goodness. The world is about to stop and it's all Orange Man's fault. No diesel fuel and the nation stops. CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the net-chokes would be overheating. So tell me, have you heard much on this topic outside of alternative news? (Thanks Festus for this submission)

Other News -

1. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - 19 States To Investigate Banks For ESG-Style Commitment To UN Alliance | ZeroHedge - Think your bank is taking care of your money with your best interest in mind? (Thanks Festus for this submission)

2. From James W. Rawles - Survival Blog - CBDCs: From Blockchains to Tyrant's Chains. The power to inflate and/or remonetize ( - Excellent article by JWR. I speak with many people week to week and without starting the topic, the conversation includes a question or comment regarding the coming digital currency and what form it could be.

3. From Paul Engel - News with Views - When is Freedom of Speech Not Freedom of Speech? – News With Views - Good read. Have you asked yourself what are you willing to say that could land you in hot water with the feds in order to voice your concern or opposition to what is happening in America?

4. From Brandon Smith - Alt-Right Market -Markets Are Expecting The Federal Reserve To Save Them – It's Not Going To Happen - - What else needs to be said about the market, the Fed, and the coming implosion to our hard-working efforts to be self-dependable on our lifelong investments? Why will no one tell the American people about the federal plunge teams occupying space above Wall Street and dumping millions upon millions of printed dollars overnight to keep the markets afloat. Why does is appear the wealthy continue controlling the financial laws and world that is crushing the middle class of America.

5. From Steve Byas - New American - Convention of States Fundraising Letter Has Problems - The New American - These steps always sound great in theory, but the reality is with anything new and of this size, problems will exist.

Drum roll...........

That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. We pray for good health and wisdom. Please pray for our leadership to find answers and guidance to the problems facing our great nation. May your faith remain strong and answers to the unknown provided. God is good and may our prayers blanket and protect you and your circumstances. I pray for each, and every one of our Patriots.

May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world. We must continually pray for the unsaved, our family and friends who live each day without the protection for eternal life and salvation.

Please remember our Patriot sister and her family in Northwestern Alabama in your prayers during this period of loss of her mother. It is not easy losing a parent and it seems we have lost to many parents amongst our HFS family this year. Please pray for our Patriot sister in Western NC as she continues her struggle with symptoms like vertigo. Please lift her up in prayer. We pray for our Patriot brother in Northern Alabama in his ongoing health ordeal. May you all be lifted in prayer and spirit in the days ahead. Please remember our Patriot family in central Alabama and a quick recovery for our brother who fell recently and is recovering from neck and back injuries from the fall. Get well soon. Please pray for our Patriot sister in Hickory NC while she recovers from two surgeries in the past week. Get well soon sister. We pray for our Patriot brother in Eastern TN who is dealing with ongoing health issues. Blessings to each of you in your time of need. We have heard of so many health-related needs and family deaths over the past 90 days.

As Patriots we must stay strong and never give up. Our home, community, and nation need us now more than ever. Stay focused on your local community and things that will impact you around the nation. Don't allow the events around you to create fear in your life. Build your own self-reliance and focus on faith and hope. Remember we are a blessed nation, and we must continue to be great people today and make a better tomorrow. Keep charging.


Bravo Echo Out,

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