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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #189

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #189. We appreciate you stopping by to spend some of your valuable time with us. We are finishing the third week of November with Thanksgiving quickly approaching. This means family rallies, hunting season, colder weather and maybe a local parade or one on television. I know many continue enduring the brunt of inflation, higher cost and fees week to week, and decisions on what must be done without....heat, food, fuel, medicine, or maybe shelter. Please keep this in mind and if you can, take a minute to check on those around you. if we can, let us please lift the spirit and hope of another near us in some way. No matter how bad it may seem, we are truly a blessed nation.

It was another busy week for us with HFS efforts. I hit the road on Saturday morning heading up to Somerset, Kentucky (3 hours each way) to visit a Patriot brother who suffered injuries in a serious car wreck two weeks prior. He remains hospitalized doing rehab at this time. It was great to see him and spend a few hours chatting. His faith, spirit, and attitude, remains strong. I went to hopefully uplift his spirits but by the time I departed heading home it was me who had the spirits uplifted. It was great to see him again, along with a couple other HFS Patriots working in the local hospital. Thanks to everyone who are caring for our brother during his time of need.

I made it home just before dark and in time to put down my front lids to hopefully protect my autumn vegetables growing. We have enjoyed some kale, turnip and collard greens, lettuce, and onions so far. Hopefully soon we will get some of the radishes and turnips about 70% ready. This is a trial effort to see how much and how long I can grow without a green house before freezing temps make it impossible. So far, so good.

Ms. Lucy and I spent Sunday at church and then went to Dollywood for our annual visit to enjoy the holidays shows and lights. Two of our local HFS neighbors, church members, and HFS Patriots joined us for the day and evening together. It was pretty cold at 37 degrees but worth the time together. If you are in or near the Gatlinburg area, I would encourage you to check out Dollywood during the holiday period.

We are heading to Huntsville, AL mid-week for day job work the remainder of the week which also includes a HFS Dinner on Friday night with Author John Dyslin, then we will attend the monthly NARP Net meeting on Saturday morning where John is the guest speaker discussing his new book, Nehemiah Strong. If you want to attend it will be held at 10 am at the Huntsville, AL, city library. Come out and hear a great speaker.

Let us move along....

Training -

Homestead Livestock Summit Registration Page

Self Defense, Self Defense Psychology and Fear Management - November 19 and 20, 2022

Cost: $75.00 Ages 16 and Up - 93 Jones Cove Road, Clyde NC - 10 am - 4 pm

Register at

Regional Training - Skinny Medic

Trauma Class Nov 19 - Easly SC - Skinny Medic Trauma Class Nov 19 | Medical Gear Outfitters

Trauma Class Dec 10 - Easly SC - Skinny Medic Trauma Class Dec 10 | Medical Gear Outfitters

Regional Training - Fruit Tree Series - Univ Tennessee Extension - East TN -(Greene County) - Small Fruit and Home Orchard (

Hive Life - Sevierville, TN - January 5, 6, and 7, 2023

Henryville, Indiana- Patriot Homesteader Conference - April - 2023

HFS Thursday Zoom Rally #99 - There was no zoom this week due to my travel and inability to host the event.

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I will be a virtual guest on the Christopher Scott Podcast out of Philadelphia, PA on Sunday. It has been a while since joining my Marine Corps brother to chat about Preparedness. I would guess the show will post Sunday night or Monday, but here is the link to Chris's site. Independent Talk Radio Podcast | Christopher Scott Show

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