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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #200

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #200. We made it, 200 straight weeks. Snow, sleet, heat and hail, delivered to your inbox. Time to celebrate. Thank each of you who come back week after week and support Hope for Survival. Grab your biscuits and gravy, some eggs and bacon, and smile. Seems impossible to be honest but the mission remains, and we must press ahead. Waittttt. I suppose we need to start adding crickets and bugs to our menu, right?

I hope to get this edition completed on time and delivered to you as scheduled for Friday. I had to make a short notice trip to Huntsville for my day job, departing on Tuesday and home on Friday. Hopefully everything works out okay. It has been a cold and very wet week here in Bama. Rain, rain, and more rain. Creeks and rivers are high, and more rain is in the forecast. Anyone else agree we are witnessing strange weather patterns?

Speaking of strange, we are hearing comments from the government that reminds me of pre-911. "We are hearing lots of chatter" from terrorist organizations on their chat sites. Really? While the national news services and cable networks report on classified documents being found in a drive through at McDonald's and declaring them a Happy Meal, a Chinese Military Air Balloon floats across Montana collecting intelligence. Uncle Joey says "we aren't going to shoot it down" while pointing his personally autographed chop sticks at the camera. I bet the Chinese declare the balloon to be a civilian balloon doing some level of research. Chickens are running to Kentucky to avoid the onslaught of laws and regulations and more grain storage locations are wiped out. Interesting, so many fires while no one worked. Want more bad news? It's simple, Patriots. While many are waiting for the big red army to cross the California border to mainland, the quicksand of regulations, fires, digital warfare, and a failing economy continues. It goes on and on and we remain stupidly silent. Anyone else following Russia's declaration of having the capability to launch a radiation tsunami in rivers and streams? This wasn't a surprise because Mike from Around the World contributed this news on a podcast several weeks ago. Bet you didn't hear this on the other fear porn sites, did you? Just saying. Death is never good regardless of the reason. But, when talking heads take advantage of deaths to promote their own hate message it robs the family of the deceased. I will say this to the voice spewing anger and disgust, if your heart and intentions are pure, go fix the inner city of Chicago where black on black crimes continues to kill far too many black children. Meanwhile, back at the farm, Uncle Joey and the Congressional Black Caucus has reached agreement on a path forward on police reform. This stuff makes my head hurt. How about you?

Hey, anyone get the feeling we are being setup for a false flag attack? The birds are tweeting, and the megaphones are blaring loud, warning, warning, warning, Will Rogers. Are you paying attention? Are you ready for a no warning event that could change your life for any period of time? Tick, tock, tick, tock, the clock moves forward to the unknown every second of our day. We live in a world where the majority and masses are viewed as peasants and greedy users of their oxygen. We buy their products and make them rich and all we get is a hamburger made from bugs and fake meat. How could anyone live through this circus without faith and a grounded life. If someone tried to write a book on all this nonsense strangling our society, it would be as thick as the federal budget.

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Thoughts for the week -

After 200 straight weeks of providing a Patriot Express Newsletter for your viewing, here's some thoughts I have to share. Rain, shine, travel, health, family, and life aside, the PENL has posted a newsletter to you for 200 straight weeks. It has been tough at times and some weeks I reached Thursday wondering what I would put in the newsletter for the Friday edition because life was moving too fast to continue. Some weeks was impossible for me to put out the product and Festus, and other writers stepped up to put forth articles and information to cover the week's edition. Thanks to so many who helped over the 3 1/2-year period to cover 200 straight weeks. I honestly never imagined this website or product to last this long and to be totally honest with you, I endured periods I wanted to stop. Why did I continue? Because the work to sound the alarm and help others wake up and start preparing was not completed. Many times, late at night I would get a message, email, text, or phone call, with encouraging words and support, that pushed me ahead. Your prayers are priceless, and I wouldn't be here writing this newsletter today had I not had so many praying for HFS. Festus has been a rock to me on so many occasions with words, encouragement, and supporting scripture. Ms. Lucy has left me here at my computer countless times when heading to bed as I typed and researched more information to provide to you. But she still doesn't appreciate my tactfully written humor. Keep it light Ms. Lucy. I have shared the story of how HFS started with several of you and I'm faithful and thankful to God for this journey in the book of life.

I want to personally thank each of you who have supported HFS in so many ways and for your friendship and support to this effort we continue to deliver. The time spent with each of you in different settings will never be forgotten and I treasure all of them. From your homes to your families and communi