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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #207

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #207. Where has March gone so quickly? Blink and it's gone. It seems the workload gets heavier and the HFS train is full speed ahead into the summer of 2023. Training sites and training venues in KY and multiple stops coming up in NC. If you aren't paying attention, preparedness venues are popping up all over the nation in the next six months. Why? What does this tell you? We have our own version of woke except our folks are waking up to the reasoning to prepare. Does this include you?

By the time you read this I will be in Leburn, KY for the Kentucky Gun and Preparedness Expo being held on Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to the event and being in Kentucky with some HFS family from KY and Virginia (that I'm aware of. If you are nearby come spend a day or two with like-minded preparers and stop by the HFS table and say hello. Better yet, come attend one of my three classes being taught. I'm hoping to have some biscuits and gravy with my Patriot brother from Monticello, KY during our time together.

It's another crazy week here and another one ahead. I get home from Kentucky on Sunday and head to Huntsville, AL on Monday for most of the week. I'm hoping to have the following weekend at home to work on garden stuff. I'm starting to feel like Gilligan must have felt like on the Island hoping to someday get home. But it's all good and I can't complain by any means. I am truly blessed. If you email me and don't get a reply back quickly I will get to you as soon as possible.

HFS was on the Cumberland Plateau last Sunday teaching Protecting Your Five Mile Radius class to about 105 like-minded Patriots. It was a great time to be together. I was thrilled to get some time with about 10 HFS members who traveled from different locations for the training and time to see one another. It is always great to see family. The class being taught was deep and task oriented and those who are holding on to their last Twinkie will likely not follow through with the steps needed to better protect and understand their local environment. It's just that simple. How bad do you want it? It? Personal safety and control of your community. I want to give out a big "thank you" to the organization who hosted the event and invited me back. At the conclusion of the class I got to have dinner with Festus and Mrs. Festus, and another HFS Patriot sister who joined us for training.

We are getting close!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to those who donated to the 2023 donation drive already. Bless you and thank you so much. You are the fuel to keep the HFS mission rolling forward another year. We are three quarters of the way through March, and we have received about 85% of our needed goal for the year. Thanks again to those who already donated. Your generosity is much appreciated. It's not too late to donate and help us achieve our 100% goal for 2023. We hope you will consider doing as much.

Let us move along....

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HFS Thursday Zoom Session -HFS Zoom Rally #105 was conducted, and the agenda presented discussions on fear and open chatter between all attendees on ongoing projects, positive and negative results, and efforts going in to the spring months. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Check out HFS YouTube. - HFS interviews Homesteaders Kathy and Mike who shares over 30 years of homesteading experience, lessons learned, endured disasters and losses, and things that helps them in their homesteading lifestyle. This is a two-part series. We thank Kathy and Mike for four the four hours of time spent with HFS. Check it out Part 2 here.

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Upcoming Training Opportunities -

- Kentucky Gun and Preparedness Expo - $10 per person, Leburn, KY, March 25 & 26, HFS Kentucky family come check out this event. The classes and speakers will be posted later in January. HFS will be on site teaching three classes at this event. Eastern Kentucky's Largest Sportsman Show – The Gun & Preparedness Sportsman's Expo (

- Mountain Readiness - Harmany, NC, May 5 - 7, 2023 - $0 TO $64.95 - Mountain Readiness is family friendly event centered around learning the skills of our ancestors. Mountain Readiness in an expo in which survival and readiness experts from across the country will gather to teach their craft. There will be live demonstrations, classes, and vendors. Mountain Readiness is an expo in which survival and readiness experts, presenters, and vendors will provide the knowledge, tools, and hands on training to further develop your self-sufficiency skills. HFS will be on site teaching classes at this event.

- Heritage Life Skills - Lite - July 21-23, 2023 - Haywood Community College - Hope for Survival will be teaming with Carolina Readiness Supply (CRS) to put this event together and offer some mid-summer preparedness training in Clyde, NC. We will be posting more information on classes, guest speakers, vendors and more very soon.

This is a great time to spend the weekend with likeminded individuals who may be in your community and wishing to build community teams, train together, and work together on projects.

How much does preparing mean to you?

- Project Appleseed - Project Appleseed | Project Appleseed ( - This is a great program and opportunity to learn and spend time with a loved one, especially children. The link offers viewing for which states offering the Appleseed program. (Thanks Festus, for this submission)

Guest and Newcomers

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Hope for Survival - How Food, Water, Shelter, and Security Could Save Your Life (Book 1)

Hope for Survival - The Mindset (Book 2)

HFS Thumb Drive for Emergency Documents - We just restocked the HFS Thumb drive and have them available now. Follow this link and you will see the add at the top of the page. Blog | Survival (

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding....Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site is not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Occasionally I use words only Patriots recognize and understand. It's not personal against any non-Patriot. It's just the truth. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay. When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope.

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week

Wilson's Corner - "Amazing how the world sees us when it is they who hang out with nuts."

- Yes, keep your circle small and be careful who you let enter. You can let lots of squirrels on the playground, but you should fully trust who you let near your nest.

- When I watch you humans, I notice everything to be a crisis. Why? Are you not under control of your own life? If you think your life is crazy just watch us squirrels and how fast and far, we run to protect a simple nut.

- If I may ask, why are they threatening to charge Orange Man Bad when another former XXX had a paid acquaintance name Jones. Remember her? Did they lock him up? Is this going to be part of a new Showtime series? Stormy weather turns Orange Man gray.

Let us move along....

I want to give a quick shout out to the many HFS preparers who are doing great stuff. From NC, TN, GA, VA, to AL, SC, and KY. Let's even expand out to OK and CO and not forget OH as well. Patriots all over are hard at work building, planning, training, and knocking on doors to meet their neighbors. Radios, gardens, team building, canning, learning bees, and homesteading. I'm proud of your hard work and commitment to yourself and your family. Keep charging and don't look back.

Next ...

Man in the High Castle - Why does it seem like we have been here before in my lifetime. Some of you young puppies (seems weird to say) may not relate to some points in this conversation.

Did any of you watch the Amazon Prime series or read the book by the same title a few years ago? You know, sometimes Hollywood creates movies and series to gauge a public response to it. Think back to 1976 and the wild and beyond belief movie titled Star Wars. Wow. Who would have even thought over the next 45 plus years, the revenue earned from multiple Star Wars movies, t-shirts, equipment, and such. Then in March 1983 President Reagan announced the start of Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or "Star Wars" program, which is now part of Space Force with research and development through the Missile Defense Agency or MDA. The old far-fetched space movie is a multi-billion-dollar industry today. There's minimal shown on the big screen that is not already in existence or being gauged for a populace reaction.

In the circles of tin foil hats, tinted windows and homes enclosed in full faraday cages, many discussions have and continue to occur regarding the United States being spilt into East-West regions with Russia controlling the east to Mississippi and China controlling the west from the Pacific to Mississippi. Crazy huh? This is the premise of Man in the High Castle, but it was post WW II and the Nazi's controlled the east and Japan controlled the west. Crazy huh? Maybe so, or maybe not. China needs our land more than anything to grow food for their people. Many discussions include fear of a nuclear war, which one should never rule out. However, using a nuclear weapon would negate why China needs American soil. Furthermore, why use a weapon of such destruction that would make US soil unusable for years, when they control 90% of our pharmaceutical industry and also own the software that protects our US grid control system, and they also own the contract that protects such software. Would you like to meet the moron that awarded this contract out from our federal government.

Years ago, former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger stated the world cannot not operate with three super powers, that being China, Russia, and the United States. Today, it appears China and Russia are teamed against the other remaining superpower. Under President Reagan the United States basically outspent Russia to defeat the former Soviet Union. Many on the left claimed Reagan was bankrupting the United States by spending hundreds of billions of dollars on defense. Today, we hope the government will only spend billions, but it is clear trillions is the new buzz word when talking government spending. It is pretty clear factions within the United States government are pro-China and is it possible we are headed for a China Russia world control? One only has to research briefly and look around to see the mass land purchases by China of farmland around America to ask the question, what is the US government intent in allowing so much land to be controlled by China. In Man in the High Castle, our land was occupied by enemy governments. Today, through the power of digital technology and debt, does the enemy have to physically occupy our nation to control it? Words are cheap and one only has to look so far to realize actions and control speaks loudly to what is happening. By the way, the US owes China about $1.1 trillion dollars in borrowed money and another $700 million to Russia, which is down about 70% since the start of 2022. Money, power, influence, and global needs. Funny how this is all politics and none of the mentioned areas gets discussed with the American tax payers footing the bill or enduring the outcome of decisions.

Here is an interesting article posted by Zero Hedge and authored by Tyler Durden that talks to this same topic. China Gives US Advice On Ukraine After Xi, Putin Pledge To Shape New World Order | ZeroHedge (Thanks Festus, for this submission)

Next ....

Conviction - What is your conviction? What are your priorities based on what you are convicted to? I was listening to one of my favorite podcasters this week and he asked the question I just asked you. What are you convicted to and are you seeing the big picture through the trees of your own biases and anger towards past events.

A few months ago, I asked the HFS Zoom group about convictions and if individual focus was in the right area or biased towards their political party based on the last six years. Yes, a few feathers ruffled and a few squawked around kicking up dust. Understand completely. But what I'm asking are you convicted to wallowing in anger to further support candidate A or should we focus on what is best for our nation and supporting a return to our nation's foundation and constitutional republic. The former is putting yourself out to support a candidate who turned his back on those locked up on Jan 6, 2021, who remain incarcerated. Now, same candidate is calling on supporters to come to NY to protest peacefully if he is arrested. And when those visiting NY gets locked up, who is going to defend and support their efforts?

Let me make it clear, I'm not anti-candidate A. Not on any account. But, I am an American first and I must ask, what is best for our nation to move forward without further years of division. How will our nation recover without further societal destruction. We heard it all during candidate A's 2016 campaign from "lock her up" to more negative barbs to clean the swamp. She didn't get locked up and Candidate A responded, "she's not so bad" and the rest is history. Even though the reality is, these things do not happen at the highest level. Accept it. Right, wrong, or indifferent isn't the point. Yes, we thought Candidate A was an outsider and different and he would proceed to deliver justice and cleanse government of wrong doers. Didn't happen. So why would anyone believe it would happen now?

Yes, my family compensated financially during the term of Candidate A. Better taxes and a climbing market delivered positive retirement plans for many. We also witnessed one of the best efforts to achieve a Middle East Peace deal. I believe the final tally was three countries shy of having a complete Middle Eastern nations agreement to the deal. This was unheard of and rarely discussed. We also witnessed a booming economy, lower fuel and heating cost, and energy independence. All noteworthy accomplishments. Agree? On the other hand, we witnessed Candidate A fully support the national rollout of Covid-19 vaccinations. The nation was shut down fully for months, tanking the economy, bankrupting family-owned businesses, and costing many of their jobs for refusing the vaccination. All based on guidance from disloyal advisers to Candidate A. To date, Candidate A continues to encourage citizens to get the vaccination and Candidate A voices the fact he is responsible for getting the vaccination out to the nation. I do believe taking the vaccination is a persona choice, either way. My opinion to take it or not doesn't matter and my opinion should only impact me. I defended your freedom of choice for 20 years so to now tell you that you are right or wrong, would not be fair. My problem is with the mandate and the enforcement that bankrupted so many, based on untruthful appointed servants.

I hear more excuses than answers to why this happened. My goal is not to convince a person either way. I'm simply asking the question, is your conviction for redemption of Candidate A for how he was treated or are you convicted because you believe Candidate A is our only hope going forward?

I meet many, more than not, who express their feelings and opinions to Candidate A being the savior for our nation. I even hear "he is our only hope." Really? Please don't make this statement if you tell me you are a Christian as well. We can debate the ongoing discussion as to how the 2020 election transpired. I get it. But when one applies faith and an understanding of how things transpire, the debate and discussion ends. Which is it going to be?

If you want to approach this from the faith perspective, let's go back to 2015 and how millions of faith-based Americans cried and prayed for a Godly intervention or reprise to give us four years to work hard and get our act together in America. Guess what? God delivered and we failed. It was worse at the end of 2020 than when it started in 2015. Sadly, many of these same Christians are laced with fear and stress to what is taking place in our nation. Get out of the valley of fear and get back on the bridge of God's promise in Isaiah 41:10 - Don't panic. I'm with you. There's no need to fear for I'm your God. I'll give you strength. I'll help you. I'll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.

Faith or not, I want you to give thought to your conviction to America before it's too late. A bigger movement than one single candidate can deliver is needed and quickly. Agree? Even as our nation rolled like a steam train down the tracks delivering jobs, affordable food and fuel, no wars, and a position of strength and intimidation around the world, internally cleaning of the deep state swamp monsters did not occur. It MUST occur for any Constitutional candidate to succeed, and our nation grow healthy again. No matter how beautiful the lip sticked pig is outside of Washington, D.C., the government itself must be fixed where even political convictions are for America, not political ideology and citizens can choose dependency or self-reliance on self and family, without interference.

I know I will get more angry bird email on this topic and that is okay if it means you at least thought about it. Today, we have the individual privilege of voting our choice, tomorrow, maybe not and even with candidate A in power, it was apparent the legal voting process was flawed. Just be truthful with yourself and determine which is more important to you and our nation.

Let us talk about another area of conviction. I often run in to people who tell me all the things wrong with the world and all the solutions. When I ask them what they are doing to prepare I am told every excuse on planet earth. I'm thinking to myself, in the time this person spent listening and watching all the fear porn and doom and gloom, they could have invested half that time to prepare their family. Agree? How can a person spend 20 hours per week getting their fear porn high and be able to tell others all the wrong doings of the world and yet not recognize their life jacket has no air or straps and they are going down with all the troublemakers creating the problems the person is complaining about. These are and will be the first natives sneaking on the boat to escape the island. This is why I still believe most Patriots conviction to the Constitution and our way of life will not go beyond the mailbox in their driveway.

I can't make this stuff up, Patriots.

Next ....

During weeks when I'm pressured for extra time and I haven't finished the PENL yet, I will dip in to either HFS Books 1 or 2 and share some of the information with you here in the newsletter. This week I'm sharing medicinal information with you from HFS Book 1, Chapter 10 - Medical. The below information is a small portion of the contents in the chapter. If you are new to preparedness or haven't expanded your efforts in to essential oils, herbal plants, honey and cider, you are missing out.

Readily Available Options

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has many uses and to fighting sinus infections is just one of them. Apple cider vinegar contains powerful antimicrobial agents which helps to kill off harmful bacteria that may be lurking in your gut and nasal passages. It also gives you the added bonus of giving a boost to the good bacteria. The vinegar component will also help to break up congested mucous.

If you make apple cider vinegar yourself, like you will have to after the SHTF, then you will be all set! But if you want to try this before the SHTF, there is something you must know when buying apple cider vinegar from a store. Most apple cider vinegar bottles that you buy at the store will unfortunately be filtered. This is not what you want. You MUST use unfiltered vinegar that still has the "mother" aka culture that is used when making the vinegar. Without the Mother, you are wasting your time and will unjustly conclude that this natural cure is nothing but hogwash.

Once you have the unfiltered apple cider vinegar, you can use it to fix your sinus infection. Simply mix up 2 spoonful of apple cider vinegar with 1 spoonful of honey. Mix into a cup of warm water and drink immediately. Do this about a half hour before each meal.

A more direct route is also available if you really want to attack the infection head on. Mix 2 spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water and very slowly and carefully drop by drop administer into the nasal passage. This isn't the most pleasant experience, but it should work even better than ingestion.

Honey: Honey is obviously a recognized food and has been for thousands of years, but it also has medicinal uses as well.

Acne: Wash your face really well to clean the skin, then apply raw honey to the affected area. Keep it about at least 30 minutes before rinsing it off. Honey works on acne by helping keep moisture in the skin and because the anti-bacterial properties kill off the bacteria that cause acne.

Arthritis: Honey is a great treatment for arthritis because honey has anti-inflammatory properties. Arthritis is basically inflammation of a joint. Help with inflammation means help with arthritis.

Asthma: Asthma is a condition that lead those afflicted with it to have episodes of shortness of breath wheezing and chest congestion. Severe episodes can lead to death as the longs air sacs contract and restrict the exchange of Oxygen to the blood. The symptoms of asthma can also lead to common colds.

Pollen: Pollen, certain foods, intense exercise or impure air can trigger asthma attacks. If you suffer from Asthma, you can control it to some extent by simply avoiding things that trigger attacks. A honey and cinnamon combination is a popular home remedy for treating asthma symptoms. Take before sleep and soon after awaking.

Allergies: Eating honey from bees in your area can guard against the allergies that the pollen of local plants induces. Repeatedly eating the raw honey builds up your body’s resistance to these allergies.

Burns: Honey is a great treatment for burn victims. Studies have shown it does a better job than the silver treatments that people usually get. Simply gently apply the honey to the affected area. Bad burns often prove fatal once the patient get infections. Honey is a great and helps prevent the infections from happening.

Cough: Honey has been shown to be a better treatment for coughs than dextromethorphan. Keep in mind that there are a number of reasons why you cough and that coughing does serve a purpose. But sometimes the coughing can get excessive, and honey is a proven natural cough suppressant.

Congestion: Honey is also good at loosening up that congestion in your chest. Which will make your coughs more effective. There are other expectorants that you can take such as various teas. I would suggest mixing in a little honey with these to get a more potent affect. It is important to note that you should never give honey to babies. Wait until they are over 1 year old first.

Eczema: Eczema is a persistent inflammation of the skin. It usually appears in childhood and often persist for a lifetime. Eczema affected skin is itchy and gets tiny, red and shiny scales. It is believed to be genetic and not contagious being caused by an over reactive immune system. Honey has strong antibacterial properties which helps prevents infection and even helps make the skin healthier so that long term repeated use of topically applied honey and ingested honey can help improve the lives of eczema suffers immensely.

Gum Disease: Research has proven that honey contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide. Because of this honey not inhibits dental plaque bacteria.

Silvercillin or Silver Shield: This is an antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral solution using silver micro-particles and filtered water. It can be widely purchased on the internet. Because it functions much like a prescribed antibiotic, it can be used for many types of infections. Sinus infections, ear infections, colds, pneumonia, pink eye, inflammation, and skin disorders respond well to treatment. I have personally used this and have conversed with multiple local users of this product.

Essential Oils

When I first started learning about oils, I was introduced to Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy, the Alton’s of Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine. Additionally, I reference The Kings Medicine Cabinet by Dr. Josh Axe describing essential oil uses, cures and recipes for healing. I have learned a great deal as they have researched and provided information and guidance and many methods and products for preparedness and building a non-medic plan.

This information was derived from the website of Dr. Joe and Nurse Amy at

You might be surprised to learn that the Food and Drug Administration only requires 10% essential oil in the bottle to be considered “Pure Essential Oil”. Beware of claims of FDA certification; the FDA has no certification or approval process for these products.

Essential oils are produced by plants to serve as either an attractant to pollinator insects (hence their strong fragrance) or as a repellant against invading organisms, from bacteria to animal predators. These substances usually contain multiple chemical compounds, making each plant’s essential oil unique. Oils may be produced by leaves, bark, flowers, resin, fruit or roots. For example, Lemon oil comes from the peel, Lavender oil from flowers, and Cinnamon oil from bark. Some plants are sources of more than one essential oil, dependent on the part processed. Some plant materials produce a great deal of oil; others produce very little. The strength or quality of the oil is dependent on multiple factors, including soil conditions, time of year, sub-species of plant, and even the time of day the plant is harvested.

The manufacture of essential oils, known as “extraction”, can be achieved by various methods:

Distillation Method: Using a “still” like old-time moonshiners, water is boiled through an amount of plant material to produce a steam that travels through cooled coils. This steam condenses into a “mixture” of oil and water (which doesn’t really mix) from which the oil can be extracted.

Pressing Method: The oils of citrus fruit can be isolated by a technique which involves putting the peels through a “press”. This works best with the oiliest of plant materials, such as orange skins.

Maceration Method: a fixed oil (sometimes called a “carrier” oil) or lard may be combined with the plant part and exposed to the sun over time, causing the fixed oil to become infused with the plant “essence”. Oftentimes, a heat source is used to move the process along. The plant material may be added several times during the process to manufacture a stronger oil. This is the method by which you obtain products such as “garlic-infused olive oil”. A similar process using flowers is referred to as “Enfleurage”.

Solvent Method: Alcohol and other solvents may be used on some plant parts, usually flowers, to release the essential oil in a multi-step process. As each essential oil has different chemical compounds in it, it stands to reason that the medicinal benefits of each are also different. As such, an entire alternative medical discipline has developed to find the appropriate oil for the condition that needs treatment. The method of administration may differ, as well. Common methods include:

Inhalation Therapy: This method is also known as “aromatherapy”. Add a few drops of the essential oil in a bowl of steaming water (distilled or sterilized), and inhale. This method is most effective when placing a towel over your head to catch the vapors. Many people will place essential oils in potpourri or use a “diffuser” to spread the aroma throughout the room; this technique probably dilutes any medicinal effects, however.

Topical Application: The skin is an amazing absorbent surface, and using essential oils by direct application is a popular method of administration. The oil may be used as part of a massage, or directly placed on the skin to achieve a therapeutic effect on a rash or muscle. Before considering using an essential oil in this manner, always test for allergic reactions beforehand. Even though the chemical compounds in the oil are natural, that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have an adverse effect on you (case in point: poison ivy).

A simple test involves placing a couple of drops on the inside of your forearm with a cotton applicator. Within 12-24 hours, you’ll notice a rash developing if you’re allergic. Mixing some of the essential oil with a fixed or “carrier” oil such as olive oil before use is a safer option for topical use. Another concern, mostly with topically-applied citrus oils, is “phototoxicity” (an exaggerated burn response to sun exposure).

I have some reservations about whether applying an essential oil on the skin over a deep organ, such as the pancreas, will really have any specific effect on that organ. It is much more likely to work, however, on the skin itself or underlying muscle tissue.

Ingestion: Direct ingestion is unwise for many essential oils, and this method should be used with caution. Most internal uses of an essential oil should be of a very small amount diluted in at least a tablespoon of a fixed oil such as olive oil. Professional guidance is imperative when considering this method. You can always consider a tea made with the herb as an alternative. This is a safer mode of internal use, although the effect may not be as strong.

Essential oils have been used as medical treatment for a very long time, but it’s difficult to provide definitive evidence of their effectiveness for several reasons. Essential oils are difficult to standardize, due to variance in the quality of the product based on soil conditions, time of year, and other factors that we mentioned above. An essential Eucalyptus oil may be obtained from Eucalyptus Globulus or Eucalyptus Radiata, for example, and have differing properties as a result. These factors combine to make scientific study problematic.

Despite this, essential oils have various reported beneficial effects, mainly based on their historical use on many thousands of patients by alternative healers. Although there are many essential oils, a number of them are considered mainstays of any herbal medicine cabinet. Here are just some.

Lavender Oil: An analgesic (pain reliever), antiseptic, and immune stimulant. It is thought to be good for skin care and to promote healing, especially in burns, bruises, scrapes, acne, rashes and bug bites. Lavender has a calming effect, and is used for insomnia, stress and depression. It has been reported effective as a decongestant through steam inhalation. Lavender oil may have use as an antifungal agent, and may be used for Athlete’s foot or other related conditions.

Eucalyptus Oil: An antiseptic, antiviral, and decongestant (also an excellent insect repellent), Eucalyptus oil has a “cooling” effect on skin. It also aids with respiratory issues and is thought to boost the immune system. Consider its use for flus, colds, sore throats, coughs, sinusitis, bronchitis, and hay fever. When exposure is expected, it has been reported to have a preventative effect. Eucalyptus may be used in massages, steam inhalation, and as a bath additive. Although eucalyptus oil has been used in cough medicine, it is likely greatly diluted and should not be otherwise ingested in pure form.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil: Diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut, Tea Tree oil may be good for athlete’s foot, acne, skin wounds, and even insect bites. In the garden, Tea Tree oil is a reasonable organic method of pest control. In inhalation therapy, it is reported to help relieve respiratory congestion. Studies have been performed which find it effective against both Staphylococcus and fungal infections. Some even recommend a few drops in a pint of water for use as a vaginal douche to treat yeast. Tea Tree oil may be toxic if used in high concentrations, around sensitive areas like the eyes, or ingested.

Peppermint Oil: This oil is said to have various therapeutic effects: antiseptic, antibacterial, decongestant, and anti-emetic (stops vomiting). Peppermint oil is applied directly to the abdomen when used for digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, and abdominal cramping. Some herbalists prescribe Peppermint for headache; massage a drop or two to the temples as needed. For sudden abdominal conditions, achy muscles or painful joints, massage the diluted oil externally onto the affected area. As mentioned previously, definitive proof of topical application effects on deep organs is difficult to find.

Lemon Oil: Used for many years as a surface disinfectant, it is often found in furniture cleaners. Many seem to think that this disinfecting action makes it good for sterilizing water, but there is no evidence that it is as effective as any of the standard methods of doing so, such as boiling. Lemon oil is thought to have a calming effect; some businesses claim to have better results from their employees when they use it as aromatherapy. Don’t apply this oil on the skin if you will be exposed to the sun that day, due to possible phototoxicity.

Clove Oil: Although thought to have multiple uses as an anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral, analgesic, and sedative, Clove oil particularly shines as an anesthetic and antimicrobial. It is marketed as “Eugenol” to dentists throughout the world as a natural pain killer for toothaches. A toothpaste can be made by combining clove oil and baking soda; when mixed with zinc oxide powder, it makes an excellent temporary cement for lost fillings and loose crowns. Use Clove oil with caution, as it may have an irritant effect on the gums if too much is applied.

Arnica Oil: Arnica oil is used as a topical agent for muscle injuries and aches. Thought to be analgesic and anti-inflammatory, it is found in a number of sports ointments. As a personal aside, I have tested this oil on myself, and found it to be effective though not very long lasting. Frequent application would be needed for long term relief. Although some essential oils are excellent as aromatherapy, Arnica oil is toxic if inhaled.

Chamomile Oil: There are at least two versions of Chamomile oil, Roman and German. Roman Chamomile is a watery oil, while German Chamomile seems more viscous. Both are used to treat skin conditions such as eczema as well as irritations due to allergies. Chamomile oil is thought to decrease gastrointestinal inflammation and irritation, and is thought have a calming effect as aromatherapy, especially in children.

Geranium Oil: Although variable in its effects based on the species of plant used, Geranium oil is reported to inhibit the production of sebum in the skin, and may be helpful in controlling acne. Some believe that it also may have hemostatic (blood-clotting) properties, and is often recommended for bleeding from small cuts and bruising. When a small amount of oil is diluted in shampoo, it may be considered a treatment for head lice.

Helichrysum Oil: Thought to be a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory, Helichrysum is used to treat arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibromyalgia as part of massage therapy. It has also been offered as a treatment for chronic skin irritation.

Rosemary Oil: Represented as having multiple uses as an antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic, Rosemary oil is proven to control spider mites in gardens. Use a few drops with water for a disinfectant mouthwash. Inhalation, either cold or steamed, may relieve congested or constricted respiration. Mixed with a carrier oil, it is used to treat tension headaches and muscle aches.

Clary Sage Oil: One of the various chemical constituents of Clary Sage has a composition similar to estrogen, and has been used to treat menstrual irregularities, premenstrual syndrome, and other hormonal issues. It is also believed to have a mild anticoagulant effect, and may have some use as a blood thinner. Clary Sage also is thought to have some sedative effect, and has been used as a calming agent.

Neem Oil: With over 150 chemical ingredients, the Neem tree is referred as “the village pharmacy” in its native India. The majority of Ayurvedic alternative remedies have some form of Neem oil in them. Proven as a natural organic pesticide, we personally use Neem Oil in our vegetable garden. Reported medicinal benefits are too numerous to list here and seem to cover just about every organ system. It should be noted, however, that it may be toxic when the oil is taken internally.

Wintergreen Oil: A source of natural salicylates, Wintergreen oil is a proven anticoagulant and analgesic. About 1 fluid ounce of Wintergreen Oil is the equivalent of 171 aspirin tablets if ingested, so use very small amounts. It may also have beneficial effects on intestinal spasms and might reduce blood pressure in hypertensives.

Frankincense Oil: One of the earliest documented essential oils, evidence of its use goes back 5000 years to ancient Egypt. Studies from Johns Hopkins and Hebrew Universities state that Frankincense relieves anxiety and depression in mice (how, exactly, was this determined?). Direct application of the oil may have antibacterial and antifungal properties, and is thought to be helpful for wound healing. As a cold or steam inhalant, it is sometimes used for lung and nasal congestion.

Blue Tansy Oil: Helpful as a companion plant for organic pest control, Blue Tansy is sometimes planted along with potatoes and other vegetables. The oil has been used for years to treat intestinal worms and other parasites. One of its constituents, Camphor, is used in medicinal chest rubs and ointments. In the past, it has been used in certain dental procedures as an antibacterial.

Oregano Oil: An antiseptic, oregano oil has been used in the past as an antibacterial agent. It should be noted that Oregano oil is derived from a different species of the plant than the Oregano used in cooking. One of the minority of essential oils that are safe to ingest, it is thought to be helpful in calming stomach upset, and may help relieve sore throats. Its antibacterial action leads some to use the oil in topical applications on skin infections when diluted with a carrier oil. Oregano Oil may reduce the body’s ability to absorb iron, so consider an iron supplement if you use this regularly.

Thyme Oil: Reported to have significant antimicrobial action, diluted Thyme oil is used to cure skin infections, and may be helpful for ringworm and athlete’s foot. Thyme is sometimes used to reduce intestinal cramps in massage therapy. As inhalation therapy, it may loosen congestion from upper respiratory infections.

Many essential oils are marketed as blends, such as “Thieves’ Oil”. This is a combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils. Touted to treat a broad variety of ailments, studies at Weber State University indicate a good success rate in killing airborne viruses and bacteria. Of course, the more elements in the mixture, the higher chance for adverse reactions, such as phototoxicity.

Some important caveats to the above list should be stated here. Most of the essential oils listed are unsafe to use in pregnancy, and may even cause miscarriage. Also, allergic reactions to essential oils, especially on the skin, are not uncommon; use the allergy test I described earlier before starting regular topical applications. Even though essential oils are natural substances, they may interact with medicines that you may regularly take or have adverse effects on chronic illness such as liver disease, epilepsy or high blood pressure. Thorough research is required to determine whether a particular essential oil is safe for you.

Having said that, essential oils are a viable option for many conditions. Anyone interested in maintaining their family’s well-being should regard them as just another weapon in the medical arsenal. Learn about them with an open mind, but maintain a healthy skepticism about “cure-all” claims.

Thats all Patriots...

Preparedness News -

1. Old World Farms - How To Stop Tomato Blossom Rot & Blight - Grow Healthy Plants! ( - I think anyone who has grown tomatoes at some point has endured blossom rot or blight during the growing process. Check out this article for some suggestions to prevent it from occurring. Good luck.

2. From Brook Bowen - Mind 4 Survival - Things I Learned Traveling Abroad With My Family - Mind4Survival - Good information to check out and consider from a world traveler. Does this apply to you in any way?

3. From Amy Allen - The Organic Prepper - 10 Herbs for Wound Care: A Prepper's Herbal Medicine Cabinet ( - Have you ever hung out with a herbalist very long? Did they blow your mind telling you all the weeds around you that are beneficial to your survival and well being? Yea, I understand. Been there, done that. Take the time to read, learn, and prepare in this area.

4. From Next Step Survival - How To Build A Trauma Kit - Next Step Survival - Put down the Twinkie and take action now to build your home and vehicle first aid and trauma kit. Your life could depend on it. Sign up and take classes TODAY to know how to use the kit you built.

5. From Prep School Daily - Prep School Daily: Common and Off-Label Uses of Antihistamines - More good advice to consider. Do we ever have enough?

Other News -

1. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - FedNow Instant Payments Are Coming And CBDCs Will Follow | ZeroHedge - Interesting take on the coming CBDCs through FedNow which is being launched soon. The nation is bankrupt and any program announced at the federal level should be viewed with caution. Yea, well remember the old song by The Fixx titled One Step Leads to Another? Proceed with caution. (Thanks Festus for this submission)

2. From Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - 85 Per Cent of Trump Supporters Think Protesting Against Arrest is a January 6-Style Trap – Summit News - Even though the Constitution permits the forming and use of Militias. It is a duty of American citizens. But, just like Jan 6, in the current environment citizens better be smart enough to smell a rat before the cage door slams shut. Once in the cage one may never get out and its a fact no one at the high level is coming to rescue you. Pick and choose your cause wisely. (Thanks Festus, for this submission)

3. From Larry Elder - Chronicles - White Man Down: Frustration Is Not Racism - Chronicles ( - Good read from a good man. Speak as we train you not how you feel. Yep, that is the new way to get along in the current culture. Sounds like a plan for Titanic II to me.

4. From Cortney Weil - Blaze Media - Michigan university to host 5 separate graduation 'celebrations' based on race, sexual orientation - Conservative Review - Yep, another Hokie Poky adventure before our eyes. Whine low and watch the higher ups jump to appease you. Are we heading to a more divided nation than before the Civil War? Leave it up to the media and you will see it before your eyes.

5. From Margot Cleveland - The Federalist - Grants Reveal Feds' Horrific Plans To Censor Americans’ Speech ( - If you like things the way they are I'm sorry to inform you it is changing almost daily and not for the good.

6. From Jonathan Turley - Biden’s Collapsing Sgt. Schultz Defense: New Evidence Shows The President Played Direct Role in Addressing Hunter’s Business Deals – JONATHAN TURLEY - They know they can't beat him at the polls, so all efforts are going forward to use a corrupted system to bring him down. Good read.

That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. We pray for good health and wisdom. Please pray for our leadership to find answers and guidance to the problems facing our great nation. May your faith remain strong and answers to the unknown provided. God is good and may our prayers blanket and protect you and your circumstances. I pray for each, and every one of our Patriots.

The HFS family needs lots of prayers right now. We have several sisters and brothers in great need of uplifting. Prayers are needed in Central AL up to Huntsville, AL and our Patriot brother who remains with serious health issues. Prayers are still needed in northern GA, MD, KY, NC and TN. Please pray for our Patriot sister in Western NC who deals with nerve issues impacting her back and ability to function daily.

May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world. We must continually pray for the unsaved, our family and friends who live each day without the protection for eternal life and salvation.

As Patriots we must stay strong and never give up. Our home, community, and nation need us now more than ever. Stay focused on your local community and things that will impact you around the nation. Don't allow the events around you to create fear in your life. Build your own self-reliance and focus on faith and hope. Remember we are a blessed nation, and we must continue to be great people today and make a better tomorrow. Keep charging.


Bravo Echo Out,

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I'm so grateful to have found you, brother, through our mutual friend in Pennsylvania. Your words about Candidate A are spot on! I have said the same thing to others who are rabid supporters and they get very mad at me. I have lost friends over the criticisms I have of Candidate A, even though I voted for him twice. There was a time when honest criticism of your own candidate was accepted as a natural part of being an American, now you must have complete loyalty to one side or the other or you are ostracized by both. My loyalty to America is unquestioned. I am a combat veteran. I left my civilian career after 09/11 to raise my…

Replying to

Brother, thank you for your very kind comment. We are blessed to have you with the HFS family. You fit in perfectly with the rest of us who try our best to keep our focus and priorities in order daily in this cruel and unbalanced world. Bless you. I was in KY all weekend teaching preparedness at a Preparedness Expo, and you would be surprised at the number of Patriots I talked with who expressed your words and my thoughts on conviction. Many aren't yet realizing it yet but lines are being drawn in the sand between candidate A and a possible second candidate from Florida. Patriots are not neutral for the nation first, then party and who …

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