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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition#208

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #208. I hope you all survived your March okay and are ready to cruise into April. No April fools' jokes from HFS because we are surrounded by so many things we could categorize as April fools' jokes. Heck, we could declare some humans as April fool's jokes, couldn't we? Speaking of jokes, have you ever wondered where the white goes when snow melts? Okay, okay, have you ever wondered where common sense goes when politicians move to Washington D.C.?

In the past week I have met so many great Patriots who are just like us. They love God and our great nation. I had a great trip to the Kentucky Gun and Preparedness Expo in Leburn, KY. HFS ended up teaching four classes over two days and I enjoyed it much. This was a great event. I also got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Paul Valone, author of Rules for Anti-Radicals, Jim Cobb who is well known nationally for his preparedness books, magazines, and videos, and a new friend in Dr. Jason Hunt of Camp Craft Outdoors. Plus, I enjoyed great conversations with new friends I met from KY, IN, OH, WI, WV, TN and VA. Thanks to everyone who shared time with me to chat. While at this event I got to pow around and have dinner with several HFS family members from KY, VA, and TN. These are priceless times together relaxing, breaking bread, laughing, and fellowshipping together.

It seems lots of chatter is swirling around us regarding the rolling out of the digital platform soon. I also read that Mexico is trying to be part of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) group. Many news outlets outside the United States are discussing the demise of the Petro Dollar which will literally crazy the US dollar domestically, the way I understand it. Time will tell I suppose. I heard today is now officially a new Federal holiday as announced by the White House yesterday. Meanwhile the courts of NY flanked left and pulled the old trickery play by announcing the court was closed the remainder of the week and would continue the possible indictment against our former President. They come out the following day and throw the hail Mary by officially indicting him. It' a sad day in the history of our nation. I wonder if orange man is now regretting not locking her up. It is also pretty revealing how the former president, a Democrat, was loved by many while passing out checks. He puts the R by his title and the freeloaders blow flames and hate him to the point of trying to destroy him and his family. And we haven't even arrived to April fools day yet.

HFS annual March Madness Donation drive ending soon. Thanks to everyone who donated through the month of March to help us work towards reaching our goal. Your generous support will keep us operating through 2023. It's not too late to donate and help us achieve 100%. for 2023. We hope you will consider doing as much.

Let us move along....

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