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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #212

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #212. April was here and gone and now May is staring is square in the face. Shortly we will be halfway through 2023. It seems we blink and something is different, a law has changed, someone we love is gone, and we didn't complete as many task in the previous month as we desired. Welcome to life.

I heard a great quote recently that is so applicable to each day we live now. It says "some people are like clouds. Once they disappear its a beautiful day." Ever feel this way throughout your day? I do even though I try harder each day to be more open minded and accepting of others who may be or think differently. I was at my favorite pizza place recently in my small town. Ms. Lucy was away and it was a pizza day for sure. I called in my order and went through drive through to pick it up. The young lady who waited on me at the window had on clothes that had to have been about five sizes to small, hence her chest, shoulders, and arms all showed skin. The gal had more tattoos covering her upper torso than I had toppings on my pizza. Heck, her lime green and purple hair didn't even catch my eye for about 30 seconds until she went to hand me my pizza. As a conservative person it is hard for me to adjust to all the modern world changes around us.

It has been an amazing week since I was last here to talk with you. Ms. Lucy and I went on the road to Roxboro, NC to conduct a full day of training to a large group gathered from several communities. What an amazing event we experienced. First class hospitality, great food, wonderful host lodging and meals, dinner out post-training with awesome Patriots and the complete package. Training day was roughly 8 hours with five classes delivered. Lunch break was catered in from Golden Corral with baked or fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and rolls. Then, a dessert table was set up with soooo many goodies. It was a feast. I met so many new Patriots who attended the event. So many concerned citizens to where our nation is going. I look forward to future communication with the new folks. I can't thank the Roxboro host team and the pastor of the church used for training, enough for their hard work putting this event together. Great job.

On my way back from NC I got to pass through Roanoke, VA to see our youngest daughter and her husband and three grandkids. We actually got to attend church with them Sunday late morning. Ms. Lucy stayed behind for a visit, and I went on to WV to visit family for about 24 hours before heading home to unpack and repack to head out to Huntsville, AL for day stuff. I was blessed with sunny skies and safe travel.

It was great to have dinner with Huntsville HFS Patriots during my time in Huntsville, AL this week. Thanks to the local Patriots for bringing guest to join us for a meal and good chat. I always feel blessed when I get time together with fellow Patriots. It is great to talk to individuals and hear how things are going and how their preparedness journey is going. It was also wonderful to see and chat with Alabama Rebel and Mrs. AlabamaRebel. Thanks for joining us. Bless you all.

Thank you for your support to HFS weekly and your time to read the PENL. In the past two months, HFS has taught classes to nearly 350 new Patriots in three states and added over 250 new members to HFS.

Let us move along....

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