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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #215

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #215. Thank you for being here. Really, it's much appreciated. Can you believe it, May is halfway over. What is moving faster, the calendar or the daily events we are witnessing around our nation and world. Many things come to mind this week, but I don't want to waste your time telling you what you likely already know. As Bob Dylan once recorded, the times are changing. Yes, they are, and we each must decide if it's for the better or worse. I would believe since you are here, we are in unison to the problems we face and the storm appearing on the horizon. The question remains what each of us will do about it.

Sometimes we just need a fresh start to our day. Put both feet on the floor and say enough is enough. Take the plunge and have yourself some sausage gravy over your choice of goodies. In all seriousness, starting each day with a fresh mind and attitude certainly helps. Being thankful and giving thanks for all your blessings is so fulfilling. It was great to spend the week here in East TN at home working on preparedness items on my long list of things to do. Our garden is showing signs of life and our recent rain left a big smile on the plants. They love fresh rainwater vs tap water. How is your garden coming along? Ms. Lucy worked hard piecing our bird netting together to drape over our blueberry bushes soon. The bushes are loaded, and the fruit is turning from green to purple. The birds are lined up fighting over who gets the first feast. This is why the net must be put in place. I will most likely put in the netting over the green beans and sweet potatoes this weekend. We are truly blessed and the more I realize it the harder it is for me to believe how many Americans hate the nation we call home.

Down below under thoughts for the week you will find some of the numerous websites and podcasts. Along the annual HFS journey folks often ask what sites we use for news and information. You will see below it's impossible to stand and quote them to anyone. This is a compilation of different areas HFS uses for information covering numerous preparedness areas. Having the sites is great but what you do with the information is most important. Have fun.

I had the chance to speak with a couple of our HFS Patriots located in other regions during my drive home last week and it was great having some time for quality conversations. Of all the things I miss doing Hope for Survival it is spending time with all the great Patriots who are doing their best in these trying times we live. Thanks for your time and the laughs we could find while discussing the world we are experiencing. Bless you all.

I want to point out to folks living in conservative red states with conservative governors. Don't let your guard down and hold them to the fire. Follow every move they make, what they sign, and who is backing them. As we are witnessing in red conservative state Tennessee, having the title and past history does not mean these individuals will represent and fight for the best values of conservative citizens. Stay awake fellow Patriots.

Let us move along....

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