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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #61

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #61. Thanks for your time and for being here. Ms. Lucy and I certainly appreciate you stopping by to check out news and views for the week. It has been a very blessed week in our household. I believe Ms. Lucy is on the mend from her annual bout of poison ivy. A steroid shot, another script, swollen eye, itch and scratch, and lots of time to mend. It’s looking up.

It was birthday week for Bravo Echo. Ms. Lucy had a few goodies to treat me special along with a few visitors through the week. (More in Thoughts for the Week). It was great. Cupcakes, sugar free cherry pie, biscuits and gravy, Gyro, grilled chicken and veggie kabobs... I'm blessed. I told you how I put in a nice flag pole for our red, white, and blue. I now have a beautiful blue Air Force flag to fly from the back deck. Wilson and I can enjoy two beautiful flags flying as the sun rises each morning. Let the bells of freedom ring across the land. We are free.

I want to thank everyone for your emails over the past week. Thanks for your time to write and communicate with me at HFS. I appreciate your efforts much and the opportunity to chat on whatever topic you present for discussion. It's great reading about all the preparedness projects being worked and completed. One reader from Southeastern N.C. wrote to tell me thanks and how my book, "Hope For Survival" helped their family and other extended family members be prepared in advance of Covid-19 and everything that has followed to date. Thanks for sharing the great news. Self-reliance through preparedness is the goal.

Be sure to check out the training section for a special announcement for an upcoming guest speaker.


Current numbers for Covid-19 are Global: Infected – 6,595,485 Dead – 388,412. National: Infected – 1,902,101 Dead – 109,146.


Hope for Survival Podcast - We currently have 18 short training type Podcast on the Hope for Survival YouTube Channel covering numerous topics of interest to help in your preparedness planning. You can find Podcast on Canning Chicken, Risk Management, Gun safety, home and personal defense, preparedness training, driving security, interviews with like-minded individuals and other topics. Bring a friend or family member and check out the HFS YouTube page. If you like, hit like and consider subscribing so you are notified when I post something new. I hope to have a new Podcast posted soon. I’m actually working on a couple different ones.

You can visit the Hope for Survival YouTube page at

Thursday Zoom Rallies - We are doing weekly preparedness rallies on Thursdays called Zoom Aerobics where we discuss world events and topics of interest with the Patriots attending. We completed week ten on Thursday and I’m sure this event will continue in the weeks ahead. It is very satisfying to see friendships being built and information and skills being taught and learned. We have also started having different attendees conduct specific briefs within the weekly rally. This week’s topic was Essential Oils and Ms. Jeannie presented great information and videos to train the group. Next week will be the "Three best animals for ease of care, space, and protein" to be presented by HFS contributing author, Gun Smoke. These briefs are part of the total zoom rally. Other information on Preparedness is provided and discussed.

Special Guest Speaker: Hope for Survival is happy to announce Christopher Scott from the Christopher Scott podcast will be a special guest speaker at the Thursday, June 25th Zoom Rally.

"Chris is an author, speaker and an American conservative commentator who also offers a conservative alternative. Christopher Scott is not just a conservative news host. Much of his conservative commentary is shaped by perspective of Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Christopher Scott is the author of Common Sense in Modern English which he spent over a year translating form the original manuscript. Making him, arguably the authority on Common Sense. This common sense perspective sets his commentary apart from other far right channels. Because it’s a podcast about ideas it also sets the Christopher Show apart from other political commentators.

A Marine Corps Veteran and freedom loving Patriot, Sir Christopher will speak on Leadership - The expectations of leadership and the consequences of failing to lead."

Please mark your calendar and stop by to support Chris and Hope for Survival. Again, this will be on June 25, 2020, 7 pm EST or 1900 for military time. You can find a link to Chris's Podcast page below in the Thoughts for the Week section.

If you have interest in attending a Hope for Survival Zoom virtual training event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. The virtual conference room information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC reasons.

I have sent out emails letting HFS readers know about doing preparedness classes. We started last Saturday with Risk Analysis and Management and will continue this Saturday with Family Communication Planning. These are free classes. No cost. That is free with no tax. Like, really free. The classes start at 0900 AM EST each Saturday in June. Here's the available courses:

Preparedness 101 (Self) - 3 Hours

Preparedness 102 (Team) - 90 Minutes

Family Communication Planning - 90 Minutes

Risk Analysis Management - 90 Minutes

Bugging in Urban - 90 Minutes

Bugging Out - 90 Minutes

Security-in-Depth Planning - 90 Minutes

Sheltering and Bug Out Bag Plan - 90 Minutes

Food Preparedness and Planning - 90 Minutes

Driving Security - 90 Minutes

Bartering -90 Minutes

June 6 - 0900 EST - Risk Analysis and Management (90 Minutes) - Completed

June 13 - 0900 EST - Family Communication Planning (90 Minutes)

Class Description: If an EMP or Solar Flare hit at this moment, do you know where your family is and how they will get from current location to their destination? If they don’t arrive, would you know where to go look for them? What if a familycell phone goes dead while traveling and encounters a accident. Would you know where to find them? Does your family or team know when to engage the “plan?” This class addresses “What is a Family Communication Plan?” We will discuss; what is communication and emergency communications, what objectives should we build in a plan, who should have your plan, when to trigger your plan, four phases of emergency communications, the “Uh-Oh Plan”, family communication devices, communication plan checklist, and sample emergency plan. The objective of this course is to assist individuals in understanding and creating a plan on how to communicate while separated from family members during emergencies.

June 20 - 0900 EST - Preparedness 101 (3 Hours)

June 27 - 0900 EST - Preparedness 102 (90 Minutes)

If you have any desire to possibly take any of these classes please drop me an email to get the Zoom room reserved. If you wish to donate for the training feel free to do so by hitting the donate button. Or, you can purchase my book as well. All proceeds above cost to print goes to charity. Or you can gain entry with a smile. Pretty easy huh? Most importantly, you can attend for free with no donation or book purchase. Really.