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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #71

Fellow Patriots,

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #71. Grab your beverage and favorite snack or breakfast, depending when you get here to check out this week’s newsletter. I don't know about you but I am feeling like I have been eating way to many breakfast meals during this period of Covid-19 teleworking. With today being a special occasion, eat up and enjoy. Oh, the special occasion is the weekly PENL day. Seems we have special days and events so I have declared a HFS PENL day just for fun. I would suppose this is only on my calendar. The event authorizes a free smile so take advantage of it today. I think our nation needs more smiles.

For the newcomers to the website, the foundation of Hope for Survival is my book, by the same title. If you would like to a copy of Hope for Survival How Food, Water, Shelter, and Security, Could Save Your Life, at this link. All proceeds from book sales goes to charity to support a local foodbank in our region. HFS just put $300 in the foodbank online donation box. Thank you to everyone who purchased books.

The basic platform for HFS is this:

Hope for Survival Mission – To help individuals and families get prepared.

Hope for Survival Goal – Help people as possible become self-reliant.

The book is a basic framework to get you started in Preparedness, but you should continue to build upon the basic-foundation and processes. The theme, Hope for Survival, is built around the book, with the PENL, the HFS website containing over 350 articles and folders set up for specific topics, online and in-resident training, and Zoom rallies conducted each Thursday evening.

My approach is to help the individual, the family and team, and the community. Why? Who covers your back while you sleep? Who protects you while you work in your garden or tend to livestock or work on your ham radio antenna? Do you plan to sleep with one eye open like Festus? How may task on your list requires two people?

I want to thank you for your support and continued visits to the HFS website. I want to welcome the new readers from California, Alabama, Oregon, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Welcome to the HFS family and our ongoing mission to be prepared and self-reliant.


Hope for Survival Podcast – One of the areas HFS provides training opportunities is through the HFS YouTube channel. We currently have about 24 short training type Podcast on the Hope for Survival YouTube channel covering numerous topics of interest to help in your preparedness planning. Consider bringing a friend or family member and check it out. If you like what you viewed, hit “like” and consider subscribing so you are notified when I post something new. The number of subscribers and likes helps me determine trends and where folks spend time. The purpose of the YouTube videos is to get information to you, the preparer.

You can visit the Hope for Survival YouTube page at:

Thursday Zoom Rallies – HFS continues the Thursday HFS Zoom Virtual rallies weekly. We completed week 19 with a great Zoom meeting which was supported by many. We cover news during the week, some preparedness topics and answer questions on the topics. Once the short briefs are completed, we have our weekly “Chatter that Matters” session with the attendees. Our main topic this week covered financial investing and suggestions to what one could consider too do with their funds during these turbulent times. A big thanks to our two Patriot brothers who put this presentation together for the attendees based on submitted questions from Zoom attendees.

This coming Thursday, Zoom Rally #20, Aug 27, 2020, we will have a Missionary team as special guests from South Africa. Born and raised in America they arrived for their missionary duties 12 years ago and have amazing stories and challenges from their time in country and across Africa. Come join us for an exciting opportunity.

If you have interest in attending a Thursday evening “Hope for Survival” Zoom virtual training event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. This is a great group and platform to learn and build friendships. The virtual conference room access information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC reasons.

Moving along …

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding...."Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site are not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay.) When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope."

Thoughts for the week

Even with all the crazy news taking place by the minute, I have to say Ms. Lucy and I had another blessed week. We woke up each day with the opportunity to live life and do great things. Right? That is a great starting point that we all get blessed with. I believe we should also ask ourselves "what can I do today to better life and the life of others?"

When we look at all the negatives taking place across our nation, don’t forget to keep your feet grounded and then realize how blessed we are. If we have been preparing over the past months, we have the comfort of knowing we do not have to be a part of the masses, unless it is by choice. Keep this in mind. Preparers have a choice, to be part of the 95% mass who functions amongst the craziness or the 5% who stays away from the masses and functions comfortably. Just don’t allow the negative media and news drag you down. It is easy to get caught up and allow fear to control you. You must control the fear.

Take a break from the negatives and do something positive. Talk to someone upbeat and positive. Work on a hobby you enjoy. Read a good book. Inventory your resources to know what you have. Get out in your yard and get some vitamin C. Make a list of things to do daily. Get on the internet and make a list of recipes you like that you can use your freeze dried/dehydrated resources to make. Set up weekly Skype/Zoom meetings with family or friends who you enjoy talking with who uplifts you. Start a new habit of reminding yourself hourly of something you are thankful for. If you are the praying type, set a schedule and pray on a routine basis. Don’t focus on the negatives and pray your thanks for the positives in your life. You may have your own ways and methods of how to focus on positives in your life. It does lift you up and help you smile. Just stay focused and don’t let your guard down.

Next …

Have you been watching the Democratic Virtual Convention? Come on, raise your hand. Okay, I’m guilty as well. Oh, guilty for not watching. I don’t have time nor do I want to torture myself. Same story, different day. Ms. Lucy who dawns her armor and checks out what the adversary is talking about back briefed me on the main points the D’s focused on for the evening. Additionally I listened to Peter Berry Chowka who made his weekly appearance on the Hagman Report daily show and discussed the convention speakers. Between the two, I found the D message had not changed from the previous 10 to 15 conventions. The party of the poor and forgotten. They cater to pulling the oppressed from the slums of American cities and giving them hope and the desire to step out and achieve a better life. It’s easy to see the success of their message over my lifetime. Right?

After trillions of dollars spent, the message remains the same, the outcome remains the same, and the slums and poor continue generation after generation. Just like Seattle and Portland, Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, NY City, Detroit and other lesser communities, it is only getting worse. The depth of failure and the poor escalates the level of separation between poor and poorer. We continually hear the drum beat of the middle class and rich not seeing the flight of the poor. They don’t care. They just pay the tax bill and avoid detours through these communities. Now we must ask, is the band-aid hiding the wound of the poorer communities coming off to expose the degree of long-term damage? The damage continues while the tax burden increases. The pay-off of the Democratic party for a simple vote is revealed but no one seems to care who matters. It is simple to see the reality by looking at the number of elected officials, and members of the music, Hollywood, and professional sports, who choose to not live in their childhood neighborhoods yet promote hate to the ears of the youth living in the poorer communities. They have contributed to the demise, promote the message, yet opt to not live amongst the people they echo a voice. Is there any difference between these voices and the voices of the the cowards who stands in the background antagonizing those protesting to cross the police line and go in to battle?

I found it interesting to hear of the coded message voiced by the former Lady with the name First, when she commented something to the degree of “elect President Trump again and you will continue to see the revolt and suffer the consequences.” Now, I did not hear these words, but it was shared by a credible and accountable source. How would you hear and understand this message? Sounds like a threat more than a message. Remember the famous quote by the same speaker, “I’ve never been proud of my country until ….” Another voice for the people. It's even funnier when one realizes the same lady by the name First, had roughly 35 tax payer funded servants serving her during her stay in office while the current First Lady has roughly five.

It amazes me the degree of hate that this American Political Party voices and displays to our elected President. It is okay to disagree. But totally revolt? How do you revolt against a nation and President who has lifted the minority groups to the highest levels of employment on record? How about the number of minority convicted felons cleared for a second chance on life and then released in to society. The list goes on and yet not a single political voice of the Democratic Party gives the President credit for these efforts. If they speak up, it is normally to sa