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Tighten your belt, it's not business as usual

Tighten your belt…it is not business as usual by Bravo Echo

Anyone who is paying attention to the global and national picture is probably starting to notice business is not as usual in most areas. The United States is in unchartered territory. The DOW Jones has tanked. College and Professional, baseball, football, rifle, gymnastics, golf, hockey, and basketball seasons placed on hold or cancelled. Schools closed. Universities closed. Bars, coffee shops, restaurants and theaters, closed. Major US Airline companies cut back 50%/. Many parks and recreation areas closed. Unemployment is starting to creep up already and the federal government projects it could reach 20% by October. You get the point.

Several Governors and Mayors contemplate a “shelter-in-place” order while Generation Z continues life as normal. Many of the college students traveled to Florida and Texas to enjoy a big party on the beach. Rumors surfaced in the past week and continues in some circles that the federal government plans to lock down the nation for a week, or longer if needed. Regardless of our personal opinion on this action, our feelings are not a part of the big picture. The air is seeping from the balloon and nothing is stopping it….yet.

Timing and location may make a difference for some but for many who attempt to visit their local box store or corner market, the shelves are empty or close to empty. The demand for goods is moving faster than the restocking of resources. In some instances, supplies are not arriving to the stores timely, but in other cases, supplies are not arriving. The debate could point out the “just in time” supply chain system used on larger stores or a slowdown in supplies going to the corner markets. A coworker told me this morning she visited a large chain store last evening for specific preparedness items like rice, cooking oil, dry beans and paper towels, and she departed the store with no resources. Nothing. Yet, another Patriot sister near the TN/VA line shared her small rural community store is supplied well with key staples. I am certain different supply methods are used. The demand is greater on the larger box chain stores. If the larger populated areas begin running out of food, what happens next?

The Federal Government has requested a 15-day telework authorization for everyone who can do it. This test could reveal many positive results long term but the focus is on social distancing and separating citizens while attempting to attack the virus and putting a curve to the spread. I have witnessed some of the most absurd and unintelligent comments flowing from the mouths of educated professionals regarding the virus, the spread, and direction federal leadership is moving. Yes, at this time we do have more influenza deaths. Yes, it is the norm for flu season. However, the DOW does not lose 40% of its value during flu season. Thousands will not lose their jobs during flu season. Communities do not lock down typically during flu season. Restaurants, bars, and sporting venues do not close during flu season. Hundreds of thousands of citizens, if not more, are losing years of retirement savings just before retirement. This is not flu season. The nation is changing and when the end is here, we may not recognize it.

The U.S. Surgeon General stated publicly this morning (Mar 19, 2020) during a televised brief, the 15 day social distancing may not be enough. The next step is 30 days. A 30-day soft quarantine to our nation will cause enormous social and economic pain. In a 30-day lock-down of the nation, the 18-wheelers will most likely stop rolling. No food or gasoline. Think about it, a total lock down means no one to work the stores, stock the shelves, drive the trucks, and so forth. Are you ready? If you are not, and you wait, there will be no food and resources available for you to obtain to survive on. Simply put, there is no excuse. The bright light has been flashing for several weeks giving ample warning to the possibilities ahead. We can debate all the tin foil hat theories but the bottom line is this. No matter what is the cause and the actions taken by our leadership, something must happen. Whatever it is that must happen, it will affect you. With that said, the bottom line is this. You either have the basic needs such as food and water or you do not. Remember, cause and affect. Government directed lockdowns, curfews, restrictions, … is going to turn this country upside down. Are you psychologically prepared to handle the uptick in stress?

If government directed lockdown happens, and the resources start drying up, those who are without will start trying to find the resources they do not have. You know the drill. So along with managing your resources you must also remember the other facets of surviving this ordeal. All radars and antennas should be up and focused. You do not want to open your door to anyone. Have a plan in place with a neighbor if needed. If you are alone and a person(s) starts beating on your door, what is your plan? Do not wait until the knocks begin. Have a plan. Remember, you are protecting your home, your resources, and prevention of the virus. When the stomach starts growling from hunger, the kindness of humanity ceases to exist. Be safe.

Lastly, you need to ensure you have some form of a Family Communication Plan. If all fails and you lose contact with your loved ones, what is your plan? If you are dependent on the internet to communicate with others and it goes down, what is your plan? I posted an article last week and provided a PACE communication model you can print and fill out. Use it or make your own. Just ensure you have a Family Communication Plan with a primary and alternate rally point for meeting your loved ones in the event of an emergency or disaster. Now is the time to accomplish this plan and ensure it works.

I hope you have read to this point and head the warning of the possibility of further government steps in the Coronavirus fight. This will affect you and your loved ones. Be smart, be prepared, be alert, think outside the box, and stay vigilant during these times. If you are part of the 5% group, you will be okay. Just remember, we are not living during normal times right now.


Bravo Echo Out,

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