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Your nation is calling on you. A letter to your elected official(s)

Fellow Patriots,

The time has come that we all must consider emailing or mailing a letter to our elected representatives immediately. We are at a crossroad in what appears to be the future of our great nation. We can argue the point in timing and approach, but the bottom line is "we the people" must stand up and voice our displeasure with ongoing corruptness and witnessed events in our nation. This avenue of communication is our right and available for our use. Proceed and do so respectfully. Remember, they work for us.

A fellow Patriot shared his letter recently sent to his elected official(s) and granted me permission to share this with you. I thank him for sharing this with me and on to you. I suggest you use the template or write your own and then email your official(s) immediately.

Dear Senator XXXXXXXXX,

I’m very concerned about the recent election fraud including:

1. Illegal voting (out of state, underage, dead, aliens, etc.),

2. The obvious coordination among the swing states (all shutting down early morning Nov 4),

3. All the pre-printed pristine fraudulent ballots being counted (never mailed out) some being transported across state lines,

4. All the complicit officials including state governors, Secretaries of State and DAs,

5. The MSM and social media collusion with a phony narrative of “no evidence of fraud,”

6. The foreign involvement via Dominion Voting machines internet connection, and

7. Obvious bribery at high levels. It is clear the swing states’ vote tallies are all irredeemably tainted.

So on January 6th 2021, I am asking you to challenge the electoral college electors for Biden in GA, AZ, WI, PA, MI and NV whose elections were irredeemably tainted. As I’m sure you are aware, if one US Senator and one US Representative challenge the electors of states whose election were irredeemably tainted then debate must occur with a concluding vote. Rep. Mo Brooks (AL) believes the concluding vote is by the States’ representative with each state getting one vote as outlined in the Constitution for contingent elections. He and Rep Matt Gaetz (FL) have indicated they will challenge the electors in the swing states if for Biden. I am asking you to do the same in the Senate.



Here is the website you can obtain contact information for your elected official(s). You can also contact the Supreme Court respectfully with your displeasure of how the US Presidential Election has transpired.

By phone: You may phone the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

By email: On the top of the page find the icon for State. Go to your state to find each Senator and email address. U.S. Senate: Senators of the 116th Congress

If you wish to write your own formatted email feel free to do so and voice your concern respectfully. You can find templates for writing emails and letters at this link: How to Write a Letter or Email to Your Member of Congress (

If you wish to contact the Supreme Court here is contact information you can consider: Contact Us - Supreme Court of the United States

Hope this helps you out. Remember, "We the People" as you communicate your concerns.


Bravo Echo

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