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HFS March Madness Donation Drive 65% - One Week to Go

Fellow Patriots,

Greetings! Let me start by giving out a huge thanks to everyone who already checked the block and donated to HFS for 2022. Your donation is much appreciated, and we couldn't continue running HFS without you. We are truly blessed by your kind support year to year. Thank you.

I wanted to give you an update on the annual HFS March Madness Donation Drive conducted to help offset the operational cost to keep HFS running through 2022. We conduct the drive vs running HFS as a paid access for content type site. We believe anyone wishing to be part of HFS should have the ability to do so, with or without a donation. Some folks donate above, and beyond which helps offset needed operating cost. With one week to go, we have currently raised 65% of funds needed for 2022. This is strictly for operating HFS. Cost to pay for travel, hotels (I typically drive location to location without lodging, however in rare circumstances I may have to lodge. Typically, I'm invited to lodge with HFS families), and printing cost for site training is raised separately. The March Madness Drive is strictly for website, zoom, software editing and other related costs. Trips taken to teach classes at alternate locations raises funds that is recycled back in the HFS account to cover cost in this area. All proceeds from HFS books sold goes to charity.

So, in a nutshell, over the past three years Festus and I work for free. We are giving you our time to share preparedness information, news analysis, and other types of needed information. If you have yet to decide on donating, I hope you will now consider supporting HFS.

Thanks for your support,


Bravo Echo

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