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Hope for Survival - Satellite Phone Affiliate

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Fellow Patriots,

Greetings and a blessed Sept 1, 2021 to you and your family.

Today is a very exciting day as HFS has agreed to become an affiliate for a few months to promote the 5 star rated Satellite Phone Store. If you are a Patriot, I am sure you have noticed advertisements for this product on other alternative sites. This is an excellent plan. After much research, several HFS Patriots opted for the satellite plan and package that I reference below for our personal preparedness package. However, you can pick from many phones, services and packages. This ensures we can maintain communications during natural and manmade disasters.

Adding an affordable satellite phone to your communication plans is a huge boost in capabilities. This is a great multiplier if you are on the move, or to use during a natural disaster, or if you are out hiking with family and someone gets injured and you need urgent care. Many locations are simply off grid and having a cellular phone signal is never a guarantee. Having a satellite phone almost always assures you have contact with the outside world on any occasion.

Most of the HFS Patriots went with the Inmarsat Phone 2 pictured below. Notice with the plan, third from the left vs the others, that the phone is free. You pay the first month and last month of the 12 month plan up front which is around $230.00 and then you won't pay another bill for two months. You can select this plan but pay additional to get more minutes. Podcast Promo Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone (

The satellite phone comes with a US based phone number and you can call non-satellite cellular phone numbers. This package comes with a faraday bag, applicable chargers, phone holder for the belt just like a cell phone, and USB cables for charging.

As I stated above, myself and several HFS Patriots now own this satellite phone package and during almost any type of disaster, HFS members can communicate from location to location, state to state, as desired. By using the HFS Sat Phone link at the top of the HFS main page and blog page, you will be capable of receiving HFS Emergency Alert Text notifications like offered by other affiliate names sponsoring this program.

This is a great price, not because HFS is now an affiliate, but because HFS has been pricing Satellite Phones and packages for about ten years now, but we never went forward to procure a phone or sign a contract because of the extreme pricing. Previously a phone alone was close to $1,000 and a monthly plan for minutes was a price per minute with a minimal amount to start. We resisted this resource until this summer. We believe this is the most reliable communication device to add to your preparedness package.

If you are considering purchasing a satellite phone, HFS would appreciate you using the link provided which will identify you as a follower of Hope for Survival. .

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at


Bravo Echo

Hope for Survival

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