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Mono Vault 107

Here is a product I purchased several years ago to secure some valuables. My items are placed in a fire proof bag and then secured in this Nano-vault. If you want to cache some items beneath the surface, this is a great product to use. Just make sure you document the location and leave a note in your safe or in your will stating where it is at in case something happens to you. The items are now protected from fire and flooding. The product looks like a giant hockey puck. You can buy this product in multiple sizes and shapes. The product is:

Mono Vault 107 is great for cash, jewelry, and copies of those important documents! Your own private safe deposit box in your backyard. If the house burns you'll have copies of those important docs, some emergency cash, or even your emergency protection. Will fit one or two standard 5" semiauto handguns or multiple smaller handguns.

Approximate Interior Dimensions: 9.75" dia by 4.5" deep

A dry box worthy of the prepared... Mono Vaults are tough, tough, tough! Protect your gear and guns with a Mono Vault.

Large mouth spin on lid assembly with O-ring seal on a one piece molded body. No joints at the bottom to leak. ...and the lid itself is protected by the enclosing super stout Burial Shield!

Uses include:

gun storage

gun burial

preparedness supplies

emergency caching

gun transportation and travel


burying money, coins

hiding documents, valuables



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