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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #156

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #156. Thanks for stopping by to spend a few minutes with us. We hope you enjoyed a blessed week. March is over and a quarter of 2022 is now behind us. Are your preparedness plans in better shape now than at the start of March? What are you doing to better prepare and protect your family?

The HFS March Madness Donation Drive ended with another successful drive. Thanks to everyone for your kindness and consideration to support HF operations for 2022. We would not be able to continue HFS without your support. We are blessed to be surrounded by wonderful Patriots who are part of the HFS family. We continue receiving donations so I can't tell you the percentage of our goal received. I can tell you we hit 100%. I will update you as soon as the total is known.

Ms. Lucy and I completed our trip to GA to spend the weekend with kids and grandkids and though it was a quick weekend it was enjoyable. It seems the grandkids change week to week or between visits. New words and things they learn amazes us. Time together goes fast and when the visit ends, we are exhausted yet wish we had more time.

I was happy to hear one of our HFS groups conducted Friday evening and Saturday afternoon on essential oils and range safety and firearms training. They also discussed equipment and gear used during tactical training and maneuvering from target to target. Many folks will buy this gear and leave it in a box until needed. Understanding pros and cons to each piece of gear is essential. Have you ever worn personal body armor and run 50 yards forward and then dropped to the prone position? How did it feel when the body armor slammed into your throat knocking the air out of you? Did you slam your face in to the dirt? Imagine if you had trained with your gear and with someone to instruct you on it. You may have prevented this painful event from happening.

This weekend I am off to Fairview, NC to meet with a group of Patriots to share what HFS is about and discuss the importance of the Five Mile Radius. I look forward to spending the day with new sisters and brothers on the same journey. I appreciate the invite and opportunity to be with them. Next weekend will likely be the Huntsville, AL trip.

Okay, let us move along.

Congrats to our Patriot sister from North Alabama, again, for breaking last weeks coded message. The message was:: Are you confident in your preparedness plans?

Okay, let's move along. First a few business items and promoting HFS.

Thursday Zoom Rallies – HFS Zoom Rally #85 was conducted with discussions on the Signal APP, planning your Battlespace, the House of Cards, seven things you should be doing now, President Biden's announcement of upcoming food shortages, and the "What would you do" segment. Thanks to everyone who could attend.

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